Reminder: Online BlackBerry Technical Seminar 2009

Reminder BlackBerry Technical Seminar 2009
By Bla1ze on 2 Dec 2009 07:12 am EST

Just a reminder folks, the upcoming BlackBerry Technical Seminar 2009 is happening on December 3rd. Registration is still open and it's free for all. The BlackBerry Technical Seminar 2009 features four seminar tracks, all new content, new product demos and new resources to expand access to BlackBerry solution information.

Who will be there? Administrators, Developers and CIOs.
  • Seminar content geared to all areas of interest, from high availability and new capabilities of BlackBerry® Enterprise Server v.5.0 for administrators, and working with BlackBerry® Widgets for developers to understanding the impacts of virtualization for the busy CIO.
  • Mix and match sessions to gain big picture learning.
  • View these agendas Now – Administrator, Developer and CIO.

You'll wanna tune in to the live event as it will give some insight into Research In Motions plan for the year ahead as well give a great overview of the tools available to help BlackBerry developers in their processes. The live show begins on Thursday, December 3rd, 2009, 9am ET – 5pm ET.

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Reminder: Online BlackBerry Technical Seminar 2009


Ok, I've tried on three different computers and all of them return an error saying you can't register because it's not available at this time. Disappointing...

Thats me as well now. Pretty piss poor management on someone's part. This sort of thing reflects poorly on RIM, not VT365 have already been payed. RIM should keep an eye on this when there are subcontractors involved.