Remember on BlackBerry 10

Keep forgetting to remember? Try out this built-in BlackBerry 10 app

By Simon Sage on 4 Apr 2013 11:07 am EDT

Remember was an interesting addition to BlackBerry 10. Not only did it fold together the old memo, voice notes,  and tasks app, it also baked in Evernote functionality, so any of your notes in the cloud could be accessed and synced as well.

Though you’ll mostly be using the text field for Remember entries, you can also attach pictures, notes, and pertinent files. To keep things organized notes can be kept in folders and have descriptive tags for future reference.

Remember is a bit tricky to use if you're not sure what you're doing, but once you get the hang of things it can really be a great tool on your BlackBerry 10 device. 

Keep reading as we walk through all the features. 

Setting up

BlackBerry Protect on BlackBerry 10

The first thing you’ll want to do is register an Evernote account if you don’t have one already. This is the ideal way to make sure you can access your notes on your PC or other devices, plus it acts as a handy back-up mechanism. You can do this from the Accounts page under Settings. Once that’s done, you’re good to go.

Start jotting

Remember for BlackBerry 10

Within the Remember app, you can start creating entries simply by tapping the New Entry button. Content can also be shunted to Remember through the system-wide Share menu. It’s worth noting that any e-mails that have been flagged will show up in Remember as new entries. The new entry screen will provide you with a simple Title and text field to fill out as you will, and options to file the entry in a specific folder and add a due date.

Along the bottom are buttons to add images, audio, or other files stored on your BlackBerry that may be useful in the future.Tapping the overflow button in the bottom-left will present the additional option to add tags, which is particularly handy for wrangling a wide array of notes that are scattered across different folders.

Remember for BlackBerry 10

Creating new folders is dead simple. Tapping the New Folder button along the bottom lets you pick a folder name, pick a color, and chose whether or not to sync it to Evernote. Folders can also be made from the entry creation screen when picking which folder to put it into. You can always change the title and color of a folder by long pressing it from the main screen and tapping the Edit button on the left side, but you can only enable Evernote syncing during folder creation. If you’re not that interested in folders, you can also tap the bottom-left button to see a full, raw list of entries which can be sorted by tags.

There are a few caveats to Remember, however. Many Evernote files are made using rich text, particularly interactive check-boxes, which are vital for the simplest of to-do lists. Any of this formatting is lost when you save a note using remember. None of the rich text or formatting is preserved once saved on your device - which is very annoying and needs to be fixed ASAP.

Another thing that I really miss from Tasks in OS 7 is how to-do items would show up in the calendar depending on the due date. This created reminders sensibly nestled between day-to-day meetings.

So that’s Remember on BlackBerry 10. It’s a solid all-in-one productivity app that can help with all of your day-to-day tasks.

Reader comments

Remember on BlackBerry 10


I love using Remember, still getting used to it. I use it for mostly things like my grocery lists. But I want to get into more in depth applications, like my gf's best friends wedding this august. All the dates of events (gf is maid of honor so lots of different things we both have to do) go into remember, but haven't figured it all out yet

Love it, but I agree there some changes that need to be made. Rich text support, what you mentioned above about tasks showing up in the calendar, and allowing a specific reminder time for tasks.

Posted via CB10 on At&t Z10

Tasks you can set alarms within the remember app. It also syncs tasks with your calendar if you wish. Notes are just that....notes. But in the "tasks" portion of the remember app you can set reminders. The best part of this app is you can either sync it with Evernote or you can use all of its robust features as stand you don't have to worry about sharing Dr app with a social network by mistake. This is a very professional app.

I hate to say this, but I'm not sold on Remember as a task manager. I have over 300 clients and each one has at least one or two 'tasks' assigned. I was hoping that they would have allowed for the ability to sort by due date or due time frame. I guess I will have to search out a decent third party app.

