Reminder: Vote now for the 'CrackBerry Best of 2013' awards!

By Adam Zeis on 23 Dec 2013 08:54 am

Before the Christmas chaos of the next few days hits you (if it hasn't already) make sure to take a few minutes to cast your vote in the CrackBerry Best of 2013 awards. 

We've pulled the finalists from your nominations, so make sure you do your duty and vote for your favorite apps, games, devices and accessories. The voting will remain open until this Friday so you only have a few days left to get it done.

Once the votes are in we'll crunch the numbers and crown the winners!




Kiwi wonder

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BBM, Blaq, InstaVenue, Soccer Ticker, Minion Rush

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you need to add a "none of the above" or "i'm a legacy guy & lovin' it" option to the 1st page @ least,,, all those choices are underwhelming, imo,,, can't get to the next page if you don't make a choice...


I agree. I didn't agree with a lot of those answers. I don't think any of the apps were really all that innovative in 2013. Please correct me with examples.


Couldn't continue after 60%. I don't have any of those games so I couldn't answer or go on to next page.

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I was able to continue without making choices in some categories. Perhaps this functionality was just added


Yes agreed add to choices

:None of the above


: Not applicable

CB10. BlackBerry Z10

Dave Green1

In the survey, there needs to be a choice "none of the above". For the sports and game catagories, I will NOT vote for any of them, as I refuse to waste my time with sports/games.


I too am unable to complete. Stuck on #14.

I have not used any of the games listed. To finish, I would have to random mash the answers.

That means this vote can not be taken seriously.

Failing to realize not everyone plays games is the short sighted nonsense that got BB into this hole.

BB until it is not CDN


Vote " Kiwi Wonder ". Why?

- it's only built for BlackBerry. All my friends try to download on android but couldn't find the game. #lol

- the graphics is immaculate and the game us addictive.

- don't believe me? Read reviews

- still don't believe me? Try it out!

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Alright guys made my comments before going through the vote. Can't relate to most of the listed app. I guess I'm not going to vote. That's fair!

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I was pretty piss poor disappointed in the app selection in this vote. BlackBerry has some good apps, some that weren't even listed but are in ther top grossing section in BlackBerry World.

CrackBerry & BlackBerry need to work together smoothly like an efficient oiled machine. New Years resolution get our s*#t together!

Keep The Faith


I agree but I think that they're rolling out some great apps. Look through the survey, I got some great app downloads just by reading the selections and testing them out!


My problem with this: There is no option to skip over questions that I am not answering due to lack of interest or whatever my reason may be.



C0038297E Quote of the Day (BBM Channel)


So happy my app is in the running :)

Vote for "Web Design Cheat Sheet" for the best education app please!

Thanks everybody for at least getting me in the runnings :D

- Developer of 'Web Design Cheat Sheet' for BB10 (Posted via CB10)

Brian Persaud

You should get a subnet cheat sheet as well

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looks like this survey is failing Adam,,, c'mooon maaan,,, fix it, please... {;-)


Z30. And BBM is a given.

Brian Persaud

Can I have a free z30 for voting?

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