Remember That Team Canada BlackBerry Bold 9700?

Remember That Team Canada BlackBerry Bold 9700?
By Bla1ze on 9 Apr 2010 08:43 pm EDT

Zach over at TheBerryFix, had a user send in some pics of the limited edition BlackBerry that was given to Team Canada and certain Future Shop employees. I would love to be able to get my hands on one of these. Sadly, there were only 60 made and as it stands right now if you want one word is you'll not be able to find it for anything less then $10,000. Yikes! Still, a nice piece of eye candy though. Personally, I'd love to see more "limited editions" actually be released to market.

Source: TheBerryFix



wow im not even from canada and i want one, thats thing is cold blooded (means very nice looking).


RIM Blackberry = Canadian lol


I definetley wouldn't want this crappy Canadian blackberry. USA USA USA!


you definitely butchered that word.


What's worse is the fact his BB was probably made in Canada..if nothing else, the company behind it is. LMAO!


if they made an american themed one, then i would buy that.


$10,000?! Ouch! I don't even think Kevin would be willing to drop that much!


I'm not Canadian, but!!


OMG, that is a gorgeous gadget.


More limiteds would be pretty sweet. Although theres no way I'd pay over a grand for a phone


That thing is sick!


I'm from Canada, and i would love to have one of those!


I'm sure someone can replicate these parts/and or find out who made it for RIM..

I'd pay $100-$150 for all the components (back cover, bezel, front bottom piece, front top piece, keyboard).


Naww, look at those pieces. I'm sure you could come close..but without colorware (they did these ones) or similar doing the work it would never be as nice.


Oh my word the price tag is a killer - I'm sure I will manage to raise the funds by "dreaming of winning the lottery". Nice article


Colorware should do a Team Canada special bet that would be a BIG seller!


over on berryfix they said colorware did it

i wonder how much it would cost to have my storm done up like that


I want one!!! Damn that looks nice!


All the guys on Sportsnet have them... Pretty sweet!


looks sexy but I'm a fan of dark colors.. too many military night ops


wouldn't mind if i could get a customized replica of that design... it's awesome!


it would be more beautiful if the maple leaf is in red color


Take a look at the first row, second last picture and the one before it.


canada got it right...why didn't team USA do the same???? thats a great looking berry!!!


So I actually own one of these!!! I haven't opened it! I don't even know what to do it..


You can show us proof. :)


Omg you really bought a $10,000 phone if you did you are a dumb blackberry owner I should call you crackberry I'm not talking about the site take it back and get your money back and get something else maybe go pay your bills or something or whatever anyways its tour money to waste whatever


Where did the poster say it was purchased? How do you know it wasn't won? Sheesh..jump the gun much. :P


I actually work for Future shop and I came in 4th out 20. .


I need a new blackberry and would love to get my hands on one of these.. my old 8100 doesn't cut it anymore..


Those are in fact sexy. I seen one in person a few weeks ago, TSN's Gino Reda came into my workplace for something, and he has one of those running on Bell.


Really?! $10,000 for that shit, just put a sticker on it and there you go "canadian blackberry" whoopie give me a break guys this is getting stupid, what's next USA?! LOL anyways I love crackberry though. And my storm2 =)


10K is quite pricey. Imagine you can get hold of something similar modding aftermarket housing for tons cheaper.

In any case, does look pretty sweet eh?


Unless you are buying a vintage car or something like a rare wine that may increase in value over time all these electronic makers who bring out "limited editions" of their plastic and circuit boards are doing nothing more than taking you for a ride.


Look at these pieces. I'm sure you can not close .. come without ColorWare (they have here) or similar to work he had never so beautiful,come on


I honestly don't know where you guys are getting the $10,000 price tag?! the most i've been offered for mine has been $1200. And due to my agreement they made us sign i'm not allowed to sell it. IS NOT a $10,000 phone. i could see somone spending $1500 at most. but it's not $10k.

FYI. i could be wrong, but i doubt anyone has sold theirs. As far as i know, you would have had to have been on Team Canada, or one of the 20 of us from FS who won them.

...Guys, It's just a cellphone with a maple leaf on the back. chill. :) be cool.

The Consigliere

I'll say it again, that's one sweet looking Berry. I'm not even Canadian & I think I'd rock that phone. For $10,000 I'd only have it if I won it somehow but all those that actually have one I'm sure IF they're using them they're doing so with pride/style.

Air Force One

to RIM to only make 60 of a really nice looking Blackberry


" for anything less THAN $10,000."


Heard Team Canada, Sportsnet, TSN and FS winners have them. I have seen Kypreos and McKenzie showing it off on TV. I love all the haters on here, can you say JEALOUS! lol


Really?! $10,000 for that shit, just put a sticker on it and there you go "canadian blackberry" whoopie give me a break guys this is getting stupid, what's next USA?! LOL anyways I love crackberry though. And my storm2 =)