Posted via CB10

BigContacts dot com. Online CRM, cutomizable, no app except for iPhones, but I use the full website on my PlayBook AND my Z10. NEW release coming and I have gotten an inside preview of their new mobile site and it is better than any app could be. If you subscribe now, you get to stay on legacy pricing structure.

ALSO - Remember is definitely growing on me, have folders for Articles to Read (links from industry newsletters), Quotes (cut/paste or links to sites with multiple quotes), Recommend/Referral (businesses that others have recommended or that I recommend to others), Receipts (both pics of register receipts AND email captures like CB Store receipt/shipment docs, etc). I LIKE IT!

Schmurf. Have you looked at SlickTasks as an app for this. Nice app that I use endless outlining tool that can group clients under sub folders. Not perfectly integrated with the rest of BlackBerry functionality, which would be nice. But decent app all the same.

Posted via CB10

It need better integration with the calendar, and have the ability to set a reminder based on hours, or minutes, and not just by the day. That is the one thing I really miss about OS7.

Posted via CB10

this is a great app two things I miss dearly are the search function (you can't search from within the app, you must use the universal search) and the ability to share notes quickly via email (you have to select the text, then you can share the selected text).

I use it because I have over 200 notes brought over from my 9930 but re-adding those functions from the BBOS version would make Remember even better!!

I have to agree a search feature is all that is missing. Using more and more all the time. I am in the process of buying a premium version of evernote now that Evernote is so accessible on my phone.

Totally agree ... What is the deal with Blackberry removing search functions? All other native apps have a search button within the app (not just Universal Search). What's more (and, to me, more critical) is there's (1) no "find on page" so ... for a long note, I have to scan it manually to find a specific reference and (2) Filter by title is very much missed (at least add it back as an option to the "All Entries" view). I have hundreds of notes and I have organized them to be easily found on the basis of the Title text (because the full-text search of Universal Search will bring up too many false positives).

Show next coming due item, perhaps? Agreed, it is just dumb the way it is.
Integrating into Google's tasks and Outlook is very important to me, so is sorting items by due date and options to add to calendar.

I love how Remember is integrated with Evernote and baked into the OS, but it does need some polish, IMO. I hope Blackberry continues to offer improvements. Regardless, I'm trying to use it as my main To-Do app, despite some shortcomings. Great review, BTW; thanks, Simon!

Voice notes simply does not work for me no matter what I do. I have played with Voice Control and I wonder if this has something to do with it. It is frustrating because I made heavy use of this feature on my Torch. I have just installed Parrot to bridge the gap until Voice Notes starts working again.

Posted via CB10

Remember really needs dates attached - it's the last critical feature to let you use it as a true tasks app.

Remember is great but it doesn't replace s a dedicated, high quality voice recording and memo app. Here's hoping blackberry eventually builds these..

Posted via CB10

Simon, thanks for a good write up and great video.

The Remember app is helpful and has a lot of potential, but right now is lacking.

Posted via CB10

I love evernote but what I don't understand is why BlackBerry allows such poor use of the memory card.. I've got a huge evernote database.. and had to delete lots of folders with ebook because BlackBerry doesn't let me store my notes on my 64gb sd card..

My 16gb on board memory is 95 % full and I regularly havr to delete apps I downloaded.. what's with that bb?

Hope any update will fix this asap..


Posted via CB10

Developers didn't have SD cards in their test devices :) I 100% agree with you! How could they not see that storing to built-in RAM is limiting. This is what the SD cards are for!!

I use Michael Linenberger's Master Your Now system in Outlook 2010 and was really hoping to use Remember in sync with this sytem. The only problem is you can't do Start Date and turn off the popup reminders...OR set priorities. Therefore it's hard to keep the two together in office or away. I highly recommend Michael's system though for any of you looking to get more organized and in control of your workload. I emailed Vivek about this for future improvements of Remember.

