Reminder: Research In Motion announcing 4th Quarter and Fiscal 2012 results today; tune in to our live blog and podcast

By Kevin Michaluk on 29 Mar 2012 11:46 am EDT

Keep Calm, BeBold

March 29th is here, which means when the stock market closes Research In Motion will announce their 4th quarter and year end results for fiscal 2012. Remember, RIM doesn't follow the calendar year (I know.. it seems weird that it's only March yet RIM is about to say hello to 2013). 

If you've been following the business side of things surrounding BlackBerry, you'll want to tune into all of the CrackBerry coverage we have planned. We'll fire up the press release as soon as it hits, then at 5pm ET we'll get a live blog going up on CrackBerry here to sound off on what's being said on the conference call. You can listen live to the conference call on RIM's website. Our in-house stock guru and expert analyst Chris Umiastowski will be manning the live blog, and will be following up shortly after with his thought piece on what it all means. And Friday morning we're going to fire things up for a live CrackBerry Podcast, where we'll further follow up on all the earnings news and cover all the other news in the BlackBerry world (including the podcast version of my P'9981 review - written review coming soon).

My Perspective on Earnings: Look, I'll tell you right now that I don't expect the reactions to tonight's earnings to be all that stellar. Looking at all the metrics I have access to and following my gut, which has grown pretty wise over the years, it's pretty clear that no sales records have been set this past quarter. Given that RIMM shares are currently trading in the $13 range, the street's take on RIM is already pretty negative - they don't expect any stellar news either which is already reflected in the price. Will shares go up, down or stay the same following tonight's news? Honestly, I'm not sure. It'll depend on how the results line up with the expectations.

What I am sure about is that tonight's news really doesn't matter for the future of RIM as it will reflect the past, and we know the next quarter is still RIM pushing BlackBerry 7 Smartphones. The next quarter will be slightly painful for RIM. What really matters for RIM is the future beyond that, with RIM getting BlackBerry 10 phones to market. Until BlackBerry 10 hits, RIM really just has to ride it out through this period of pain, continuing to sell as many BlackBerry 7 Smartphones as they can. As long as they can keep that revenue engine firing, even if not on all cylinders, it'll buy them the time they need to get through the transition and usher in a new era of BlackBerry, and get things back on the path to growth. So whatever happens today CrackBerry Nation, stay optimistic.  

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Reminder: Research In Motion announcing 4th Quarter and Fiscal 2012 results today; tune in to our live blog and podcast


Nah... Revenues down, profits down... Still going to persevere and fight back. RIM has some good investors on board who want to see RIM build on their own, not sell out.

If you want to stand on the mountain top, you have to go through the darkest valley...
Once BlackBerry 10 hits, everything gets faster!

Why would they sell their assets? Would it really hurt for you to put forth ideas that have some validity behind them?

It's unlikely for RIM to reverse the contraction of their numbers until they release BBX devices but let's not forget they are still a profitable company with no debt and a rather large user base.

Most people are used to idiot companies who are both in this position, while also being broke/in debt.

RIM, however, is not an idiot company - despite what some may say about their marketing and false promises.

Expecting some bad news but whatever. Only one way to go from this point. It just kind of sucks that I'll have to once again deny all the haters tomorrow telling me my phone and tablet are products of the past...

I have less patience with technology than I do with the morons I work with. I hope I'm still a RIM customer/shareholder long enough to experience BB10. It's been a rough year.

Playbook and BB10 the future today won't be proetty that's for sure but this time next year everyone will be hopping on the band wagon. RIM Ftw

it is what it is. companies come and go, it would be very sad if a great product line like bb goes that way. If that happens, I am sure apple and samsung will be in line to grab the scraps. But myself, I believe with a more proactive approach, people can be deprogrammed away from i-i-i-io-i-i-i-i-i (LOL)

Stay cool all you haters, and all bb - well we are already cool

"Things are darkest before the dawn". "Buy when there is blood on the streets". "The best time to buy is when everyone says to sell". It has to work one of these quarters...RIGHT????? GIVE US SOME GOOD NEWS RIM!!

