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Reminder: Verizon BlackBerry Z10 available tomorrow!

Verizon Store
By Adam Zeis on 27 Mar 2013 10:02 am EDT

Just a friendly reminder in case you forgot (which we're sure you haven't) that the Verizon BlackBerry Z10 is set to be available tomorrow. This means that if you pre-ordered your Z10 it should already be on the way to you and if you haven't yet, you can grab on online sometime after midnight or head to a store bright and early tomorrow to pick one up. 

The BlackBerry Z10 comes to Verizon in both black and white variants, so there is a bit of thinking on which color you want to go with. The white is a Verizon exclusive so that may influence your decision making a bit. As far as pricing goes, the Z10 will run your $199 on a two-year contract and we're not sure yet on the price to buy the device off contract.

Kevin and Bla1ze will be heading out to a Verizon store in NYC tomorrow to cover all the action, so stay tuned for more details on that as well. 




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Only dweebs do this. ^ Hello, dweeb.

delancy leo

Thank you for the heads up.

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Yes, our pre orders MAY or MAY not be here by the 28th, depends on what rep you ask. Adam do you have a certain answer for us? Many have received credit card charges yesterday evening but no tracking as of yet.

Adam Zeis

No answer, sorry. Typically (if all goes well) the devices are shipped to arrive on release date (for most locations). 


Just checked my email notification from pre-purchase. The Z10 has shipped and will arrive at my house by 3 PM on Thursday. I can't wait to get home from work tomorrow!!!!


Credit Card charged and Tracking number emailed. It appears that they will arrive on release date after all. C'mon Thursday!


Hopefully, this also means that devs such as myself who couldn't get a Limited Edition Z10 will also get our devices soon!

Detective M Downs

Go to the big VZW on 42nd between 6th (Avenue of Americas) and 7th.... Next to Bank of America building.

Detective M Downs

The Keep Moving Tour vans will be at the 43rd and Madison location.


To all the Verizon customers out there, enjoy it! It's a great device! I'm a bit jealous of the white version too! But you can keep the branding :) good luck on launch day, you will not be let down with the z10

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Branding? Who cares... It doesn't affect the performance. Good luck with the slower network :)


Yes, available tomorrow for those smart enough not to pre-order. Mine is shipping out of Jersey to the west coast, so.... It's not urgent for me, but I'm reminded of a scene from Chinatown: "As little as possible." "Forget it Jake, you're using a Blackberry in the USA.""


Best Buy said yesterday that they will have the phones tomorrow for sale and for the preorders according to their info. This is from the store that had me drive 100 miles one way because my phones were in last Friday....only to say ooops, only the AT&T phones are available, come back next Thursday....and this was after me asking on 2 different phone calls if my pre order was in and giving them my name and telling them it was for Verizon...

So I am doubtful Best Buy will have pre orders tomorrow LOL


That's better than my local Best Buy. The staff there said that they didn't know anything about the Verizon release and whether they will have it (this was yesterday). I decided to ask if they could show me the AT&T phone and they claimed that they had not received it yet (again just yesterday)! Anyway, pre-order will be here tomorrow so I'll be happy then.


i'm so confused.. dunno what to do.. if i wait for preorder.. i could get it on the 29th.. if i go to the store at 10am on the 28th... i can get it then.. i'll probably cancel preorder


My preorder status says "Status: 03/28/2013Your order will ship by 03/28/2013". Just called Verizon to confirm the details. They said that it would ship tomorrow 2nd day, which means that I wouldn't receive it until Monday. Well, I'll be flying to Denver first thing Monday morning, so that wouldn't work for me! I ended up letting them charge me for overnight shipping. We'll see what happens!


I'm there. 10 AM SHARP! Saw the demo units yesterday... The white is HOT! Never considered a white smartphone before, but seriously considering one now. Have 24 hours to decide.


Tomorrow tomorrow I love you tomorrow!!!! WHITE Z I'm comin for ya. I am headin to the store to snag me some sleepin pills so I'm not like a kid on Christmas Eve tonight. Doors open at 10:00 and I will be the first white Z owner in southwest Kansas guaranteed.


Calm down Beast~! You've been overdosing yourself with crackberry =)

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Tomorrow could be pretty interesting with this launch, results and conference call all on the last trading day of the quarter

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you don't got to remind me, i've only been waiting 2 months!


"a friendly reminder in case you forgot"...........FORGOT????? Adam, I think a little of the crack in Crackberry has gone to your head! FORGOT.................jeeeezzzzz!

