Reminder: CrackBerry App Awards Party Tonight!!!!

CrackBerry App Awards Party Tonight!
By Kevin Michaluk on 29 Sep 2010 03:10 pm EDT

It's almost party time folks! We're nearing the end of DevCon10 so it's time to let loose and celebrate! The stage is set for the CrackBerry App Awards Party which takes place TONIGHT. If you're attending DevCon or in San Francisco and want to come by and check it out, just RSVP and jump on the shuttle buses.

CrackBerry Party Details:

  • Location: Xobni Headquarters (click for map). It's a short walk from the Marriott Marquis or better yet, grab one of the shuttles leaving from the Marriott.
  • Free Shuttles: Shuttle buses will start taking people to the party at 6:30pm.  Just head to the front doors of the Marriott. Just look for the person wearing a Xobni shirt and holding a CrackBerry Awards party sign. It'll be one shuttle (that holds 50 people) going back and forth, so if you don't see the shuttle don't panic - it'll be back shortly.
  • Time: The party will be going strong from 7pm to 10pm. Around 8pm we'll do up the awards ceremony portion so there'll be plenty of time to drink before and after.
  • Free Booze:  HELLZ YEAH!
  • CrackBerry.TV: We'll have our big azz CrackBerry.TV camera on hand. If you're a developer and want to show case your app or do a quick interview that'll end up here on the site, you'll have your opportunity. And if not, don't worry... we won't force you.
  • PRIZES!!!! We'll have some sweet prizes we're giving away to some lucky winners in attendance. My favorite of the bunch? An IOU from CrackBerry for a free BlackBerry PlayBook
I think that covers the details.  You can RSVP HERE and we'll see you tonight!!


Wish I could attend :( Anyone got a private jet? Meh I am way busy as is still lol


I want to win that Playbook!!!!! Can that jet swing by and get me after they pick up my friend WayneD?


I'm in... Got a couple of my friends to RCVP as well. We are going to make the drive from Sacramento. Should be awesome... I'm excited.


Oh man, I have to go to DevCon some time...


Can't wait to meet my fellow fanboys.


All the crackberriers should have their usernames as their names on the name tag if its provided.


Looking forward to coming tonight. Most of my favorite apps are nominated for awards, so should be exciting to see who wins.


When do we find out who won!?


If so, count me in lol.


I was able to make it to the party last night and there was a lot of drinks going around so I'm not surprised that they're a little slow at making new posts today. Ha!