Reminder: BlackBerry hosting Amazon Developer Expert Q&A on Sept. 4th

By Bla1ze on 3 Sep 2014 06:03 pm EDT

This is just a little reminder for anyone interested in learning more about how the Amazon Appstore and apps will work on BlackBerry 10. BlackBerry will be hosting their Amazon Developer Expert Q&A on September 4, 2014 3:00:00 PM ADT. This is a follow up to the previous webinar held, which can be listened to here if you missed it and aims to address any challenges or questions developers may have had with bringing their BlackBerry app to the Amazon Appstore.

Did you have any challenges bringing your BlackBerry app to Amazon? We want to help you get them resolved and your app into the store. Attend this webcast to have all of your questions about the Amazon Appstore and Amazon Developer Program answered by the experts.

I think this one will be particularly interesting and worth a look simply based on some of the questions asked on the previous webcast that, as I understand it, will be answered this time around. Which questions? Well, topics on interest among those in attendance were: Many apps will install just fine, and run - but not with the full functionality as described. Will there be some eased up refund policy? How will apps that ask users to use widgets that aren't available on BlackBerry 10 be handled?

That's just a few examples of questions raised that will hopefully be further clarified on the upcoming webinar and they're questions I've had myself so, if you've not yet registered but want to know more then you can head on over to the registration page and get yourself signed up and tune in when the sessions go live.

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Reminder: BlackBerry hosting Amazon Developer Expert Q&A on Sept. 4th


I'm a native C++ developer and Qt lover. I'm not interested and will continue to create native apps exclusively for BlackBerry10.
But thanks a lot for the reminder. :-)

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And we love you for it and appreciate your work. I'm sure you don't hear that nearly as often as you should.

Thanks a lot, it's a pleasure. :-)
And thanks also for your fast review or teaser for BlackBullet, just 4 hours after it arrived at BlackBerry World. It was a amazing feeling! :)

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I'm the developer of BaSA, ClipMan, Turbo Reader, Railroad Germany, Torch Flash and I'm currently working on BlackBullet, a native client for

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ClipMan should come pre-installed on all BlackBerry devices. Thanks for that and keep up the hard work!

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So great to hear and to have you keeping the faithful with truly native apps to use.

Tapped and flicked from my BlackBerry Z30!

Sadly not, but it is currently enough to buy from time to time the hardware and tools I need to develop and test the apps. So I can't complain. :-)

I wish BlackBerry would build in some native hooks into BB10 from Android.

I'm developing an Android app that I'm ensuring works on BB10, and would love to be able to add things like HUB integration.

Many Android apps come with optional widgets. Why can't Android apps for BB10 have optional HUB integration? Obviously this wouldn't work on a pure Android or Amazon phone, but it would be great for BB10 users.

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I've all but removed all Android apps from my Z30. Reason.... Not one Android app stops running when I close it. Don't believe me, get Ghost Commander, run it, select an Android app you just closed, select and hold them pick Manage. You'll have to Force Stop to actually get it to shut down. It's been this way ever since Android apps have been on BB 10.

She Task Manager still isn't working. If I open Task Manager then open an Android app, it shows up as open in Task Manager. If I then close the app manually it shows as closed in Task Manager, HOWEVER if I then go into Ghost Commander and select the app that was closed and pick manage, it still shows the Android app as running in the background and I have to use Force Close to actually get it to stop running in the background.

Thanks for reminding me. When I installed 10.3.x, I could not RESTORE and forgot to REinstall Task Manager. It was always revealing what was running.

If it's not a native BlackBerry App, my Z30 won't see it. I can survive without Android and Amazon Apps.

 Z30 Rocks 

Corporation with Amazon for some port app is totally wrong. BlackBerry was used by amazon for its own app store building.

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Not liking Amazon or the idea that Blackberry is encouraging developers to "bring your Blackberry aops over to Amazon" So that implies Blackberry wants apps cleared out of Blackberry World?

Alex Saunders...VP of Cloud Business???? read the link and I guess this whole IOT is, Pie In the Sky, watch out for Alex jumping ship and don't say you didn't see it coming,One has to preform for BB these days and if you are just imagining things and not bringing in some Bucks,salut!!!

