Reminder: from your BlackBerry

By chaz_cb on 20 Apr 2009 09:26 am EDT

Even with recent upgrades to the native BlackBerry browser, and more to come with OS 5.0 on its way (or here if you like unofficial releases and follow the blogs!), I'd still suggest visiting the mobile-optimized version of when visiting the site (especially if you want to use the forums) from your handheld. When on your BlackBerry, simply head to The main website was originally designed for PC viewing and to be used in conjunction with a BlackBerry - for example, you can browse for free ringtones and wallpapers easily on your computer, or buy apps from, then shoot the download links to your BlackBerry for easy OTA install.

Planned CrackBerry 2.0 upgrades will make even the full site more BlackBerry browser friendly, but in the meantime just remember to put an m in front of CrackBerry when visiting on your device. Don't worry, you'll only have to type it once. When you visit the mobile site, simply download and install our Desktop Launcher and you'll never be more than a click away from the site. If you're new to BlackBerry, you can follow the step by step instructions below to walk you through the process.

How To Install the Launcher

Note - Keep in mind that while the site may change in look a bit from time to time, there will always be a visible link on the homepage to install the CrackBerry shortcut.

CrackBerry Launcher

Open the Browser on your Blackberry and press Menu, and then select Go To.

CrackBerry Launcher

Press Delete to remove the "www".

CrackBerry Launcher

CrackBerry Launcher

Type "" then Enter.

CrackBerry Launcher

This will bring up the mobile CrackBerry Index page

Scroll to the "Other Options" sections, and select "Install BB Launcher"

CrackBerry Launcher

Select "Download"

CrackBerry Launcher


CrackBerry Launcher

You now have the Launcher Icon on your BlackBerry!

Just click the icon anytime to go straight to our mobile optimized site at! And once the Launcher is installed on your BlackBerry, there are a few user-selectable features you can set up to personalize the Icon and decide where it takes you.

CrackBerry Launcher

Go to "Options" and select "CrackBerry Launcher" 

CrackBerry Launcher

You can set the Icon to one of nine different colors, as well as set it up to go directly to the CrackBerry Forums, or the Mobile CrackBerry Index.

Now you're never more than a click away from the #1 Site For BlackBerry Users (& Abusers!)

Reader comments

Reminder: from your BlackBerry


Did yall fix where you are in the mobile blogs site and you click read more then it takes you to the full blown site. This is the most annoying thing on the crackberry mobile site. Hell I can't even view the mobile blogs anymore I keep getting errors I could only go to the crackberry forums.

I get a Error 504 whenever I tried to view the Blogs from the mobile site as well. I also seem to recall that before I started getting this error whenever I clicked the link to view the rest of the article on the mobile site it would go to the full site.

It was not always this way but it has been, at least for me, for a few months.

I have had my blackberry for almost a year now and i am loving it i herd about crackberry and sighned up and want to give it a try i didnt really no were to comment this so i just did it here. I am really confused on how to use the site i have a had a look around and i am loving it so far on how much free stuff you can get on your phone is amazing and i have found i lot of stuff i want to put on my blackberry to put themes on does your blackberry have to have some sort of software to allows this and does your computer to.? i have looked around for my "desktop manager" on my computer and cant seem to find it i also dont no how to download anything to my PC could you help me out and give me soom good useful information on how to do all these things.? thanks alot .! :)

All well and nice Chaz, but fails in comparison to most all the other BlackBerry sites out there.

Why is it that every other site can auto-detect a BlackBerry browser and give me the mobile version of their site but crackberry can't? Do you guys even have a CLUE how frustrating it is to subscribe to your feed in Viigo or some other such RSS reader and I come to the site from there and have to scroll down through 30-40 PAGES to get to the content! I've completely given up on crackberry on my two BlackBerry smartphones, it's just far too frustrating to try to read you guys.

I don't need another stupid icon on my home screen to launch some mobile optimized version of your web site. Your web site ought to auto-detect that a BlackBerry browser is connecting and deliver the mobile version of ALL pages. Sure, give the user a link at the bottom of the page that lets them opt out of the mobile version, but the default for all pages served should be to send mobile version to BlackBerry smartphones. You guys of ALL people...

