Remember the zombie novel written on a BlackBerry? Pick up the latest addition free through Saturday!

The Becoming: Brothers in Arms
By Jared DiPane on 13 Apr 2012 11:02 pm EDT

Many of us love our BlackBerry keyboards, but do you love yours enough to be able to write an entire book on it? Well how about not just one book, but two or three of them? CrackBerry forums member Jessica Meigs has taken to her beloved BlackBerry to write a series of books which she has titled The Becoming, and it even features the Michaluk virus (after our very own Kevin Michaluk). The series is about a group of people who are trying to survive a viral outbreak in the southwest of the United States. This edition, The Becoming: Brothers in Arms, can be read either before or after the first book, as it's a background story for some of the characters and won't spoil / require any previous or additional reading. 

If you are looking for something new to read on your BlackBerry PlayBook or BlackBerry device be sure to grab this novella while it is free on Amazon. You can check out how to get the Kindle App on your BlackBerry PlayBook if you haven't already, and pick up The Becoming: Brothers in Arms at the link below. This novella is free through Saturday!

The Becoming: Brothers in Arms

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Remember the zombie novel written on a BlackBerry? Pick up the latest addition free through Saturday!


Ironically, almost a good third of the playlist I made to listen to while I write has Nine Inch Nails on it. Including "The Becoming" haha. NIN is just awesome for writing music, imo.

Hi there!

Have you seen the product description on amazon?
It's said: "Product Description
In January 2009, the Michaluk Virus escaped from the Centers for Disease Control and decimated Atlanta, Georgia...."
The Michaluk virus?, scaring huh? lool

Definitely more to come! This is just an addition to the main trilogy (which is slowly but surely turning into an entire series) that I originally wrote over the tail end of 2010 and most of 2011. That's being released by Permuted Press, so "addition" is definitely the right word. :)

I typed an 1000 word document on my BB in half an hour. Give me a month at it, I might ran out of room to store documents on my BB

I wish I didn't have to get a side loaded app to read this book. It is really awesome to see another creative person using their bb to make some good stuff.

I wish you didn't have to sideload an app to read it either. Amazon needs to get busy with the Kindle app for Playbook AND updating the app for BB7, but I don't see them doing it now with the Kindle Fire out. Can't believe they're willing to ditch out on an entire market like that!

Thanks! That was our (mine and my publisher's) hope for making this novella free: that folks'd pick up book one. :) Especially since book two's out in July (and I'm SO excited for that, you have no idea). I hope you enjoy them! :)

One word, followed by others....AWESOME!

Jessica, I have spent the morning reading The Becoming: Brothers at Arms novella and I am impressed, and intrigued!

I am a zombie apocalypse junkie to the point I am about to prepare for the possibility. (yeah geeky, I know)

This is so on point, I am hooked! Great job!

I will be purchasing the triology, darn skippy!!

I've written some long things on my Blackberry over the years in government communications - and even some poems and a few scenes for fiction ... but dang! A Novel? More than one?! I am more than impressed, I'm inspired! AND heading over to Amazon. Well done!!!!!

Amazon says: This title is not available for customers from your location: Middle East :(