Many thanks for this, Simon - I live and die by Tasks and have been waiting to find out more about Remember. Some questions :

1) Is there a way to flag an entry with a due date as complete, and hide completed entries from the list displayed?
2) Once you've created a Tag for use with an entry, is that Tag then available on a list to be selected when you enter the next Remember entry?
3) What ways are there to control the display of Remember entries (for many using any kind of GTD system, display sorted by Tag within Due Date would be ideal - thinking of Tag used as project)

Thanks for your help - R.

The only benefits that the Evernote integration adds to Remember are cloud backup and access to your notes from a computer. The power of Evernote is the tags and rich formatting which are lost once integrated with Remember.

Once a Remember folder is formatted for Evernote use, you lose the ability to tag or set due dates, negating the ability to organize and use the app as an organized task manager. This reduces the power of Evernote significantly and both sides of the connection suffer.

Very great concept and great idea with Evernote integration, but will need some additional development to become truly useful. I'm hopeful, and look forward to updates.

Posted via CB10

This app is a good idea, but the fact that you cant easily share renders it pointless. I took countless notes only to find out that there was no sharing options. blackberry needs to update that soon

Posted via CB10

The non-ability to easily email or text a folder, a list or even attach a folder or list to a composed email really bites. I'm hoping an update to integrate this feature comes soon. I really miss the simplicity and function of Memo Pad.

It would be nice if BBRY could get Evernote to work properly. I, and others have indicated, that it does not fully sync. I loads a fraction of my Evernotes. I contacted Evernote but they said it's not their app, that it's BBRY's so Evernote can't help. Until i read it's fixed, I have removed it and just use the sideload, which is very good, but the baked in would be nice.

Also, wish it had search right in side it, instead of just universal from homescreen.

Otherwise, I do like Remember.

@bkupris - that's a good point too. I want that, but if it's possible (for tasks esp) I haven't figured it out.

All I get is the option to "add a folder" ? None of my other folders are listed?

EDIT: turns out I can move files between all my folders except I can't move files from the Unfiled Entries Folder to anywhere else...

Ok I made a folder and flagged my confirmation emails for camping sites. Since the Z10 only shows 30 days of emails, when these confirmation emails dissappear, the entry in Remember disappears as well. Am I doing something wrong? No good if It won't hold entries like these.

Posted via CB10

It's an amazing app! I'm using stand alone folders, Ever note synced folders as well as activesync folders, the standard outlook Notes folder is not synced though. What it really misses in my opinion is the ability to set not only due dates but due time with their alarm ringing accordingly. Hope such feature is on its way!

Posted via CB10

There is no search within the app, but Universal Search (home screen, bottom centre) will show results from Remember.

Posted via CB10 on Z10

Would like a Microsoft One Note app for BB10. I have that on my Windows Phone and it syncs and works really well with my work environment.

Remember is a good app, I just use it for task and note synching with outlook. Linking to ever note is great tho but why not dropbox or Skydrive as well?

Posted via CB10

I used to hate using remember, but now I use it all the time. I wish that notes I already had didn't show up messed up though. And I still think there should also be an evernote app that's native, the android version sucks.

Posted via CB10

Great video, I think what could have been mentioned more is that Remember app also works and syncs well with MS Office 365 very well and different folders are created in the TASKS Folder of MS Office 365. Great syncing feature that I think the video missed.

Posted via CB10

You would test an app called Tapyhold. It's very similar to Remember (you can add photo, video, music, audio notes, stickers) but in scrapbook-form,beautiful way.

Remember app is soo sweet. Love that it syncs directly and instantly with my exchange email address and also that Evernote is integrated into it. Really has made it things soo much easier since switching from my 9930.

This app is quite useful. But always need to take a picture twice before it actually gets added to the note.

can you flag missed phone calls (like emails) to show up in the Remember app? if not, they should add it along with reminder alarm.

Remember is useless to me which is one of the things that kept me from upgrading to BB10. Tasks is crippled with no way to set the status of a task, set a reminder time, set a due time, show it on the calendar, no easy search, etc. Evernote support baked in is cool, but means nothing to me since I rely on Outlook, Exchange and BES. And I suspect this is true for a lot of corporate customers and long term hard core BB users. OS7 and all prior OSs have more functionality for me and I'd assume other hard core long term BB users.