I don't think they will announce anything positive. All we can hope for is that Thorsten Heins will address the issues head-on instead of falling into the "Just wait and see!" approach Balsillie took over the last couple of years.

I totally respect that you said Balsillie specifically. He's the goof who screwed RIM and Mike Lazaridis in my opinion.

The fact that they haven't had to issue an updated guidance for this quarter is at least somewhat encouraging compared with the last few.


We'll know soon enough how things went. I'm expecting lower revenue and profits but I'm more interested in RIM's future and want to hear concrete plans for the BB10 roll-out for phones/tablets. I want RIM to succeed.

Just over a deacde ago another fruit company was bouncing back from a low time in the 90's. Look at them now.

RIM has a niche market and excellent products, it will stabilize and get better but not over night.

Is this the last one before BB10 comes. Hope so, let's just get it overwith.

Honestly does it really even matter? When was the last time you saw a Nokia phone in the US? But they are back with WP Lumia 900. It may not knock out the iPhone on first punch but they are back in the game. Hope RIM can do the same.

Son't stop thinkin about tomorrow don't stop it'll ....

You people really think BB 10 will change anything? It will be just like the BB7 devices. No way to spin this guys. RIMM is doomed

It's okay, here at CrackBerry we're used to absolute nothings who yammer as if their opinion even matters.

defective thinking (what else would one expect from an iPhone user). Let's see how Lumia 900 does in the US and how Lumia does around the world.
I love when kids say RIM is doomed, it just shows how young and stupid you are. Apple too my friend was doomed less than 8 years ago, and it's exactly people like you who were saying it was doomed, doomed I say doomed! Of course you would have bene right who ever hears about Apple these days? It must have went bankrupt years ago.

cue, the iFans to tell us how Apple is different zzzzzzz!

The one feature BBM that stands out against others is no use to me with everyone bailing on BB. Less and less BBM people each month. RIM stop the flow and start to regain users. I understand your still selling well in other countries, but I have no need to BBM them.

I have some money I want to invest in RIMM... I haven't done it yet: I will listen closely to this information and decide when to buy.

One thing that we know, how BBX is based on QNX... but what I'm not clear on is how the security model of BBX will allow BBX-based devices to best communicate with QNX-based embedded systems: what I'm saying is: can you imagine where a handheld BBX-based device like a PlayBook or torch can SAFELY, SECURELY communicate with your car, your alarm system, your nuclear accelerator, in a manner that can not be matched by other OSes that DON'T have that same OS embedded? I don't see iOS being embedded in a car dash control system any time soon, do you?

Wasn't there a Article post that RIM WASN'T releasing results until AFTER BB10 was ready for release?

IF on Monday, they bust a FULLY FINISHED BB10 device, READY FOR SHIP TO MARKET in a few weeks....

Well, then Pigs may start flying? ;P

That was a different kind of presentation to analysts that they normally did at BBWorld, but are pushing it back until bb10 devices come out and leavinng BBWorld for devs and consumers.

They will always announce their results on a quarterly basis and them doing so as usual implies nothing other than it has been a quarter since the last one.

If anyone is interested for the actual bridge line numbers:

“Waterloo, ON - Research In Motion Limited (RIM) (Nasdaq: RIMM; TSX: RIM) will be reporting results for the fourth quarter and year-end of fiscal 2012 on March 29, 2012 after the close of the market. A conference call and live webcast will be held beginning at 5 pm ET. The call can be accessed by dialing 1-800-814-4859 or through your personal computer or BlackBerry® PlayBook™ tablet at A replay of the conference call will also be available at approximately 7 pm by dialing (+1)416-640-1917 and entering passcode 4466496#. A replay of the webcast will be available on your personal computer or BlackBerry PlayBook tablet by clicking the link above. This replay will be available until midnight ET April 12, 2012.”

i dont think shares will really change much due to the fact that everyone aslready has a negative outlook