Words from someone who has had the phone and been playing with it for a month already. lol


I just canceled my preorder. It hasn't shipped yet, and I haven't been charged, so I figure I'll just come out and get mine with the CrackBerry nation!


I'm going to wait until Saturday to pick one up. That way I will have all weekend to set it up and play with it. Otherwise, I will be playing with it on Thursday night. Darn work gets in the way of fun... ;-)

Tony Tran1

SOLID SOLID phone the Z10

I used the wifey's ipod for to watch the game's recap and guess what.

Does support the videos. Old technology.


"As far as pricing goes, the Z10 will run your $199 on a two-year contract and we're not sure yet on the price to buy the device off contract."

Isn't the off contract price listed at $599.99 ?


Yes, $599, and if you have a grandfathered unlimited data, paying retail allows you to keep it, and still get LTE speeds!!


So that was line of thinking too. I have grandfathered data plan and pre-ordered the z10 at full retail of $599. However, my old data plan says blackberry unlimited and if i'm not mistaken, the Z10 doesn't run off of blackberry data plan anymore. It runs off of the general-smartphone data plan. will that matter?


My confirmation email lists 4G Internet Access and Email + Web For Blackberry separately so I think it may be automatically set up to be a Blackberry plan.


I think we have the same plan, so if what I was told and captured in the Verizon agent chat on my PB is true (see link) we should be good!!


Yes, $599.99 no contract is the correct pricing.




I pre ordered 60 Z10's for the office. Last night I received two email notifications that two orders were out of Stock. :-(

I hope that is two lines not two orders of 10. I did them 10 at a time.

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Getting mine tomorrow!


Mine is coming to my office tomorrow! But &%@#, I am out of town until Monday. For once, looking forward to Monday morning.


I'll be more than happy to pick it up for you and test it out. ;-)


I hope they release with an OS update, I've been stuck on 10.0.9... and the battery is not great. can't download certain apps either.


I'm waiting for the Q10 as I have to buy my phone out right at retail so I might as well wait for the phone of my dreams. I still wish I knew if the Q10 had keyboard shortcuts. To all of you who pre-ordered your Z10 lmao. It's not an iphone that was going to be out of stock. Get your lazy bum off the couch and go to the store.


Awesome news, I have a white and they're real sharp looking. I would take it over the black but the black and white have different feeling backs so make sure you check both out and see what u like better. The white back is real easy to remove which is nice from previous De vs! Enjoy tomorrow guys

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Mallick stated this recently:

<<< As for the U.S. launch, Mallick said he isn’t putting too much stock in reports that the Z10 is getting a lukewarm response at AT&T. Wait until the phone launches at T-Mobile and Verizon, he said.

“Take a look over the next couple of weeks,” he said. “I expect we will see a stronger response.” >>>

I think he knows something.

Christopher Melendez

Pre-ordered at the VzW store on Wall Street and they're shipping it there. So tomorrow first thing in the office, I will have it. White z10!! I need a black battery door, for the grip and to get rid of the branding.


I believe there is branding on the front too


I believe the Verizon branding is on the front of the device, not like ATT.

Christopher Melendez

Yeah, they branding is on the front, nothing I can do about that. It's not as bad as the battery door though, it's just too much.. Phone has been great though, only issue is battery life. Wish it could last longer.


My phone isn't up for renewal for 5 more weeks :::sob::: Maybe Verizon will have pity on me and let me get the phone early....


Same issue You would think if they want to keep a Verizon customer happy and keep you they should.


I was not due for an upgrade until April 25th, I called Verizon and they approved an early upgrade, so I pre-ordered my new Z10 and it will be delivered on Friday... You should call them and give it a try..


THANK YOU! I was waiting to hear that someone had success before I gave it a try...wish me luck...


Go to a store and see if you get a phone. If you do than cancel the pre order.

That's what I did with Rogers. Lucky I did too because it took Rogers two weeks to get the phone!

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Mine is 2 weeks and I have hope for the same early upgrade! Come on VZW its only 2 weeks I have been with you since 2001. Whats interesting is that i never have gotten an Email from VZW about the Z10. I signed up on 2 different email accounts


My preorder status changed and now has a shipping number and has already left the facility in TN and is scheduled to be delivered via fedex first thing tomorrow. I would double check your pre order stuff carefully as they are shipping them today as far as i can tell.. i can send a screen shot if anyone is interested or calling B.S.


