Reminder: BlackBerry Q4 Earnings Report and Conference Call Friday Morning!

By Kevin Michaluk on 27 Mar 2014 10:33 pm EDT

Just a quick friendly reminder for those of you holding shares of BBRY that Friday morning we'll see BlackBerry report its Year-End and Q4 fiscal earnings.

The earnings report should cross the wire around 7am ET, and the conference call will kick-off at 8am ET. Those wanting to listen into the conference call can dial 1-800-814-4859 or click into the webcast here.

CrackBerry's plan of attack for the day is as follows:

  • We'll blog up the press release here just as soon as it hits
  • At that point our in-house analyst Chris Umiastowski will get to work on his follow-up editorial about what the numbers mean. We'll post that just as fast as it's ready.
  • We'll be listening to the live conference call (no live blog or chat room this time.. it's just *sooo early*) and will write up any news articles that may occur during the call from things that CEO John Chen says. No guarantees there will be, but if there is you'll hear it here!
  • Around 2pm ET (maybe a little sooner) we'll fire up a live CrackBerry podcast to talk about all of the recent BlackBerry news and of course the earnings call. By that time we'll have a better indiciation of the markets reaction and more time to digest where things are at

In the meantime, be sure to read our Earnings Preview and check out our BBRY page for the latest BlackBerry company news.

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Reminder: BlackBerry Q4 Earnings Report and Conference Call Friday Morning!



Just a reminder:

BGR Sucks!

Since we are giving it reminders. Thanks. Have a good night.

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I have heard on good authority that John Chen will unveil "Chen Drive" and cloud computing super hub for your data, and the server will make no mistakes.

No more leaks guys!

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While I don't use the leaks they serve a useful purpose by keeping more people from abandoning BlackBerry products. Chen's crackdown might have unintended consequences considering it's diminutive market share. How many BlackBerry users would have jumped ship especially in the US?

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@Qwerty I agree totally and that's an issue BlackBerry must take seriously. Many a BB "faithful " would have abandoned ship long ago if they had to depend on an official release or a carrier release (see AT&T). Leaks served a purpose during the time it was needed. Chen can do this but he better make sure that the product comes out when they say it will and the OS will be updated in a timely fashion.

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@Clanked...That's funny but seriously rolling out the Z3 in more Countries beside Indonesia when they launch could be a positive,I'm hoping for more and I think the Delivery Man will be rewarded this Morning.This Man flies around in Economy Class when he solicits business,he means business and the street is business.

Actually they are to an extent...
I'm not sure specifics... but drastic change in forecast requires immediate disclosure, and it can not wait until the quarterly report. otherwise people could make serious cash on stock plays.

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2 product launches for AT&T for 2013...I doubt very seriously any good news will follow. Got to call it how it is to make the appropriate change. I'm done with delusions and wishful thinking. BBRY has to deliver the goods. Public perception will kill an otherwise viable company. Everyone hears the word "BlackBerry" and thinks 2008. Deliver the goods.

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If the financial report shows that BlackBerry has stopped or almost stopped the financial hemorrhaging then that would be positive news. Any slight increase in revenue compared to last quarter would be considered positive too.

It were be cool if you mentions the city or the country of the conference,in the article, so we can know what time GMT we can here this too, I'm in Paris and I don't now what time this will happen !!!

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I meant EDT is GMT -4 so 8 am is 12pm GMT

If using BB10 setup Waterloo, Canada in your World Clock it will show GMT

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Dude, you have a BB10 phone? Clock app for Toronto / New York time zone? Too easy...

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

I agree with Blaz1e. If it was really bad, we wouldn't know by know. Rough numbers, I would predict a loss of 300-400 million loss. Keep an eye on revenue, current and projected. Maybe we will get lucky and there might be a tax rebate or something.

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Hey what about the India sales they have been robust recently and Chen's first move was a new device for third world markets.
Maybe next quarter things will be move positive. From where I stand the competition is copying and adopting too more of BlackBerry's gestures into their OS recent example the new HTC and even Apple.
So Who is leading in security and innovation but BlackBerry.

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I didn't really start hearing about India sales until this month, and if I'm not mistaken, the Earnings Report only covered the quarter up until March 1, 2014.

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I think that the big Z10 firesale went on the last week of February, and hence the last week of Q4. It almost seemed like a last minute boost..

now all depends on how chens plan is being executed and how far along it is that will change how the stock figures out tomorrow.

