Reminder: Last chance to enter to win a FREE BlackBerry Z30!

By Kevin Michaluk on 26 Aug 2013 09:38 am EDT

August is coming to a close and that means our contest for a free BlackBerry Z30 is as well. We have well over 7k comments so far but that doesn't mean that yours won't be the one to win!

If you haven't already, be sure to head over to this post and leave a comment telling us why you want a brand new BlackBerry Z30. We'll choose one winner to receive a Z30 when it gets released - that's all there is to it!

We still don't have an official date just yet, but wouldn't it be great to know that you'd have one coming your way whenever it gets released?

You only have until Friday to get in on the fun so make it happen!

Remember to leave a comment on the ORIGINAL post - not this one! 

Enter to win a FREE BlackBerry Z30 from CrackBerry

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Reminder: Last chance to enter to win a FREE BlackBerry Z30!



Apparently more people pay attention to stories with typos in the headlines than if spelled correctly... just testing out the theory :p

Haha, awesome return there Kevin. Would that also mean that posts with typos have more chances of winning a BlackBerry? Must try this next time!

I'd rather have more people watch my new CrackBerry Song than win. I'm happy with my Zed Ten. :D

~STV on Z10STL100-3/ TMO US

Would love to win a FREE Z30. Simply because I have never won anything that was actually FREE!

Thank you CrackBerry for all your hard work and dedication to our beloved BlackBerry.

I need to win this so I can show it off on all my sales calls.....

BlackBerry for leaders, not followers.

I said this once and I'll say it again. I don't want the Z30. It wants me. Let it come to me. It really needs me to hold it.

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Will like to win a z30. I love having blackberry new products. And I prolly never have a z30 as I cant afford it. Still in my z10 contract

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I've had my Z10 for almost 6 months and love it! Can't imagine how it could be any better. That being said i am addicted to gadgets and the new A10 or Q30 (whatever it is we are calling it these days) looks awesome and am anxious to see this hardware go to the next level. I'm more than satisfied with the Z10 but would have gone with the Z30 if it had been available. Stuck in a 3 year contact with Telus... :(

Used all kinds of BB10 4 Z10, 3 Q10 and to the extent got my account blocked because of to many switches won't mind a 30 as a compensation what you think crackberry I deserve this phone better than anyone here

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I would like to win Sprint is keeping the Q10 from me for too long I might have waited for BB10 the longest, Id love a reason to switch.

Everyone commenting here expecting a chance to win definitely didn't read the post well enough. :)

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Because I spend my days making fun of clowns who really think their ipod is better the the new BlackBerry. This will help.

Z10, PlayBook, 9810, 9000.

Hell why wouldn't I want one. Love BlackBerry. Can't imagine being without it. Keep up the good work.

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i am from grenada and i have been rooting for BlackBerry to succeed i have been following bb10 os from conception up till now i currently own a BB playbook (32gb) and a BBz10 white i love BlackBerry and what the company stands for BlackBerry 10 offers a great line of products from the z10 to the q5 and i think that the z30 would not fall short of the great BB10 experience am expecting a lot more to come from BlackBerry.... GO Blackberry GO!!!!!!! from a loyal supporter all the way from GRENADA

I would like to win it just to give to my boyfriend whom I meet on bbm and we still going strong this would be a nice gift to him

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I would like to enter this contest - willing to do a cartwheel or high kick if necessary! :) apparently simply making a comment on my crackberry feed is all that's required! Love BlackBerry - loyal Canadian fan here.

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Well nothing more to say than that I am a huge Blackberry fan and believe in Blackberry as it is a great Canadian company that deserves our support. I will certainly be more than happy and proud to show off my new Z30 should I win it, thanks Crackberry for the opportunity to win it as well!

Go BB and CB!

Very interesting I want this. BlackBerry. Will always be a black person why change

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It would be great if we could post comments directly to the post where CrackBerry will choose the winner from. Clicking on the comment tab on the CB10 app won't do that.

CB10 on Z10 AT&T STL 100-3 OS

it's so funny how many people don't read. your posts here don't enter you into the contest people!

BlackBerry for life. Kick'n it with my Z10.

So I can hook my dad up with a better phone he is still rockin the torch and i have the Z10 and it's awesome

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Because I love BlackBerry which would look amazing in a AMOLED screen 5". Waiting for it!

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When I Win the Z30..... it will be the best way for me to lead the the BBC revolution.....LOL

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Because I. always trust in BlackBerry use it like my best tool in work and I need a better one to replace my old one curve 9380

I want to win it because I'm one of those people who say "I never win anything" but u can't win if u don't submit to crackberry...... from a loyal Windsor Ontario crackberry fanatic

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Add me to the list.

