Reminder: Only a few days left to enter to win a 24ct. Gold BlackBerry Q10!

By Adam Zeis on 7 Jun 2013 08:28 am EDT

While the US launch of the BlackBerry Q10 is getting underway, this is just a friendly reminder that there are only a few days left to enter our giveaway for a chance to win a 24ct. gold BlackBerry Q10.

In case you missed it, we've teamed up with Goldgenie to offer up a sweet SIM-free BlackBerry Q10 with a 24ct gold bezel and it could be all yours. The device retails for over $2,000 and comes complete with a custom luxury finished box.

There will be plenty of users rocking a black or white BlackBerry Q10, but how many can say they have a GOLD Q10? Maybe you'll be the one!

To enter the contest, head over to the original post here and leave a comment (we won't count comments on this post so make sure you go to the ORIGINAL post). Just for fun we're running the contest up to race day for the Canadian Grand Prix, so get your entries in before midnight on Sunday, June 9th.  

Enter for your chance to win a gold BlackBerry Q10 from Goldgenie and CrackBerry

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Reminder: Only a few days left to enter to win a 24ct. Gold BlackBerry Q10!



This would be amazing, of course. What a way I'd be advertising BlackBerry by walking around and showing ppl the Q10!

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Please make me the envy of the dance mom world. I want to dazzle the other moms with an ultra-fancy Blackberry that puts their Iphones to shame!

Hey long time lurker first time commenter CB has been a BlackBerry life saver for me would love to make my iPhone and Android friends envious and converts to BlackBerry

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After seeing the q10 last night at #tm13, I would love to have this one. Great event guys. Love my z10 but might be converting to the q10

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The Gold standard in BlackBerry. Please pick me for your contest it will be shown off and cherished for life.

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Knowing my luck, I won't even be short listed down to being the winner... I might have to save up for one and raid my piggy bank to own one of these phones...

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Okay Kev, since you are so kind to bring up this contest. I allow you to borrow my Gold Q10 for One day.

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10 Q's for the Q10 ...........why not give it to me? what will i do with it? how long would it take to reach trinidad? When will i get it? if i dont have a Z10 does that qualify me for a Q10? why is crackberry #1? why am i sucking up to crackberyy? how many questions have i asked ? Did i win it yet? Is the Q10 mines yet ?

Perhaps, maybe, hopefully, mungkin, sekiranya, seandainya.. it's me winning this Q10..

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I'd love to rock this golden boy. Anyone who sees on the streets of downtown Toronto gets a high-five!

That would be an amazing phone to have. Hopefully someone in California wins this time & I'd love for it to be me! Woo hoo :) congrats to blackberry for picking up the momentum!

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I didn't even know that Goldgenie existed until now! Thanks for the tip Crackberry, I may have a customer for them.

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I've got a Z10 but my girl wants a q10.....i wonder if I could attach a ring to the back and propose with it, yeh my girls ring is more bling then yours :p

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I want a Q10 bad!!!!
But gold is not my colour... I win crackberry put it on ebay and give it to a charity for children.
Love my bold... Love my playbook Will love my Q10 even more eventually

Wishing and praying that i may get this amazing q10 gold phone. Think positive!!!

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Have always been Team Black Berry & love my BOLD9900, but def would want to get my hands on the Q10 that would make me part of #Teamblackberry offical since its GOLD! I LOVE the look & can wait to win it.

I thought blackberry couldn't get any better and then crackberry came out, and again now I though crackberry couldn't get any better and they give away a 2,000$ phone, wow

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About time!! xD im constantly on the crackberry app looking up for updates on this :p!

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It would nicely complement my Z10. Would love use it for work and switch my Z10 to full time personal use.

It would nicely complement my Z10. Would love use it for work and switch my Z10 to full time personal use.

Hey all, remember that you gotta leave a comment on the original post to enter, not this one.

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Goldberry! I now claim you in the name of the father son and holy Ghost. Gold Q10 will be my dream device, let's keep moving.

Super Excited about the New BlackBerry Q10! its finally here! Can't wait to get my hands on a new Q10. Sprint is my current cell phone provider however Sprint hasn't released a date on the availability of the device. I'm considering switching anyway, SPRINT IS LATE! I hope I win this New BlackBerry Q10! its a phone with super powers, and with that incredible Gold Bezel of pure 24KT, I could surely Blast my Song "GOLD ALL IN MY CHAIN, GOLD ALL IN MY WATCH, GOLD ALL IN PHONE" LOL DON"T BELIEVE ME JUST WATCH.... Thx for the chance to win :)

Loving the Q10... got time to play with one a couple of weeks ago and even played with one again today.
I'm rocking the Z10 currently, but would love the Qwerty keyboard!
I didn't know of another way to make the Q10 even better, but you guys found it... make it out of GOLD!

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You all know this IDNT where you enter the contest. Read the post fully. You have to go to the original post.

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I've been introduced to blackberry sometime ago and I love it, all my friends and family have a iPhone and wanted me to get one but I'm a die hard blackberry fan. And what a great way to show them then with the gold Q 10

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This device looks incredible. Whoever wins will certainly be grateful for this golden gem.

Thanks for the awesome opportunity Goldgenie & Crackberyy!

perfect blackberry, luxurious gold, and awesome features mixed into one wonderful smartphone! amazing: D I really love this phone xx and I would love to win this contest:)

Woohoo! Congratulations amanciang! We'll be in touch via email to get your information.

LOL ...

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