Reminder: BBM for iOS and Android is still on a wait list, but it's moving fast!

By Adam Zeis on 25 Oct 2013 10:16 am EDT

We've had quite a few Android and iOS users email us in the last few days, unsure how to proceed with BBM after entering their email address. While millions of users are already actively using BBM on other platforms, those that aren't tech savvy and may be new to BBM don't realize that they unfortunately still need to wait to get in on the fun.

A few emails we received were from confused users asking us what to do after entering their email address, so here's the deal. 

BBM is still on a wait list for now. The list is moving super fast and the wait time is only a few hours at this point (which is down from days). So once you download and install BBM on your iPhone or Android device, enter your email address and you'll be added to the waitlist. In a few hours you'll get an email from BlackBerry that reads something like this:

Congratulations! has reached the front of the line and has been granted immediate access to begin using BBM™ on Android™ or iPhone®.

Here's what to do:

1. Open BBM (If for some reason you’ve deleted BBM, visit from your Android or iPhone browser to download it again)

2. If you are prompted to “Enter your email address to check if you can start using BBM”, enter the email address exactly as it appears above

- or -

if you are on the ‘We’re holding your spot in line’ page, click “I got the email”

3.     Get started with BBM!

At this point, after you received your welcome email, you can start up BBM again and enter your email address to get going. Now you'll be able to create a BBID (if you don't already have one) and actually use BBM.

We know many of you think this is all common sense, but for those of you who may be new and not know the full deal, hopefully this helps!

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Reminder: BBM for iOS and Android is still on a wait list, but it's moving fast!


I appreciate the way BB is rolling it out. Preventing a foul up is what should be everyones wish, even if it means waiting a day or two to get BBM.

I got all my employees to download BBM. I wanted to test on my 5c so I set up and got registered with a new email. I got the confirmation, and then used that email to bypass the wait on a few other devices, allowing them to set up new BBID's with no wait.

You could probably do the same with Adams email address posted above ;)

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Using poor Adams email could land you in legal trouble. :D. It's called fraud /impersonating

Only a fool thinks they know me.

I only did it twice... one for iOS and one for an S4. Good to know though.

The level of BBM excitement is amazing and a makes me so happy. Even BGR is having a tough time putting a negative spin on it!!

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Even Engadget won't write BlackBerry articles as of late as its getting harder and harder to bash.

Trolls should be forced to use BB10!

Yeah I did this a couple of days ago and now I seem to have a glitch...2 of my contacts are seeing me as the user whos email I used...They freaked out but once we deleted each other it went back to normal. It happen again about 2-3 times after this. I'm think I'm just going to use a different email and start a new pin to avoid any confusion. Can't really blame berry for my lack of patience.

Don't forget to check your junk folder. I know some people have been waiting for emails that they later noticed were sent days ago and went to junk.

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Hm... I don't think that the waiting list is still necessary.. it was... but now?

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Sure. Rumor has it that there are still hundreds of thousands downloading BBM, so it's better safe than sorry.

Just hope BBM impresses most ppl who download it cause there's so much competition with all the messaging apps out like Whatsapp, iMessage, Kik and etc.

But so far there s lots of demand for BBM which is awesome!!!

Sorry, not to borrow a slogan used by our friends at Apple, but bbm 'just works'. I too hope people will realize that at the very least, and appreciate the simplicity without as much security issues as other options.

I think BB knows better than we do. We have no idea the actual amount of requests they are getting as they add more and more countries.
If they open the flood gates and everything goes to hell then you can imagine what a lot of people/media would say about that.

I don't think BBRY is being cautious only to ensure everything works well for new users; rather, I think they want to ensure that the rapid addition of new users doesn't impact BBM for the millions of existing users. This mentality is why so many government organizations and large enterprises relied on BBRY.

While the wait line might not be the best "first" impression for iOS and Android users, how soon they forget the issues Google Play had when the Nexus 4 became available for order--that was a far worse experience for far less volume of traffic.

Should include if your running iOS update the most current version of app, and iOS 7. Some of my friends on iOS didn't update to the most current version of iOS 7 and it bbm crashes.

