Reminder: Last Chance to Get Your I LOVE MY BLACKBERRY Videos Recorded and Submitted!

I Love My CrackBerry!
By Kevin Michaluk on 18 Oct 2009 10:22 am EDT

If you're reading this and somehow don't know what the I Love My CrackBerry Video Contest is all about, do yourself a favor and click the image above to jump to the contest page for full overview and details right now!

For everybody else, this is a friendly reminder that we're nearing the end of our video contest entry period. You have until Midnight PST tonight to get your I Love My BlackBerry videos up on youtube and send us the link. Great prizes are up for grabs, like a new Macbook (in honor of Desktop Manager for Mac being released!), a BlackBerry Bold 9700, a BlackBerry Storm2, Schlage Home LiNK system (thanks Schlage!) and more. 

So what are you waiting for? Grab your friends, grab some drinks, grab a video camera, whip out your BlackBerry and start recording! We're going to make sure everybody who submits an entry walks away with a prize, so there won't be any losers here. Just winners and more winners. Get it done! And Good luck!!

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I need one of these ASAP.


I'm just wondering, which Macbook are you guys are giving away? Obviously I wouldn't turn one down regardless of the model, but I didn't see that on the contest page.

~Todd :D


I don't have any blackberry don't have a chance to participate on this game..

Public Speaking Lesson Plans

tony bag o donuts

That would be cool if you guys grabbed one or two members from the forums!


I'm waiting for the "I Hate my BlackBerry" Contest...


can't wait for the announcement of the finalists! :)


But didnt have enough time! I was going to make a gang war between a bunch of blackberries and iphones. Had huge boxes and was going to paint them to resemble each respectively. Then the Blackberry gang would have been the "BBloods vs the iCrips" and Bbloods would have won!

Genious idea, not enough time to play it all out though!


Good thing you didn't make that! Mine wouldn't have a shot!


I've poured blood, sweat, and tears into making my APPLECALYPSE video. Hopefully no one will submit a genius idea like Timebomb606's at the very last minute to completely wipe out the competition! No hot girls in pudding fights, please... :S

Also, how long is the voting period, normally?

Best of luck to everyone, I've had plenty of laughs these past few days watching the new entries into the contest!


oops double post...stupid internet cut out while it was submitting. noob :(


I put a bit of time into our video too. When will the video's be posted?