Reminder: Vote for CB10 as the best Built for BlackBerry App!!

By Adam Zeis on 9 May 2013 09:45 am EDT

Just a quick reminder that you still have time to vote for the amazing CB10 app in the 2013 BlackBerry Developer Community awards. CB10 is in the finals in the Best Built for BlackBerry App category against some strong contenders, so we need your help.

If you haven't already, head over to the voting page and get your vote in across all the categories - but make sure you vote for CB10!

It only takes a few minutes and you have until May 12th to get your votes in. The winners will be announced during the BlackBerry Tweetup at BlackBerry Live in Orlando - so help us snag a sweet trophy and the right to call CB10 the BEST Built for BlackBerry app out there.

Vote for CB10 in the 2013 BlackBerry Developer Community Awards
Download CB10 for your BlackBerry Z10 or BlackBerry Q10

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Reader comments

Reminder: Vote for CB10 as the best Built for BlackBerry App!!


i just realized in the blackberry world, if an app exceeds 1000 votes for popularity, they stop the count of how many people voted

Posted via CB10

Well, I like it a lot, including the attaching things. I just think they need to improve the Voice Note part, maybe make it an independent app like the old BBs because is a pain in the ass to create a Voice Note when you are hurry, Go to Remember - folder - add new entry - Voice Note, or the need to download a external app to record your voice note. Even send Voice Note using WhatSapp is so stressful.

You'll get my vote when you go back to being an independent reviewer and not just a marketing arm of BlackBerry.

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The only thong about the app is if you look at the hub of should clear all the notifications. I have to go through each section to clear the notification icon.

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If I hear one more excuse about an App not available for Blackberry I am going to go nuts. Hey Developers if you offer a free APP for ios and Droid , just build an App like Crackberry and I will pay a premium. Are you listening Bloomberg Free App on Ios and Droid !

I wish the PGA Tour was one of the choices to vote for. So I guess I'll vote here. +1!!! The gold standard so far.

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