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Yes I had to tell a friend last night to update his Apple version. As soon as he did all his issues were gone. He saw me use BBM corporately when we were vacationing in Mexico. He was blown away with the video conferencing as he was sidelined on his iphone. When I asked him to download BBM the first thing he said was why? Then he said will I be able to use it like you did in Mexico, and I said yes. He started the download.

Trolls should be forced to use BB10!

My bbm is stuck I can't reply to ios and android folks anyone knows what's up with that or is having similar experience

Posted by z10 boss

Can you reply to BlackBerry people? I'm only having issues with one of my iOS friends but that's on their side. No other issues at all to report

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I reply to BlackBerry ppl fine only ios and android I can't reply to but all their messages is coming in to me.

Posted by z10 boss

Let's do some simple math:
500,000 people per hour
96 hours since launch
48 million users activated.

Can it be? And this doesn't include Africa!

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I believe it's possible. There are tens of millions of former BB users, on other platforms now, that know BBM and likely would not hesitate to try it out on their iOS and Androids.
This combined with brand new BBMers and (for me) it's easy to believe.

im not gonna dispute your assumption, but what i dont get is this, they put out the Africa press release today, and that still only said about the 10m we knew about, if it was more than double then why not mention it?

I dont know the answers, but i am curious

That's not gonna happen. 500k was just at the beginning. They probably have only 25-30 mln now, but not much. I'm talking about installation, not activation.

More than 48 hours? Make sure they are checking their spam/junk mail folders. It's possible their mail was blocked from the inbox.

Just have them use the email address of someone who has already been actvated. You can typically use the same email address for up to 3 activations before it stops working

It's trivial. Trust me. My wife does not know technology however she did it (using bbm on her iPhone) without any help from me.

~ it's not a phone, it's a BlackBerry

I helped my wife sign up and after 24 hours, we reloaded the app and the account was ready to use. No sign of the welcome email in junk mail either. It's possible that the new email addresses are being loaded into their system but for whatever reason not all notification emails are being sent out or perhaps you can log in before they have a chance to generate the email (and then they don't bother) not sure except she's up and running without having to receive the activation email. We originally tried the "force close" method which didn't work so we waited 24 hours to try again and it just let her log in.

I have signed up with two droids and one iPhone. After waiting 24 to 36 hours on all 3 I received NO emails. They were not in SPAM folder either. After waiting, the same email addresses allowed me proceed to the next level and get PINS for all 3 which are all working beautifully! BBM definitely has a problem with the waiting list emails. Now I only need BBM to allow iPod installation so I can get my kids on BBM with the rest of the WORLD! #IChooseBlackBerry10

Z10 on T-Mobile, 32 GB PlayBook - Posted via CrackBerry 10

It took a good 24 hours for my friends roughly, but the notifications did come. I think the numbers are going to be very high and people will not delete. They will all have at least a few Bbm contacts to start and it will meet the needs of communication with them at the very least. I will add, I know a lot of android and iPhone users and they are all excited about it.

Trolls should be forced to use BB10!

Lots of complaints in the reviews about the line up situation, while the line makes alot of sense, not informing customers in the app description may have been short sighted

I agree. I feel that BlackBerry should have included the wait list in the description to notify potential users and maybe less people complaining.

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your right, 6 million signed up to email, over a million registered in the paused launch within a few hours. i cant imagine what indicators there were!

bottom line is they made the waitlist a thing from step 1, without the first download happening it was in place, so telling customers about it would of been helpful.

Unfortunately you are just making unsubstantiated assumptions. Do you have an insider information about exactly what's really transpiring st BlackBerry? If you don't, then your guess is as good as anybody.

what are you talking about? BlackBerry said several days before launch that there were 6 million people signed up for email notification on BBM, they also saw what happened at the last launch with large numbers, thats why they implemented a wait list system for crying out loud.

what im saying is that they knew (as evidenced by their Blog post before BBM went live) they were operating a que system, which i also have no issue with, but what i am saying is that had they informed their customers downloading by placing that info in the app decsription, then people wouldnt leave poor reviews saying how they downloaded only to be on the wiat list.

Im not making one single assumption, go read the reviews yourself and you`ll clearly see most of the negative reviews are more about the wait list (and lack of knowing about it at install) than anything to do with the function of the app.