I am having a problem with the app. I created a new entry and wanted to move it to an existing folder in Remember. It wouldn't let me do that. I have folders for Evernote and Folders for Outlook Notes and Tasks and none of those appeared in the drop down of where to put the unfiled entry. Any clue?

As Tasks and Memos are my most used apps on my 9650, Remember will be my #1 app on BB10. Like others that have posted here, I would like to see a lot of the same updates and add "status" like the legacy BBOS has. Looking forward to BB10!

An app with great potential, but has some flaws. My biggest problem with it is I use Outlook Notes heavily for work when my Z10 syched with Outlook , it ported all my notes in as "Unfiled Entries" and they cannot be moved to other folders within Remember. Within Outlook, they are color coded and catergorized. That is all lost on the device.

I really, REALLY, need the option to dictate a time for a reminder to go off during the day. My whole life the last eight years has revolved around the ability to set reminders during the day for various tasks, events and so forth. It's really the only way I am able to stay organized between school, work, organizations, etc.

I attempted to do this sort of thing in the calender, but it grew far too cluttered. I've been doing going back to my 9810 for a while until this is updated or a good task app is released. I love the Z10, but this minor omission for most is causing havoc with my daily life.

Any word if BlackBerry will support remember integration with Calendar in the near future because it was one of the features I really miss from tasks.

Posted via CB10

One thing to remember. If you flag an email into a Remember folder but delete the email in your email account it also deletes the email in your folder, if your doing project work and save emails its bummer . So what I do is two things.
1- if the email has an attachment + body of the email has information, I share the attachment and copy & share the body of the email to my Remember folder.
2- I have a Gmail account setup in my HUB where I forward important emails and then from there I can Flag and share to my Remember Folder. Then I can delete the original email and the email will not delete in the Remember folder. Works great !!

Does Remember allow one to flag an email and set a reminder/alarm for it? I thought I saw this demonstrated a while back.

A true Native Evernote such as on iPhone or Android just would be far better than Remember App. BlackBerry apps really have to offer more functionalities...

Posted via CB10

One of the major deficits of Remember is the inability to love items between the on device data store and Evernote. This means that you can't move anything between the "Unfiled" folder and an Evernote folder!

Sure, most "Share to Remember" options let you choose an Evernote folder, but then it's stuck there. Also, flagging emails always puts them in "Unfiled", where they get stuck unless you bifurcate your data and keep all emails on device.

The Evernote integration needs a little more work.

Posted via CB10

Cant wait to try this out. Looks to be a good built in app with many updates to come from BBRY I am sure. Simon please keep up with the split screen. makes it easy to follow along and demonstrate what is going on. Thanks.

I for one like the app. As mentioned before. There are a few things that would make it perfect.
The first and I think that this ia the most important one is to make the app work together with calendar native app so one could see all the tasks.
The second is of course time integration. I think that this one is crucial.
The third and final thing is to be able to attach more than one email to the same task. You can send one email ti the app bit if you try to attach ore then it is not possible, this would be nice as it could help you 'remember' conversations from multiple emails that were discussing the same topic.

Posted via CB10

[troll]You guys haven't heard that the best todo list is the three most important tasks to accomplish today? That's why I like the side load of Do It Tomorrow.[/troll]

Seriously, though, remember is pretty good. Can't wait for what 10.1 could possibly have in store. I appreciate my Exchange integration on flagged and due-dated email, and tasks, and notes from exchange showing in the app.

Posted via CB10

The ability to move notes from one folder to another would be great. Especially to an Evernote sync'd folder

Posted via CB10

I'm in love with this new rendition of "memo"

i upgraded from 9900.. and all my memo's got moved nicely.

i'm a chef and i keep all my recipes here.. it's even better now because i can group and put them in different folders... very very useful for me..

my only gripe... and i'm pretty sure this isn't the right channel to offer my suggestion for features... but still..

when i'm in the kitchen sometimes.. i refer to the recipes sometimes.. and there were a couple of occasions where i accidentally deleted.. edited.. and once even replaced a whole chunk of text with a space bar...

that was a disaster for me.. fortunately i have a written backup somewhere.. but still..