I have to agree with dgburns above me here. He makes valid points.

No idea how this site is all about the crackberry love yet is so unfriendly when trying to access it with a blackberry phone.

It's a pain to be sure, but it's one facet of the whole CB site. This happened one time to me. I was in the mobile site going through the forums, and there is an option to go to the normal view, which warns that it's not mobile friendly. I was curious and wanted to see how the Storm would do looking at a webpage designed for a PC. It did pretty well.

My problem began when I tried to go BACK to the mobile view. If I could back up to a mobile page, I would click the mobile link to a forum topic, and the PC webpage would begin to load. Battery pull fixed it, but I also agree that's more trouble than I want to go to as a fix to stay in the mobile site. Hope the 2.0 rollout Kevin talked about really does smooth out the problem.

Oh yeah, and thanks for the new OTA Apps link in the mobile site. Tres cool!

Yeah, we're working on this. Drives me more nuts than you I bet!

There's some issues in our CMS that have monkeyed up the auto-detection stuff when we have used it in the past (we used to have it running) that caused more issues then they solved. Our CrackBerry 2.0 upgrades will address all this - life will be good for both PC and mobile devices when that comes online in the months ahead. We'll work on some workarounds in the meantime.

Also, in the meantime, we'll just be sure to run lots of giveaways and contests on the blogs... try and win back your love for the mobile frustrations caused. Thx for the patience :)

Most of the time the blogs don't even load right from the browser. It shows the HTML text instead of parsing it right, or when I hit refresh it just doesn't load. I can load up the full version of the site and see the blogs just fine, so I'm assuming this is due to something that you are or aren't parsing for the mobile site.

Just giving you an FYI there... and adding comments to blogs from the mobile site didn't see to work too well either if I remember correctly.

because I got a message that said:

"Uncaught exception: Module with handle [4541] and index [1] has no application entry point".

I'm a newbie and don't know what that means. I do know I didn't have any option for color other than cyan and didn't have the forums option either. I guess that's what the message meant. I was screwed.

Got the same results on my 9530. Like most things in BlackBerry and CrackBerry world, this just doesn't see that Storm friendly.

BTW, the blogs are all but useless on the mobile site. All the links show up as HTML text instead of links. Makes it a jumbled mess.

just d/l the latest version of Bolt browser and then surf in all its wonderful glory! I dont even bother with the mobile version...

It has long been a source of frustration to me that, of all the sites I read on a daily basis, only your supposedly Blackberry-centric fanboy site crashes my native BB browser. (Even Appleinsider and Macrumors work for chrissakes.)

My sense is that you've loaded this ver. 1.0 page with all kinds of flash/java-based advertising to the neglect of the stuff people are actually interested in reading. If you cut down on the selling, you might have a compelling, mobile-centric website that could actually be viewed on the devices we're all here to read about!!

i've been having problems with the "crackberry blogs" link. always have, actually. strange, no?
i'm running a rogers bold with .247...
and by the way, kevin, it's all well and good to offer more freebies and the like, but if they're posted on the blogs and the blogs is what's not working, it's kind of... frustrating.

and seriously, nobody needs the launcher icon. at all. i have this thing called a bookmark that works fine and i didn't even have to download it. spooky.

My biggest pet peeve is how small the links are to go to the next page in the forums. With a Storm, you have to either zoom in or change to cursor mode and try to hit the tiny page number or ">" link. Even though Storm users are probably a a small percentage of your users, it is amazing considering that this is a Blackberry site.

I have had people tell me that they hear their own voice echoing when they call my cwell phone. that it didn't happen till i put the otterbox case on. Is there a way to fix the problem other than removing the case? I'd rather not have to. The case has paid for itself already by saving my phone when dropped down the stairs...

I have a blackberry pearl and when I turn it one it's locked and I enter the lock code and it unlocks=no problem. After having it on for a while and in it's case I take it out to use it and it is locked again. It's irritating having to unlock it all the time especiially if I want to make a call in a hurry. I assume it's in the settings somewhere but I don't know where. Anybody know????