Checked with VZW Store in Mays Landing, NJ salesperson said she checked shipping information and my pre-ordered phone should be there tomorrow, Thursday 28th - Friday at the latest. Can't wait.


Yessir! Picking up my White Z10 tomorrow morning...


Im not up for a new phone for 3 more weeks. Verizon not budging on the timeline. Last upgrade was to the 9930, they let me upgrade 2 months early. This may be a sign that I have to wait for the q10. Hopefully it will be out soon.


Have you tried going to Best Buy or a different VZW location? Sometimes different reps kind of bend the rules.


I called Verizon and they approved an early upgrade for me. I wasn't due for an upgrade until April 25th...


Received my tracking number in the status page now, shows shipped yesterday.


Mine was ordered through work and has not shipped yet. It has an expected ship date of 3/28/2013 but also this dreaded message, "Due to overwhelming demand, there are delays on this product.
Expected Shipping Date is shown above."

I hope it comes in before I leave town next week!


Just checked my order status again and now it shows mine has shipped to arrive tomorrow by 4:30pm. My pre-order was submitted on the 14th.


Its about F n time. i Have been waiting a whole year for this. still pissed with Verizon they should of been the first one to release the Z10 instead of AT&T. Damn you Verizon


They left the best for last..


I AM SO HAPPY FOR YOUR ALL...THE Z10 is hands down the best OS I've ever will enjoy it!


I just got my shipping confirmation and fedex said it will be at my door no later then 3pm tomorrow! :-D


In the past hour my status has changed from "order pending" to "shipped" with a FedEx tracking number - At FedEx site it says it should be here by 4:30pm Thurs 3/28!! This is a personal acct, pre-ordered. I too got lots of "duhhhh" from the online chat folks who, when I asked about cancelling my pre-order and picking one up at the store said 1) it shows "not in stock" at stores and 2) they couldn't cancel the order, I'd have to contact customer service and 3) I could not change status from "deliver to home" to "pick up at store".

In my comments I have told them they have handled this rollout very poorly and unprofessionally, and that we BlackBerry fans who pre-ordered should have received preferred treatment.

The bottom line is that for most of us, we're locked into a contract and they have us ummm, by the Berrys.


i totally agree People who pre ordered there's should get them first now verizon is telling me that i might not see my phone till Saturday. even though i pre ordered mine on the very first day


I pre-ordered mine last Tuesday and I checked the account notification. My phone has shipped and will be delivered before 3 pm on Thursday. Sounds like they had a good pre-order response if they can't get all of the phones out today.


Did you pay the extra $12.99 for next day air?


Completely agree.

I had a horrible experience this morning with preordering my Z10. After sorting out the mess Verizon caused me (they charged my card twice and my bank froze the account), they upgraded my order to overnight for free. Their system says that the order has shipped but there is no information on my end and no tracking ID. I have talked to countless representatives who know nothing about my order and have no idea where it is now.

I had been out of my contract for 6 months now and had (keyword HAD) a grandfathered unlimited data plan... Hope this was all worth it.


BTW, did you all get charged an "upgrade" fee of $30? I have been month to month for almost two years (waiting for TOMORROW!!!) and this seems unreasonable.


I know right? What happened to "free upgrade"?


Is May a safe bet for the Q10 at most U.S. providers?... trying to decide if I should wait.


Dang! Mine still says "Will ship by 3/28"! No tracking or anything. I will seriously lose my &^%$ if I don't have it by tomorrow and I could have just walked down to the store and grabbed it first thing.


Fedx confirmed be here tomorrow.

Ali Fardos

Will preorders be received on the 28th or shipped on the 28th? If so I might as well go pick it up at the verizon store


My receipt says "Retail $599" in case anybody is wondering.
I REEEEEEALLY hope it gets here early. Like today. The last week has been torture. I made about 50 wallpapers in photoshop just to calm my nerves. Incipio OVRMLD case is sitting lonely on my desk. BRING IT ON BABY!


Will any retailer be opening at midnight tonight for this release?


Are we going to see two buyers for the Z10, the first person who buys the Z10; regardless if is black or white. Or just who buyer, he or she happens to be the first buyer and the first white Z10 buyer. Let see how that will happen. Where are the female buyers. Hope to see one first female buyer tomorrow. FireUP Verizon, its your day. Go Go Go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Z10USAowners cheers,


This female buyer will be first in line @ my local Verizon official outlet. I am starting there and will travel all over to the 12 Verizon's in the 3 city area near me till I get one. I am not coming home without one! If I have to I will wait on the porch of one of you who pre-ordered and sign for yours! lol


I currently have an unlimited data plan with Verizon for $29.99/month. If I sign a 2-year contract to get the $199.99 price, will I be able to keep the unlimited plan? From what I've read so far, it seems the answer is no. However, since I doubt I really need unlimited data, I'm leaning toward not caring and taking the subsidized price. I'm sure many people are in my same situation. Any thoughts?


