Reminder: CrackBerry NYC Meetup this Thursday night!

Get ready for it!

CrackBerry Meetup!
By Kevin Michaluk on 3 Apr 2013 10:45 pm EDT

As I type this late on Wednesday evening we are less than 20 hours away from CrackBerry's NYC Meetup!

If you have already RSVP'd, take this as a friendly reminder that all systems are a go and we'll see you Thursday night at 1 Oak. Dress code is casual. All you need to do is show up and be ready to have a good time!

We had an amazing response on the meetup announcement and maxed out our invites in no time. If for whatever reason you are already RSVP'd and can no longer make it, please cancel your RSVP by emailing There are a lot people who would love to make it, even if last minute, so they would appreciate if that space opened up for them. If you're waiting to try and snag an RSVP, be sure to hit up the event page at the link on the bottom of this post in case more space opens up.

The official CrackBerry Meetup event goes from 7pm to 10pm -- open bar, tasty apps and prizes to be won -- and in true CrackBerry fashion I'm sure we'll all be hanging around there for a while even after the party is over. We'll see you there!!

Visit the CrackBerry Event Page on Eventbrite

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I have an extra ticket since my friend can't make it anymore. I'll definitely be there. If your looking to go, let me know.

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If you have extra, I'm interested!

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Why didn't you do a meet up in Toronto. Shame on you Kevin!

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Kevin Michaluk

We did a small one in TO while were there. I'll be back to TO one day sooner than later and we'll do another one. Don't you worry. Seriously, based on the demand for CB Meetups... might have to figure out how to do wayyyyy more of these things. So many people want one in their city.


You guys totally need to do more of these! I'm not in NYC nor can I get there but if you hit the GTA then I'll make my way for one for sure!


I am all for the next one in toronto. I might get wasted... Lol

Kevin Michaluk

I'll be wearing jeans, so yes. :)


and the same grey blazer and black t-shirt you sport everywhere? we really need to get you a new one haha.


Damn it! First ive heard of this. I have a date tomorrow. Its a half hour away from NYC and no im not bringing her with me. Tho the open bar sounds nice. Maybe i'll be late.


kevin can i ask you sumthing about the meetup? its about the attendance i need to know asap


Hey Kev
I wish I could go, but I didn't get my V.I.P. pass I guess I there will no Girl Scout Cookies @ the party, lol.


Hey Kevin, how about a meet up in Canada's National Capital?

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I love jeans.

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I really wish I could go. I have class! :-(

John Pawling

Kevin - a TO get together sounds great.

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NYC gets all the fun!! We need some of that BlackBerry excitement in Atlanta, GA...


I will be in NYC from may till august. Any chances to repeat this event?


Looking forward to the meetup tonite. If anyone is interested in going tonight and lives in the city. BBM 2AB2BB84 I will be coming from PA.

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Dang that would be fu

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Jimberry Storm

Have a blast everyone!!! wish I could make it :(


how about a meet up in Miami or Fort Lauderdale even if its not official with Kev and the crackheads?


I hope everybody has fun tonight written. From a new z10 proudly owner i wish this. Event was on Friday well lol anyway have fun BlackBerry. Fam

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Awwww some of u Canadians kill me! Now tht kevin is here n nyc , complainin bout y he didn't do things like this n canada, c'mon son , u. Kno most of u dnt giv kevin his props! But dnt worry we hav homeboy now to show him the love he deserves


See you there....had to tell my boss I was leaving early or not coming in at all! I think he was understanding but I guess I will see tomorrow if I have a replacement doing my job for me :)


I also have another ticket as my friend can't go please BBM me pin:33160AB8 ill be in the city around 5:30-6pm


Can we get in with a ticket on the z10 or does it need to be printed out? Can't wait!!

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Once we get one in toronto... I'M GONNA BE FIRST ON THAT RVSP!