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Reminder: Tune in tomorrow at 8am ET for the BlackBerry earnings call live chat and podcast

By Kevin Michaluk on 19 Dec 2013 03:59 pm EST

Just a friendly reminder that BlackBerry is set to announce their Q3 2014 results tomorrow at 8am ET. We'll fire up the live chat early for the call, then drop a quick podcast in right after to talk things over.  It's the first call since all the big changes (remember their last call was canceled) so we're anxious to see how it goes. John Chen will be at the helm for this one and we kind of know what to expect, but we'll see if there are any surprises.

Adam, Chris Umi and Bla1ze will join me for this one at 8am ET / 6am PT tomorrow so make sure to tune in to the live chat early and then we'll break things down on the podcast immediately after the call. 

You'll be able to listen to the call via the BlackBerry webcast as well.




Gonna be a blood bath.

Posted via CB10


On the optimistic side, it's going to be really messy. You don't want to know the negative side.

Better android than android. The future is black....


I suggest everyone have a shot of whisky for the handset numbers...but get your pom-poms out for BES10 and BBM uptake


I will be at work.
I will take whisky.

Better android than android. The future is black....


It's not going to be pleasant... but last time, they did warn in advance about the big loss. Given that they did not warn this time, I'm hoping it won't be as bad as some have predicted.


Perfect first post….left me howling.


Let's just hope for the best but!!! We will have to wait in 2 to 3 Q to see better result!

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jojo beaconsfield

I,m in and just to let you know, east coast west coast time difference is 3 hours not 2,lol


I think it's 4.5 hrs difference between eat and west.

...we are all connected...

Ernest Che

Tic toc tic toc

Posted via CB10


Hope for some good news.

Posted via CB10

jojo beaconsfield

stocks up 3 % today and this week there wasn't a ER warning,so let's keep our fingers crossed and hope Chen will announce something Huge,China anyone?


Stock will tank, I guarantee it.

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It's tanked a year ago. I don't know how much further it could go down.


It is going to be brutal

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Only think great about tomorrow is that everyone believes that it will tank...:)

Posted via CB10

jojo beaconsfield

after hours should be interesting,tonite


I can just picture the headlines, "Blackberry doomed!.....for sure this time".

Sent from the future on my Z10

jojo beaconsfield

Or ...how many more Black Fridays can BB handle,before pulling the plug...they are so stupid they may not realize it's a cell phone company ha ha


Please leave us some slivers of optimism to head into Christmas and the new year... maybe they'll blow everyone away by indicating that by the end of this quarter all Z series (& P series) will be fully Android compatible. Hence the best of both worlds?? Ahh one can dream a little for Christmas can't he?


Yes it will probably. E bad but the market will now start to look at what BlackBerry is doing on the enterprise front, revenue potential there, as well as moving forward with BBM and a possible plan to monetize it.

Also a clear rationale on keeping the handset business i.e. how to keep costs down on small lot production, licensing agreements etc.

Would be nice to see a tablet announcement as BB10 would be great on a tablet and one is needed for the enterprise market. I am sure if the short position is still high the stock will get hammered.

Posted via CB10


Wouldn't that be 5 AM Pacific Time?

Anthony Roberts5

Yup :)

Posted via my awesome 5 inch BlackBerry Z30 :)


I am more interested in the next quarter!

Rockin and Rollin with my BB Z10 - Posted via CB 10

jojo beaconsfield

Kevin was into his Christmas song and,Oh,well.


I hope they have some decent Christmas time news and it's not overly negative :)

Sent from my Z30


Whatever happens happens! Mr. Chen keep doing what your doing!

Keep The Faith


...we are all connected...


I expect a sudden drop in share price on the ER call, and a slow, steady rebound throughout the rest of the day based on a good CC..

Will finish the day at $5.80-$5.90 on the US market, followed by a slight decline until the new year. At around $5.70 on January 3rd is my targeted re-entry.

Just my guess!


5 AM here in Las Vegas. No matter my love and passion for all things BlackBerry, record/replay if you can. A little too early.

Posted via CB10


15:00 CAT for us on the other side of the globe.

Posted via the Android CrackBerry App!


They are going to give it a go, the recent hirings prove it. I respect that.



Posted via CB10


I won't be tuning in. I hate bad news before Christmas.

Posted via CB10


What's the worst that could happen



I'm nervous!!!!

Posted via Q10 on T-Mobile U.S.A


Oh god please tell me something good. So tired of Apple and Samsung. You might need to bring a samurai sword to that meeting Chen.

Posted via CB10


I predict another bad report, the point will be if it gets any worst than the last one, don't expect a good one but I expect a better one than the last one.

The most important things that they should report for me are BB10 active users to date, BBM Active users to date, BES10 licenses effectively deployed, and a brief stat about BBM channels activity.

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Think it's going to better than expected... bes has gain some momentum

Posted via CB10


Tomorrow will be the closure of the old era and the beginning of new era.


Here is what Chen will say: BBM over 100 subs., will release new product every three months and he pound the table to buy BBRY stock now. The stock price too low and he cans break up the company in pieces if he wants it too sold for at least 8 to 10 billion dollars. Chen says enterprise business is the priority. This is just my hope! God please make it happens!


I've seen this before, Non-branded BlackBerrys in commercials, and I don't think it looks good for BB. It makes them look like the cheep generic phones you can put in your add without paying royalties. Blackberry should really try and put a stop to it.

Matt Thimbs

But doesn't commercial tacitly saying that BlackBerry phones and iphones are equal?


It might be, but people can see that it is a Blackberry, and that it is unbranded and unendorsed. This, I think, dissolves the brands creditability. Or maybe I am putting too much credit towards the average consumers attentiveness.