Literally as I was reading the comments to this article, I received an email from Verizon that my Z10 shipped FedEx and will be here tomorrow by 3pm. YeeeeHaaaa!


How early did you pre-order? Did you pay the extra $12.99 for next day air? Just asking because my email has not shown up yet and loosing my mind.


Losing your mind over a one day delay at worst seems drastic. I guess that illustrates how CrackBerry has lived up to its name. :)


I Pre-order at 8a on the 1st day and they didn't send my an email either. When did you pre-order?


I pre-ordered mine complete with the big Global Data plan... I cannot believe I ordered the White one... It was so cool looking indeed... First time I had a non-black BB since the 7100 from Sprint (it was silver PTT).

I just got the shipping notice today but I am coming home tomorrow... Hopefully I be there in time to get mine.


I just got the shipping notice today but I am coming home tomorrow... Hopefully I be there in time to get mine. .........................................or I will! hehehehehe!


If you want the Z10 by launch date...go into a Verizon direct store or premium Verizon store.
Do not pre-order! The whole launch for Verizon for pre-ordering was not needed and only made it confusing for consumers and existing customers.

I did not pre-order as there may be a chance I get it a 1 day light opposed to just walking in and receiving within the hour/same day. Plus making sure and checking out the device and getting it activated right thru the store.


Pre-ordered my White Zee10 on the 1st day and Verizon charged my card yesterday, so it will be here tomorrow. Not able to wait. Team BlackBerry. Good bye Sprint after 12 years.


Does anybody know if the Verizon Exclusive white will have that white border around it? The renders are still showing the white border around it, so I'm starting to think that it will be different from all the others. T-Mobile doesn't have ear buds, so Verizon could have an entirely different phone. It's still sweet though!


No, just saw it, there is no branding on the front of the phone and the border is black not white


Got my tracking number an hour ago


Pre-Ordered my Z10 last night, shipping status is SHIPPED and had been Picked Up, delivery date tomorrow by 3PM, I'm stoked!


Shipped: Mine is 4:30PM Fed Ex!


Just checked and I have a fedex tracking number so I hope my white Z10 will be delivered tomorrow! Super excited!


Mine shipped!!! Will arrive tomorrow!


@Adam I preordered the white z10 off contract for $600 on verizon. just an FYI.


Was that so you can keep your unlimited data plan?


Yes. Though regretfully I have had to go back to android because bb10 does not support smime with activesync which is required for my job.


Just played with the Verizon White Z10. There is NO branding on the front top and the border around the screen is black, not white like the online pictures.


Wow, thanks. Did you see if the black had branding?


I was wrong, I somehow missed the branding, maybe I was too excited when u saw it. Both black and white have branding


Sell the crap out of it all!

Sutirtha Chakraborty

You will enjoy using the Z10. :))

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Sutirtha Chakraborty

Plus I use the white Z10 on EE here in UK. The phone is beautiful!

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My card got hit yesterday and I got a tracking number for fedex but when I went to the fedex tracking page it states " Not Found
No information for the following shipments has been received by our system yet. Please try again later or contact Customer Service." come on the anticipation has not let up since Jan 30th.


Did you click on the tracking number? Or did you go to the FedEx page on your own? I clicked on the tracking number next to the phone (not the SIM) and it came right up. That may help.


Thanks for that tried both with same result.


Mine has shipped via FedEx with tracking number; scheduled for delivery tomorrow!


"Speak of the Devil" My tracking info email just came for my White Zee10 and SIM. FedEx picked it up at 12:33pm from Memphis, TN and is being overnighted to me in Detroit, MI and should be at my door by 3pm tomorrow. Bye Sprint, Hello Verizon! Not looking back. "Sell like Hell" BlackBerry.


Hmmmmmmmmm, wondering if I should go camp out at my local Verizon store? Hell, those iPhone folk did it.


Hey that might raise stock prices the way things are going.


I got mine for a month already, but I' m just as excited as you guys are for your launch tomorrow. Some of you might have the long weekend to play with your new Z10. Good times.