It would be GREAT if there was a feature to turn on/off editing mode...

what do you guys think?

Hope it will be implemented in the future!

Loving this new remember app also..... but 1 thing I would like to see is a send function for the entire note... being able to select the whole note with pictures, voicenotes and everything else and send it to a colleague for their review would be amazing! Write some text, take a picture, add a voice note select share and email the whole thing to somebody else for review would be AMAZING!

Posted via CB10

Walcom: they did port over for me..... just into the "Un filed entries" folder... I organized from there...

Posted via CB10

Couldn't you cover MS Exchange and Outlook integration in another clip or article please? I still have so may questions on how that works ...

Wish there was a way to have it default to the "entries" view instead of "Folders." I'd like to use it as my to-do list but I have to click to open the app and then click on a folder to view the list. Using a third party now that opens right to the list.

Can't wait to start using remember and I don't care about formatting. There are other ways to use bullets, numbering, etc.

That video was just far too fast and jumped around all over the place. Can we have a better paced video that goes through the process of creating an entry then adding and removing content, changing the due dates and even deleting it. Also, what on earth is evernote? Can you introduce this and explain where BB and Evernote start and end in respect of their roles in the Remember service. This may seem basic but then I have never used this stuff before and I imagine many others haven't either.

Has some pluses & minuses. I miss TASKS that integrate with the calendar! This is so logical. How can that have been missed? Also, a SEARCH function within the REMEMBER app will be so very helpful.

Posted via CB10

Don't understand why anyone is enthused by the Remember app. If folder is synched to Evernote there is no reminder available and notes cannot be moved to another folder like they can if they are not synched to Evernote. Annoying not being able to reposition folders or move items around easily.

Posted via CB10

No kidding! It shouldn't be called Remember, it should be called Forgot.

Just show "searching for the name" of the thing, on the Net - is useless.

I love BB, got a Z10, even though "according to Wall Street" - RIM is about to go belly up.

Yes, why is Evernote in R? When, a note cannot move from Evernote to (syncs to) Nothing, and back.
* I need to edit them, on my computer.

There is a major point, everyone is missing - as to how to use Remember.
(*) Don't use it directly. (*) Only share [pictures, emails, text attachments - saved on SD card] attachments into it.

It is definitely not Memopad, or anything like - ActionPad. (My memopad notes - with scan across search via ActionPad - was fantastic. RIM --> BlackBerry decided to trash - that experience.)

10.1 is supposed to add HTML support for Evernote, so the issue of Evernote entries getting munged is supposedly gone.

I like to take a picture of work schedules and save them to remember.why is it when I delete the picture off my z10 ,I also lose it in the remember app

You can sideload a great Evernote Android app to your BB10 or Playbook (better full HTML and so much more functionality for PB). I can't move my exchange/outlook memos from unfiled and my outlook tasks repeat 4-6 times - duplicated. Also can't delete old tags that got imported. Bewildering on how to clean up. Tasks are clean on Outlook and legacy 9930. Had hopes for this. Maybe they are coming. OS 10.1 with Q10.

A lot of potential, but:
1) No "find on page"
2) No filter by title (as in OS7 memo pad)
3) No full text search (other than Universal Search, better than nothing but can't target particular folders)

Blackberry, why do you hate search so much?? Why did you remove full-text search from BB OS7, and now again here with BB10??

4) No ability to "share" notes or folders of notes (you can share text once selected).

These are relatively easy things to fix and I'm hopeful they will be addressed in the next update.


I am using Remember a lot and I have a question, I just created some folders with different notes inside, tagged by topic to categorize them and to find them more easily.

