Reminder: Only five days left to apply to BlackBerry Scholars program for women

BlackBerry Scholars Program
By Simon Sage on 20 Jun 2013 05:12 pm EDT

Back at BlackBerry Live, Alicia Keys announced a new full scholarship program for young women entering technical programs in science, technology, engineering, or math. The June 26 deadline for applications is quickly approaching, by which point hopeful students have to submit an essay on how they intend to leave their mark on the world, and provide the usual biographical and academic information. Those that are chosen will have their full four year tuition paid for, provided they're starting their academic career in the 2013 - 2014 year. 

Ladies are still woefully underrepresented in the technology sector, so it's great to see BlackBerry trying to balance the scales a bit. Anybody interested in applying can head on over to the BlackBerry Scholars Program page for all of the details. 

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Reminder: Only five days left to apply to BlackBerry Scholars program for women


Quote from the article: "Ladies are still woefully underrepresented in the technology sector..."

Sadly comment action for this article supports this fact quite well :(

Women are not necessarily ladies. The term lady is reserved for a woman of proper rearing and training and is a social status. On the other hand, the term woman does not imply that she conducts herself as a lady. I don't know where you work but women represent at least 55% of the workplace any where I have worked, including technical positions. This article panders to the nonsense about women staying away from STEM. Thorsten proves BlackBerry is out of touch with reality.

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Are scholarships offered for men in the sectors in which they are underrepresented ?

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Good start. No reason a man can't do hair and makeup as well as any woman.

Or how, about teaching? Men are becoming extinct in that profession from preschool through high school. It's mainly due to discrimination against men and extreme feminism within the education sector. How about a full scholarship for men to correct the imbalance?

Or, Nursing.

Or, HR. Women make up 80% of all HR jobs so it's women who are doing all the hiring anyway, maybe there would be more gender balance if there was more men in HR?

Or, maybe some of these fine girls who BlackBerry is going to put in Tech jobs that they are sure to want to make careers out of will also let their husbands stay home and take care of the kids live a longer, less stressful life to start to close the death gap between women and men and balance the population numbers. Since women are already the ultimate majority being 53% of the population of human beings.

The difference being that the barriers men have to certain professions are perceived, self-imposed, and ultimately pretty nonexistent. If you told any woman in tech that the hurdles of getting into the industry was all in their head, they'd probably clock you. 

Simon you are clearly misinformed by a bias media and political agenda. As my niece says, "Step off."

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And she'd be cheered for it. But the fact that we would encourage violence against men by women it a sexist double standard in the first place. The barriers are all in their head and nonexistent. Women face no barriers to entry in STEM fields.

But the barriers men face in teaching for example are sexist in nature. Exact same sexist attitude that keeps men from sitting next to a child that is not theirs on an airplane. It's not imagined, it's societal. It's ingrained and enforced politically and enforced legally. But, who cares right?

You are absolutely wrong. Take this Yale study that shows that lab assistant positions leaned heavily in male favor both in terms of hiring and salary based on name alone. Women are still making about 20% less than men in computer and math sectors. Then there's this other one from the Harvard Business Review that shows that 63% of women in these fields dealt with sexual harassment in the workplace. Over half of them left the sector and never came back. In India, you've got women that are denied promotions and transferred to the middle of nowhere when they rebuke inappropriate advances from male superiors. Given these factors, it's no surprise that you'll find 2.7 times more men at the upper echelons or that there's been a 79% decline in women taking IT undergrad programs between 2000 and 2008

This is painful to read.

Women tend to have higher emotional intelligence, and better at supportive communication. So perhaps that explains why women might be more representative in teaching or HR...if that is correct assumption.

But unless you love to teach, why go into a profession that under pays and under appreciates all the non classroom work? Wouldn't you rather go into finance at a bank and easily clear $125k a year? I prefer the latter.

We men have a leg up....i see it at the big MNC I work for. I see it at the majority of fortune 500 companies. Anyone who doesn't see it has a chip on his shoulder regarding women or has anger issues. Go hug your mom and say sorry.

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Well, you at least proved that Simon is right about the self imposed aspect of sexism against men. That's the most bigoted sexist comment I've read in a long time.

Who spends that 125K per year you make? Who's going to inherit your assets when you die 8 years before your wife due to the added stress of your job?

Who has more power? The men working their asses off to make the 125K/year or the women they let spend it all?

You might earn it, but women spend 85% of it. It's not the person who brings home the bacon that has the power, it's the one who decides how it's spent.

You're missing the point, or I failed to express myself correctly.

There are reasons why we see more female teachers. Higher EQ is one reason. Another reason is the opportunity cost for males who seemingly still have more opportunity to make more money than females in other fields.

This program BBRY put together is great, and much needed. Men who complain are being short sighted about.

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