What I like to see is for Amazon to dump Android and release BB10 based devices. For obvious reasons.

Typed on my Q5

I could see BlackBerry one day bringing their OS to other manufacturers. It would kind of make sense. I'm not saying I would be totally happy about it but it could happen. It would just make too much sense if people could choose their hardware and software independently. Then again, I know nothing about tech these days... but it seems like something that could happen. You don't see Sega making game consoles anymore but Sonic is still running around.

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The foxcon deal was one major step towards other manufacturers producing phones with BlackBerry software

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How so? Foxconn makes iPhones but you don't see any other companies making phones running iOS do you? What gives you the impression that outsourcing some of their hardware manufacturing to Foxconn means that BlackBerry will license out BB 10?

I agree, BBOS only for BB phones, I don't see the reason for allowing other OEMs to have it. Everyone breaks for themselves in this market place.

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It makes no sense that BlackBerry isn't securing native app development with Amazon. In fact, that fact that the Amazon app is not native boggles the mind. The first post from the developer shows how a superior OS trumps anything else. BlackBerry must either hire or subsidize these developers to develop native apps. Eventually more developers will work on native apps and more people will buy them. Honestly, the majority of apps are pretty much worthless. I need sophisticated banking apps as well as other apps. BlackBerry is supposed to be a business company. They have to have sophisticated business apps. BlackBerry just doesn't have them at this time. Hopefully soon. Even some of the cloud file apps like Evernote and Onedrive and Dropbox either don't list BlackBerry as a participant or you can't find the app on the website. Everywhere you look there is an Android or iTunes app but no BlackBerry. Come on guys.

I have tried multiple apk's on my Z10. They just don't work well. I have deleted almost every one of them. The reasons are many have been thoroughly discussed everywhere. It's great that we can run these apps as it shows the power of the QNX kernel but all virtual machines bog down and never run as well as a native system.

I hope this developer continues to work on BlackBerry apps.

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I think it's great that we have native apps but if the Android apps run flawlessly on this platform, then I don't see the problem.
There are some pretty crappy apps out there and a lot of the best apps are native ones but there are also some native stinkers. And there is the odd time where the Android version actually runs better or has more features than the BlackBerry version.
When there are more to choose from, there is surely to be more crap as well, but it doesn't mean that all Android apps are bad. I think that streamlining the app world across the board is a good thing in the end. BlackBerry just has to make sure that they run as good or better on their hardware compared to the rest of the market. And of course, keep their security cred along the way. Native apps are never going to disappear. There are too many developers who personally prefer BlackBerry like the rest of us.

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One of my biggest complaints about Android apps is the permissions, and not being able to turn off the ones I don't want to give.

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+1. I prefer not to be spy and pay few money for it. Hope native developpers Will continue thier great job despite of the dark presence of the Amazon app store...

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I have seen a lot of developer complaining, but I just don't understand those. Native apps have always a big advantage. Android apps are in the most cases free, but I'm always sceptical in case a stranger offers me something which is expensive to create totally for free.
I'm continuing to develop native apps for BlackBerry 10. I love this devices! :-)

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BlackBerry don't have many apps in the store so it's good to have amazon store for BlackBerry devices. Hope they release soon os10.3......

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Amazon App Store is a joke! And, like someone else mentioned, it's not even a native BB10 app. I think for BlackBerry, striking a deal with Amazon was a mistake; it's like waving the white flag on behalf of BlackBerry World. Promote the development of native apps, somehow!

 BB10 is the best; on a Z30... awesome!

I don't see how they could not get Netflix to put their app in BlackBerry App World. It is just submitting an apk, isn't it?

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The reality is that not all apps are coming natively to BBW. Therefore the ability to get them via an android port or straight android file is an advantage. If BB10 gains momentum in the future, then native apps will become more of the norm. Until then, I say support the native app developers as much as you can and then turn to the android versions if you must.

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Bla1ze any chance your moles can find out how many developers actually attended the Q&A? Would really be interesting to know how much enthusiasm there is for this.

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