Reminder: Enter now to win a custom-painted device from CrackBerry and ColorWare!

By Adam Zeis on 9 Nov 2013 10:45 am EST

If you haven't yet taken the time to design a custom-painted BlackBerry Z10 or BlackBerry Q10 at ColorWare, make sure you get on it! We're giving away a custom device to one lucky reader and all you need to do is create the best color scheme you can think of, design it, share it and post it on our contest page here

You have until Monday to get your design in, so think on it and make sure you post it up. Keep in mind that whatever design you pick is what you'll win, so make it a good one. And of course you can choose either a Q10 or Z10 - the possibilities are endless!

Head to our 'Share Your ColorWare and Win' contest page for more details

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Reader comments

Reminder: Enter now to win a custom-painted device from CrackBerry and ColorWare!


If I won it, I would drive to Bryan Habana's (highest practising try scorer in rugby) house and give him the Springbok coloured Z10 I designed! He can proudly use that baby!

Blackberry is regarded as the Pride of Canadian mobile communications, as far as I, and the rest of Canada should be concerned.

I am undoubtedly proud to use my Z10 and will continue to do so.

Posted via my Z10, cause Virgin Mobile and Flextronics are screwing me over.

Please choose me and let me show to my friends that I was never wrong in choosing Z10. Let me show them how cool blackberry phones are. =)

Posted via CB10

Did anybody read the requirements? You don't need to write pick me, you need to create your own design.

I guess I will be the only one following the instructions and I will win!! Muhahaha!!

Posted via CB10

I think I did read them correctly, haha. Staying sleek with the dark gray back and sharp steel body, strictly business!

Posted via BlackBerry Z10

The chances of me winning this are infinitesimal at best, but nevertheless, I torture myself by entering

Why BlackBerry don't play with colour like this way. Only black or white. Red Z10 only for developers. :(

Posted via CB10 by Z30

Am I the only one that thinks there should be 2 winners, considering there are 2 options with the z10 and 4 on the q10? we all know a q10 is going to win it right? lol!!!

These coloured concepts look great. Whatever new models emerge it will be well worth BlackBerry's time to consider these when targeting the youth market, now that it's only a matter of time before BB10 catches on and is considered a viable alternative to the current top contenders.

Sent from my BlackBerry Z30

You can't improve on Black on Black !

*Just stating - really, don't pick me* :p

Posted via my CB Q10

Man! BlackBerry really needs to tighten up the Browser function, as I can't design a phone using my Z10 browser.

Kinda seems ironic.

Don't know if anyone said it or, but the Z10 lovers are kinda getting the short end of the stick. They have WAY more options for the Q. Hopefully that will change soon, but doubtful for this contest. I was hopin to do the Z since I already have a Q.

Posted via CB10

Thank you! I mentioned earlier that I thought there should be 2 winners. (one of each basically) I thought I was the only one who thought that wasn't fair. It's completely obvious that they will pick a q10 :( ill die of shock if a z10 wins. Lol! Poor z10s :(

I just would like to have one because I'm a proud Canadian and proud of BlackBerry for all there hard work they put into my sweet Ass z10 I have thanks cb

Posted via CB10

I'm on a CDMA network, so these GSM phones are useless to me (I have no desire to attempt to win one merely to sell it on ebay; call me lazy) and so I won't be entering. But I do wonder: The directions for entering explicitly include a step whereby you share your design on Twitter with a specified hashtag. If one were to submit a design but skip that step (perhaps because one is not a Twitterer), would that honestly disqualify the entry? I'm curious just in case there's a future contest with CDMA devices as the prizes.

Any colour that glows in the dark? Or bright yellow / orange like emergency worker clothes?

Posted via CB10

Well, monday is Veteran's Day............and since i'm a 2-time Iraqi War veteran, i'll be expecting my phone in the mail promptly after CB announces me as winner.........Thank you much...HOOOOOOAAAAH!!!!!

Sure hope my support entry was heard & well received. Always show your support time & time again!!! =) Again, my original share "Proud 2 show the Canadian Love @Blackberry via my ColorWare Design, check it out: via @colorware #CBcolorware" HOPE 2 WIN!!! I WANT BLACKBERRY TO SUCCEED!!! Keep spreading the luv!!! =)