Reminder: Scheduled BlackBerry Outage Tonight

By Kevin Michaluk on 28 Mar 2008 05:52 pm EDT

Data Outage Just a reminder to everyone that the  previously scheduled and postponed BlackBerry outage has been rescheduled for tonight.

Courtesy of our friends at

RIM Scheduled Outage March 29, 2008

Time: Normally scheduled window (2a - 6a EDT)

Details: A full 4 hour outage is scheduled for all BIS & BES users in the Americas for RIM database maintenance. Any BES connected to is expected to be impacted. No mail / activations will be possible during this outage. This is a 100% outage.

For more details on the outage, click here. Unlike the last "planned" outage, I'm going to try and sleep through this one.

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Reader comments

Reminder: Scheduled BlackBerry Outage Tonight


RIM really needs to start informing the end user (me :)) of these outages in advance via email.

Is there any means of learning about these outages, or confirming the existence of unintended outages, other than stumbling across them here? I'm aware of and will give it a try. :)


I haven't been receiving my emails as fast as I have since the 0utage, hope it is temporary.