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I ordered 1st day as well and mine is due in the 28th by 3pm. I am annoyed about the $30 upgrade fee. I think all of the carriers seem to have been miserable in the launch - no push at all but then BB could have done more here than hire celebs and sponsor an F1 car. I really want the company to stay afloat and wasting assets is what got them into this mess. Stay on top of the tech and the heck with the fluff.
Kodak invents digital photography and now gone
Nokia has more than 50% of the cell market worldwide - somewhat resurrected (Moto similar)
R&D is why Japanese companies tend not to falter. They don't sit around and pat themselves on the back by having the current best thing on the market.
OK - I feel better


I'm sooooooooo upset! I must be in another world, because what happen to me can't be happening. I received a called from what I was told to be Verizon on the 14th informing me pre orders were taking place the next day. I replied with yes, I know. I assumed this call to be from one of the Verizon stores and or customer service which I had been hassling about pre-order dates contacting me. Reps. had taken my number promising to call me as soon as! Anyway when I got the call from Verizon I was happy one of them as promised, had called me. I explained my plan was to go to the store to pick up my phone when it was released because I wanted it that day, and didn't want to wait for shipping. The rep told me he would reserve the phone for me and I would be assured of getting it on the 28th. Today, when I called the number I was given, to inquire as to what time I could pick up my phone tomorrow. I was told the phones probably would not be in tomorrow, that they expect them in a couple of days, Monday at the latest. WHAT! How could this be, launch day is tomorrow, I said. They said we don't always get the phone on launch day. Is this Verizon? That's when for the first time, I was told they are an authorized dealer. I don't know were or how they got my phone number to call me that night, I wonder if Verizon sells phone numbers to these guys. I called Verizon to complain, because I discovered this company had place an order as though they were me to be shipped to them, and the order had been processed it can't be cancelled! I can't just go to a store tomorrow and buy a phone. Now I'm stuck waiting for god knows how long when I could have easily gone to the store tomorrow, been there first thing and got my Z10!

I had ordered a phone not just for myself, but for my husband and two sisters as well. All Sad Faces!

Verizon contacted the store on my behalf, but to no avail. and Verizon can't cancel or stop the order either. Verizon will give us one month free data, apology, makes you wonder, did they give out my phone number? 6 months free data couldn't even make up for my not getting my phone tomorrow. This has to be a bad dream!


I have not dealt with Verizon returns but I would 1) find out where that number rings that you wee dealing with 2) If there is no restocking, just go and buy them and return the others IF it can be cancelled.

Sounds like the bum rush. I am getting very upset with just being rolled over by these companies - arrg


Which Verizon store will Kevin and Bla1ze be at? My VZW Z10 is coming via FedEx tomorrow but if I can I'll stop by and say hello.


Just called every VZW store in my area and asked if I would be able to pick up the Z10 in store tomorrow. 3 responses were that they didn't know when it was coming, 2 said they would order for me but we're not carrying. I'm rather bummed.


Thanks Adam. I was for some reason thinking it was on Friday. I got my days mixed up! I am so excited now. Can't wait for the CB team to send mine. I will be in store tomorrow to check it out and help create the buzz. Going to park the Crackberry Dodge as close to the front door as possible.


Got it at half price but think the full off contract was close to $599?


Finally got my tracking number working and it says it will be here Friday. That is good enough I guess at least It will be here for the weekend.


Isn't Friday a holiday in US? Stores are open on Good Friday?


I am so excited,,,, just checked the tracking of my Z10 and it's on schedule coming from Memphis, TN. Due to be delivered this Friday. (I was told that I would receive my Z10 on Monday) Looks like I will have a nice weekend playing with my Z10. I think I need to go shopping for some accessories today. Will be stopping by a Verizon store for the launch today
and I hope they will do a better job than ATT did. And to think, about a year and a half ago I had considered switching over to ATT, glad I never did.

Gregg Hogg

I have been hesitating on whether to sell my $10000 in BlackBerry as I fear cell has been less than forthcoming with information. However, I believe I am going to go long or go home. If the stock drops, that may be it for me as a BlackBerry investor. However, I do love my z10. I. Think I shouldn't be so emotionally attached to the company but I can't help it. I. Am addicted to BlackBerry.


Got my Z10 today and it kicks some serious ass. I love it. Watched TV on it on the Internet which I have not been able to do on any other phone. Then I played a round of NOVA 3. Totaly awesome. This is definitely the phone I have been waiting for.

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I picked nine up yesterday, it's a awesome device. It's time to put the ipoop 4 back on the shelve, and let the big dog come out to play......

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