It was down huge, but came back and continued back to even in after-hours. It was probably people unloading for most of the day, and others piling up cheap later on.

Will still be a loss, but not as bad. I don't expect a profit until 4th quarter or start of first quarter next year.

Z10 on Telus

The recent property sales, increase in device sales, cross platform BBM, and recent FOC certification can only mean good news for BlackBerry.

If not good news then at least a bright light at the end of the BB10/BES10/12 tunnel.

Kind of proud of the way BlackBerry have progressed this year. Nice work team!

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Fingers, toes and legs crossed! Lmao. I hope that they pull through. I don't want to lose BlackBerry. I will get a land line and everyone can just email me if they want to talk lmao.

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I would like to make a simple prediction. John Chen is going to announced that Mystery Device that is suppose to attract New Customers (Primarily from other mobile platforms i.e. iOS and Android). And to do this this Mystery Device has to be a Full Touch Monster Phone Powered by a Warp Drive. ;)

Oh, and better than previous Quarter BB10 sales.

Go Get Them CHEN...

It won't be profitability, but it will be a sign of a turn around. It won't be until we have a quarter with the Z3 that things will really start looking positive, that's my guess. I'd say when the report comes out around the end of September in two more quarters we will see positive momentum building and stocks begin to get exciting. It takes far greater distance and time to turn around a ship than it does to turn around a canoe! Thank you Mr. Chen, you give us hope and reason to believe in BlackBerry and not give up.

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It's not going to be pretty. Anyone that's expecting anything but a bloodbath is going to be sadly disappointed. As a fan and longtime user of BlackBerry, I want to see them succeed and prove to masses wrong. We BB10 users know that BlackBerry has made major leaps and in my opinion, I have the best phones on the market at my side. However, if BlackBerry is to thrive and be the great tech leader it once was, it HAS to stop playing catch up. The next device(s) have to stand not only above but beyond the norms of iOS and Android. The GS5 didn't change anything from what it was before and the iPhone will likely only bring a bigger screen and more useless shine. So, its time for BlackBerry to be innovative again. BlackBerry, show us why we still visit this site.

'Men's Fashion & Lifestyle' C001214D9

It is not where it was but where it is heading. Forward guidance will determine price movement. Perhaps date of Z3 launch?


Z3 and Q20 as well as reduced losses would be a positive result.

A battle can be won but the war continues

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I don't think BlackBerry will be a profitable company for at 5 years. If the revenue is not growing by 5% per year at a minimum, the profitability will be precarious. The earnings call must clearly spell-out the strategy going forward. Just releasing new smartphones has failed. The loss of BlackBerry data plan revenue has yet to be replaced by other subscription-based services that people and organisations are willing to pay. The single biggest asset possessed by BlackBerry is its credibility - slow release of software updates, lack of marketing, failure to communicate with users of its products in a timely manner, departure of senior management under questionable circumstances - continues to fade. The company should have gone private in 2011 or 2012.

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Everybody knows what Mr Chen and BlackBerry is aiming to do .

The Key is to have the right people in place to do it.

The senior people know they are in the mother of fights, they are under no illusions - neither should be the Crackberry supporters .

Mr Chen is trying to correct the huge mistakes of the past previous management teams.

Change from inwardly focus to a more engaging relationship with the rest of the world.

It going to be tough and messy but I think alot of people in the financial world are beginning to understand this.

It's not about one CEO'S vision it is about the long term stability of BlackBerry.

BlackBerry...Get it done!!!

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Positive but cautious !
Let's set our expectations to a reasonable level here.
Hint : it's more about measurable goals than current figures.

Hey what about the India sales they have been robust recently and Chen's first move was a new device for third world markets.
Maybe next quarter things will be move positive. From where I stand the competition is copying and adopting too more of BlackBerry's gestures into their OS recent example the new HTC and even Apple.
thanks to sharing thsis post
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Thanks for the heads up. Now I need to find my tinfoil hat, and turn off the radio. Won't be a good day for BlackBerry.

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It's going to be negative, but not as bad as many predict IMO. There should be good news to offset the negativity.
$9 share price is the bottom IMO.

Go get them Chen, any sign of growth and your strategy taking shape is going to shoot the share price higher and strengthen the BBRY 10 Brand.

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