I need a Z30 to help promote and show people why they need to buy BB10...

"It's not just a phone for the suits"...

I would love to win the new Z30, then I can have the 2 best phones that out, ( the Z10 and now the Z30), so come on crackberry let me win one of the competitions, and good luck to everyone else who has entered.

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I hope this isn't a repeat post but could use a Z30 to replace my playbook. May the stars align my way.

I do not have enough money to buy BB z10 because it is so expensive in my country. I hope I win this briliant mobile phone and catch my dream.

I think I commented already, but this is a z30 we are talking about. Not taking any chances. This is the one I want!!!

Somethings are better to be felt than to be told, so is the case with BB Z30, hence I would love to have one :) I love BB.

I have a z10 and love everything about it, so i can only imagine what the z30 has to offer

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I want a brand new BlackBerry Z30 because to this day I've never owned a phone that was within a year of it's release!

I love my Bold 9900 but it's time for a change!

LMFAO at how many people have not read this post properly. For this reason alone, none of you deserve this phone, lol.

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Check! I'm loving it! Now hand over the phone ;).

Posted via the best phone ever. The white Z10.

Hi guys! I'm Lewis Hamilton. Fernando Alonso stole my Q10 and need a new phone, and my contract says must be a BlackBerry (I like iPhone, alike my friend Alicia Keys, but...)

I love my z10 I would love to have z30 but most important of everything is I love blackberry.

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Maybe this time I will win? One can only hope. My wife sure could use a new phone with a baby on the way :)

You'll give a new phone to the baby, won't you?


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Count me in because the Z30 is what the Z10 should have been......every Z10 owner should have one. I'd like mine for free :)

I am a current owner of the z10 and can say quite confidently that this is the best phone that I have had...i have previously owned the iPhone and the Samsung Galaxy line of phones.

Would love to have the Z30 in my possession as well.

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I've never own keyboard-less BlackBerry. This time I really want to win this contest. I currently own a BlackBerry Q10, I kind of regret it, because the screen is smaller than Z10. I should've gotten the Z10. So, please, let me win this thing, because I have never won anything in life

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I'd love to win one so I can get my wife off her Samsung Note 2. She loves the Z10 but wishes it was slightly bigger. Kevin, you would help us have a happy BB Family lifestyle.

The first BlackBerry 10 smartphone, the BlackBerry Z10, packs some unique features and functionality, including an industry-best virtual keyboard. But while the Z30 is a huge step in the right direction for BlackBerry, according to's Al Sacco.I hope its more good features against other Companies Smartphones like Samsung,Nokia and others. I like bb v much.

I would love to be rocking the Z30. It would probably be easier to use on stage for set lists because of the larger screen. Looking forward to checking it out!

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It's the only one with a back panel big enough to carry the crackberry team individual signatures! So you've understood right, I don't want to win it naked, I want to win it signed by the team. When there is a will... Thanks from Luxembourg.

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I want to win it because I need to get a new phone for my wife in order to give a new baby

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I wanna move my other half to bb10
I just finished holidays with a bunch of ios and Google users! I rocked the z10....i want to show off the BlackBerry brand more!

A Z30 would give me a phone that will have the battery life I need Nd my wife can convert from her iPhone to a BlackBerry again.

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I really like my Z10, but the Z30 would be a step up. Not sure if you can single handedly type with that baby but I'd sure like to find out. Pick me! (I can then try to get my Dad on my Z10 - and off his old feature phone !)

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Another reason for me to get the z30 , is that i been keeping my friends loyal to blackberry , and its been really hard job ...i need to show them that blackberry stayed loyal to us !

I really want a Z30 for my mom! She doesn't have a blackberry and I'm away at school. She likes a big touch screen and would be easy for her to keep in touch!

Keep it up bb!

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My Z10 USB charging port is derp. The Z10 slipped onto the floor. I probably don't deserve to win a new Z30 but at least I won't have to charge the battery externally if i win it.

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I want a Z30 and show it to them Android Zombies and Apple Save the World freaks what a real phone is. We don't follow - We tell you to get the hell out of our way. BlackBerry Mafia!!!

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I really want to have a Z30 because i know that smartphone have a potential to be a great smartphone in the market . I have a experience with

Posted via CB10

Because why not? It's another latest and greatest BlackBerry. And it would be awesome to compare it side by side to the note 2.

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I really want to have a Z30 because i know that smartphone have a potential to be a great smartphone in the market. I have experience with my Z10 right now, and i believe with Z30, i can have a more experience and BlackBerry build to keep me moving.

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