Matt Thimbs

I was just surprised that the director of the commercial decided to use a BlackBerry device, and to mention that the Q10 was shown before the iphone. I think your analysis is accurate, but the average consumer would miss that...probably the message that most consumers would get from this depiction is that: a young woman is holding a BB...= cool ?


shorts always won, let see tomorrow who wins. No longs will buy tomorrow or until 2014 after checking the books. Only shorts and traders day.

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Stock rockets to $10 on strategic alliance with _____.com. Springs the bear trap.

Posted with Z30 on Liv'n on the ragged edge.

Bacon Munchers

And then you woke up.

"Rockets to $10..."! Lol.

Amazing that we are actually hoping for 10 at this point. Hope you are right.


I'm not expecting a Cinderella story, no one should. Honestly the best that we can hear is optimism, just get all the bad and negative news out of the way, but give consumers and investors assurance that there is a change, not just say "We are not for sale", give a hint or roadmap what we can expect. Maybe come out and say yes we lost X Dollars, and we think the current carrier model is hurting us, so we will get into direct handset sales. I hate to even speak it but we all know the Z30 news is just going to be disaster but what can you say when in the US market the only access is from Verizon and no other carrier, and even with that after going to a BestBuy just to maybe see a demo phone was told its online only. There's a ton of comeback stories, hell even Apple is one, so I'm not counting Blackberry out... yet

Matt Thimbs

BlackBerry has been quiet for sometime now... is this silence good or bad? Perhaps, the company will announce a record-shattering number of BBM subscribers. A new partnership with a big player like SAP. Silence could indicate a lot of things.


Yes, the silence is a GREAT thing. BlackBerry can't say anything good right now. Even good news is spun to be bad.

Best to just get out of the spotlight and rebuild their image.


Bought back in today at 6.15 after taking a BATH from $12- hope she treats me right this time around!?

Posted via CB10 with my Q10.2


Im so numb from the constant bashings from the past events I no longer feel anything. My expectations are @ an all time low for any positives for tomorrow, but Mr. Chen and his recent hirings have given me hope for a better Blackberry future. If the earrnings are really bad that should bring down the stock numbers, which should be a good time to gamble and buy some more stocks.

Blackberry, my proverbial middle finger

Joel Christopher

Expecting the worst - in the same breath the market had and has no bearing on whether it's a kickass hardware and software which is why we are fans in the first place. Stay loyal! From my Z10 - wanting the Z30!

Posted via CB10


It's going to be a good earnings call with the new CEO.

Earnings will be tough no doubt because of the layoff charges and slow sales due to the Sale.



Mr. Chen will not sugar coat...he will lay out the facts, show us where BlackBerry is headed....the market will show BlackBerry shorts more pain...the longs will be rewarded...HOLD!

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Bacon Munchers

"The market will show BlackBerry shorts more pain..."???

The shorts have been kicking our ass's ROYALLY for Months!

Please! Nobody mention the words "Short squeeze"!

Oh bullocks, I just did.


They might bust a gut laughing, that can be pretty painful. :D


What ever happen happen, we will deal with it.
BlackBerry forever

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It would be nice if they announce Z30 will be available at AT&T starting tomorrow! I could pick up 4 for the fam! Merry Christmas everyone!

Posted via CB10


You bring a good point. I wouldn't be surprised if the new BBRY gets a deal with AT&T to carry the Z30, not to mention the other carriers that are currently not carrying it. Personally I don't think the earnings call will be as negative as many suggest. Though next Quarter will show a better idea on where BBRY is heading. The new management is quickly taking shape, and they mean action. IMO Chen is going to rock the conference call, why because he has no choice.
Lay it all down on the table as it is and how you plan on fixing the mess from the previous administration. That said, this Quarter, IMO I see more BB10 device sales over last quarters, along with more shipments of them too.

Merry Christmas to All.


The uglies: Further inventory write-off, for Q5 and Q10. Big drop in BIS revenue and subscribers as emerging markets upgraded to Android phones en masse after BBM went cross-platform.
The bads: Further decline in revenue in all fronts. Enterprise upgrade to BES10 and BB10 picked up after Summer but the momentum was all but lost after the strategic review announcement.
The goods: Cash on hand remains healthly. New CEO unveils viable turnaround plan and BBM monetization strategy.
The miracles: ??? Strategic partnership/licensing with Lenovo to exclusively manufacture and sell BB10 phones for China's enterprise market. BB10.2.1 with (almost) full Android support is released same day and available OTA bypassing their carriers.

Bacon Munchers

Reminding me of another ER has just squeezed my bladder, and made me have to urinate.

Just sayin'.


975 million loss coming up. Sales plunge, service revenues under 20%.

The profit...


Sales around $1.4 Billion...ugly results...nothing positive to report....I will likely sleep in and listed to it later but there is nothing positive being announced tomorrow regarding cash burn or revenue. Lets hope this is the bottom.


It will be a complete mess. BES10 is not encrypted end to end through hardware as if yet. Not till spring. Therefore the corporate world will not give up OS7 and Legacy devices until this is rectified. So BES10 deployments will be weak, BB10 sales through corporate channels will be weak. We know the consumer side already. It's going to be completely dismal!

Posted via CB10


I hope this will be the last bloodbath for BB.... Why i can't have a simple BIS for my BB10 (just the email)

Rui Jorge

With time for Paris please ???

Posted via CB10

John Mas0N

Why so gloomy with all the negative comments. Overall the BB crowd is a dedicated, intelligent bunch who prefer not to follow the herd. Plenty of solid BlackBerry supporters. This news is just another curve in the roller coaster GO BB!

Prem WatsApp

Just logged on to webcast...

My name is Prem, I'm using BBM ... from my QuZe10 ...whatarhyme...


What's the results??? I had to work.

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