Well said! I learned the hard way about debating/arguing with wincyUT. For some reason he hates to see any sort of complaints against BB. I do too when it's bullsh_t complaints! but he gets bothered even when it is clearly a legitimate beef. He will then use some twisted logic to support his position, as you have witnessed, and then, when you rationally lay out the facts that support your position, as you have done, POOFFF! He's gone! On to the next victim!

Haha. Please don't take our argument/discussion so serious. It's nothing personal and I'm not looking for victims. We all have different views or opinions and there is nothing wrong with anyone strongly defending what they believe.
Life is too short to stress. Cheers and peace.

You'll get more respect if, before you go running off to "argue/discuss" with someone else, you acknowledge when/if your present argument has been shown to be wrong/misinformed/weak or whatever.

Just a heads up. I did the whole "wait" thing, but I was impatient so the next day I entered my email again and it went through. Probably a good idea to try everyday.

I got my approval after about a 3 day wait. I've had it for about a week now. I liked BBM better back in the day when I had a BB phone. I actually like using Hangouts better now but that is probably because it's more familiar to me right now. But is is nice to finally have a cross platform messaging app that our Android, iPhone, and BB friends can finally all use to keep in touch.

Lies (on the few-hour timeline)

A friend of mine (on IOS) got "in line" over a day ago and still has not gotten the "confirm" email.

How do I spread the word when they can't use the damn thing?

Maybe your "friend" is an idiot who doesn't know what (s)he is doing. Or maybe this "friend" doesn't exist and you are just trying to make BlackBerry look bad? Or maybe the other 20+ million ppl who have downloaded bbm and started using it are ALL liars..... as you said. hmmmm. Which is most likely?

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Have you been reading the threads on this post? There are tons of suggestions on how to get around the waiting line, so maybe you should suggest them to your friend.

Has your friend checked both the inbox and spam folders? I believe that a lot of the BBM verification emails land in the spam folder.

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Had a contact with a 5S in New Zealand load it late last night and I got the request this morning. They got their confirmation within 3 hours but didn't check email till 3am their time, 8am my time. No glitches on their end or mine.

Yes, they have already announced bbm voice & video will be added to is & android users before the end of this year.

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They better come out with it soon cause I'm already hearing from my new iPhone bbm friends how come bbm doesn't have it like iMessage. Which does FaceTime and etc.

Let's cautiously hope that BlackBerry fulfills that promise. If BBM really wants to compete with the big boys, BlackBerry will have to do a great job of updating BBM with features (including voice and video calling and screen share) in a timely fashion and seriously market it to the public as to why people should choose BBM instead of WhatsApp for example.

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I never did get an email alert when u was to the front of the line on my ios or android device. I do have a z10 but wanted to try it on my other devices.

After a day of waiting I logged back in on both devices and it said I was at the front of the line and could use Bbm! I then got the email haha.

Got it working on my ipad and my galaxy s3 which I only have as a backup phone ( z10 is my main phone)

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And to think with all those redundancies, BlackBerry could have done with the extra help for the BBM downloads.

From Hours to minutes.

Oh well you can't turn back time...only on a BlackBerry 10 (time shift)

Training not redundancies.

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Reading the rants on twitter are hilarious. It seems to be only the iPhone users that are the thoroughly insulted that BBM made it to iPhone. No peep or complaint from Android people. And I though BlackBerry users were fanatics.

"Why do we need BBM if we all have iPhones?" LOL

They are completely enraged.

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Didn't you know an iPhone makes you better than the rest of us?? :)

Posted via CB10, from my DarthBerry

Funny you say that "Iphone makes you better than the rest of us". I have a friend that their company switched them over to and iphone 5 last month, all of a sudden Blackberry blah, BBM dont know how to donload so I wont get it. I told him with your nose pointing that high in the air becareful not to trip.
Disgusting how people don't want to support a company in their own country.

Last I've read >20 m downloads, but that was a while ago. Anybody an idea where we are with the totals now?

Google Play is now in the 5,000,000-10,000,000 range. Tuesday it was 1,000,000-5,000,000 range and total downloads at that point between both platforms was 10 mill.