All folders are NOT synchronized with Evernote, but were created locally "Sync to nothing" on the device. The question is:

If I make a Backup with BBLink, those folders with their contents can be restored after a security wipe?

Thanks in advance

Very good question. I will test this as it is very very important. Very. I assumed it would be backed up but who knows.

All my folders disapears and keep disappearing from the remember app, why is this happening? Can I retrieve them? I'm using a z10 and I have not sync the notes to anything, please help, they were important notes

amazing video, thank you. few concerns i have with remember app:
1. unfiled entries cannot be synced to evernote, nor default targets cannot be assigned to any other folder other than untfiled entries. For example, if you flag the email it will always go to unfiled entries, or when you use shortcuts such as in search type "note" .... it will always go to unfield entries. i cannot edit certain notes on the pc via evernote app.
2. as was mentioned folders, ones created, cannot be redesigned to sync with ever note or visa versa. ones the folder set up to store files locally or evernote it cannot be changed.

I'm in love Remember application especially I can create new entry either task or memo with another cool function called Installed Action simply by for example tying "memo noted by Instant Action". However, all entries created by that way will be stored in 'Unfiled Entries' folder which unable to sync with Evernote. I love to creating notes or tasks by that way but also concerns about how to backup these entries to another devices or locations.

I was excited to try the Remember app, until it screwed up all my Tasks and Notes from Outlook. I have the same issue as some other users where the entries just keep multiplying. The app is basically unusable for me.

After device transfer, all of my hundreds of notes were placed in Unfiled Entries, together with every flagged email I happen to get. I see no means of bulk selecting and moving the entries that actually matter to me into a new folder appropriately named. Bulk select is possible, but the only action I can take is "delete" (unlike the screenshot above, which shows an "edit" icon as well ... Maybe that was in OS10, I'm on a Q10 with OS10.1.

Help from anyone greatly appreciated!

Only thing about remember that I can remember, is how simple and effective tasks were in BB7, 6, and 5. And, they synced properly with my work exchange/outlook. Most importantly, reminders I set were accurate and went off on my phone. So far, on my Q10 on ATT, I receive no alerts, other than a visual one on the lock screen. And yes, its set up to give me an audible warning, as well as LED. Lets see if the 10.2 update solves this issue.

I just did a refresh with the latest OS leak and I can confirm that your folders are automatically restored if they are synced with evernote as soon as you sign into evernote on the hub.

I am searching for a task management tool that I can use with my consulting. Task management is very personalized and different people need different capabilities. I was very hopeful when I first saw Remember. Some promises are made, like integrating Evernote, categorizing with folders or keywords and so on.

1) Evernote integration is partial. You cannot schedule reminders or due dates for Evernote notes. You must remember to keep them in a blackberry folder.
2) Once a note is stored in a particular folder, it's stuck. You cannot change folders after its saved. Your only recourse is to copy/paste to a new entry in the folder you want.
3) attachments such as voice notes, photos and files are only links. If you happen to be in your pictures folder and rename or delete, the reference in Remember is now broken. If you need to retain these things use one of your Evernote folders, they are then embedded.
4) as noted by others, there is no way to export notes or share them. If you need this, store in an Evernote folder and then forward next time you're at your computer.
5) Why tags?? If it's for the search tool, it works on the body of a note too. Seems redundant.
6) Okay so it syncs with your Outlook calendar. I have a small business and I don't have a corporate Outlook account. How about making it sync to my device calendar?

The problem I have is I need a simple tool, which is intuitive, consistent across all folders and allows me to manipulate entries after they are created. Remember is not that tool.

Hello, Remember Apps helps me a lot, especially when i using it from the Blackberry Assistant, just great.

but now, I tend to jot the task directly from Remember than from Blackberry Assistant, due to my limitation on the command.

I'm trying to googling around after I'm done looking in the Blackberry Menu, but no luck yet.
Can someone share the syntax for jotting the task from Blackberry Assistant.

Thank you.