I think we are 20 million + now.

Poetry in Motion

My daughter has the original samsung galaxy S. Does anyone know if it is available for that device. We can't seem to find it but perhaps it doesn't show up because it won't work on her device?

Posted via CB10

I don't believe that is compatible with Ice Cream Sandwich (4.0) which is the minimum requirement so I don't think it would work for her. Do you know what OS she is running?

A coworker has the S2 and he is out if luck, but another has an S3 and he is up and running great. The rest of us at work have company z10 and we live these devices. A few are getting the z30 when Rogers releases.

Trolls should be forced to use BB10!

I've given my whatsapp contacts a one week notice before I ditch that stupid app. Although i'll admit, I do like the push to talk feature....I only got that app because I was too cheap to get unlimited texting to talk my non-bb friends.

Q10...Where my fingers dwell

Two friends on iPhones joined the wait list at the same time yesterday afternoon. One got the email this morning. The other didn't get it yet. Seems strange that one got it and the other didn't. Can I use my email address for the person that didn't get it, or will that mess up my BBM?

Two of my children were unfamiliar with BBM. After downloading and waiting 24 hours, they got logged in and rolling. They still didn't see much advantage to it until I set up a family group page. They love it! My most anti-bb son said, "This is really cool! Sharing pics, calendars, events and chat is really cool!!" (This is the son that got disgusted with the wait and deleted the app and only added it back on because he loves his Dad.) He has now forgotten all about the "stupid, dumb wait". Now they are getting their spouses to sign-up. I am loving it.

Cross-platform BBM rocks! I can't wait for full BBM capability to come to their iPhones.

My girlfriend singed up for BBM on her iPhone and waited about 2 hours for them to email her saying she good to go!!

My friends were waiting over 48 hours, I did the same thing put in my email address and set up the BlackBerry id for them.

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The app is getting so many unnecessary 1 star ratings because of this list! A shame

Thorsten Out!!!

I got my email and set up only work ip4s in twelve

I got a BB hater to load BBM and so far he likes
My main phone is my BB 9930.

Got another former BB USER to get BBM on his

I'm doing my part

How come message aren't being delivered to iOS until the app is open or opened recently, it just shows a check mark. Can it not run in the background like Facebook? Is there a setting I'm missing? Android works fine.


I used 3 e-mails to register.

1st e-mail 18 hours ago
2nd e-mail 6 hours ago
3rd e-mail an hour ago

Third e-mail works. What are they pulling stuff out of a hat.

My sis got bbm on her iPhone. Got her added to family bbm group chat. So much more convenient than having to text her.

Also, she didn't like WhatsApp since she'd have to give out her phone and email. At least with bbm there is a level of privacy.

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Register with another e-mail. Actually register with a bunch. See my example above. There is no logic on how they are selecting who moves up first.

Also try entering your e-mail repeatedly. I found that I got my e-mail after I got access.

Is bbm having any issues in am getting invitations and whn i accept it it's don't show on updates and the person don't get add in my bbm from today morning

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I asked 4 people to get BBM so I wouldn't have to use sms text on a regular basis. I told them they may have to wait 2-3 days for thee invite due to traffic. I said just apply, put it out of your mind, and when you get the email, contact me. They haven't had Bbm ever,so what is the big deal. Now they are all up and running. The good news is I just got a Bbm message from one of them as they are having a big discussion at their place of work. He can't believe the positive BlackBerry discussion going on as if late. BlackBerry may have just got themselves on the road to recovery.

Trolls should be forced to use BB10!

I want my Z10 Bbm to scan my Contact list and invite all who have registered their email address.

Posted via CB10, from my DarthBerry

I just set my dad's GS3 up with BBM and it was instantaneous. And the transit time is so fast.

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I can pass along an experience in which two iOS users I am now connected with had zero issues setting themselves up, the level of overall excitement for BBM is very encouraging .

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Don't know if anyone picked this up already.. trick to move up the waiting list is:
Ask for email address of a friend who already received the email.
On the welcome screen use your friend's email address
Woala you jumped to front of the waiting line..
Write this as an article if you like mods.. this truly works

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