Remember app will be getting a UI change in BlackBerry OS 10.3

Remember app will be getting a UI change in BlackBerry OS 10.3
By DJ Reyes on 8 May 2014 04:28 pm EDT

In the last BlackBerry OS 10.3 teaser for today, Michael Clewley tells a bit about updates to the Remember app. I mainly use the Remember app to list tasks, so this piece of news is great for me. In BlackBerry OS 10.3, the Remember app will consist of two tabs - Tasks and Notes. Making it easier to go through your Remember entries. You can then set which one will be your default view. So, if you're like me, you'll probably want the Tasks tab set as default.

From today's sneak peeks, this one is my favorite along with 'Meeting Mode'. Two great features I'm looking forward to. Though, all the things we have seen so far are great. BlackBerry OS 10.3 is coming along nicely, it seems.

Remember, all these screenshots as teasers shared by Michael Clewley who works at BlackBerry. They are not leaks. The screenshots come from the 10.3 SDK version. We do not yet know a release date for it but we will let you know as soon as it does become available.

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Remember app will be getting a UI change in BlackBerry OS 10.3


I was so excited about a first post that I couldnt think of anything creative and probably am not first anymore lol. The Remember app hasn't been of much use to me though personally.

Remember is actually a great "category folders" include spirits, recipes, inspirational, books and websites for work...

Your personal treasure trove....

Great app...looking forward to the new interface...

10.3 is looking pretty, pretty, pretty good.

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This is true. I use it to keep web links of things that I want to keep for future reference, or articles that highlight something that I am passionate about (I think there's a few really good CrackBerry articles in my Remember app!) *ha*

An update to the interface and usability will be greatly welcomed :)

+100! When I switched to my Z10, I looked at Remember and thought: What a weird useless looking kinda app, it will most likely be one of those unused apps on my phone... Now Remember is probably the most used app on my Z10! LOVE it!!

So it's a notepad... I have a hard time finding a good use for this app. Wish it would really remind me of tasks to do, emails to follow up on, calendar dates... but it doesn't do anything like that....

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The remember app seems to be the most furtherest along in development.

The icon is the best looking too.

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It can't be considered the furthest along in development until tasks in remember can be set with a time of day reminder. I can't believe it was ever released without that function

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Well, it has had reminders, but not recurring reminders. There are quite a few updates needed to remember to make it truly useful though. I agree that this is one area BlackBerry has ignored quite a bit. You can't move tasks across synced and unfiled folder. You can't sync tasks over caldav. You don't have recurring reminders. Very few keyboard shortcuts for keyboard users. And so on...

hmm I'm not so sure about that...

plus, am I the only one wary I might not like this tasks/notes split? I guess it depends on the implementation but hopefully this split is either inside the folder, or an option...

because I have several folders and I like to keep their content separate; for instance, I don't want to see tasks from folder X combined with tasks from folder Y... unless their due soon, then I can currently quickly view the things due this week at the top of the remember app: I just hope they keep this ability.

The main questions is when u flag an email, can we put a follow-up date in the flag or do we still need to close the email and go to remember and find the task?

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I 2nd this. Miss email flags big time. I'm one who needs to read an email as soon as it comes in but not respond or take action until I'm ready but then I sometimes forget.

I "share" the email to my calendar as a meeting. I delete the attendees and then set it for the date and time that I want to be reminded about it. It would be great to be able to share emails directly to the remember app, though.

I use Remember often but I don't like that I have to flag an email and then enter the Remember app to sort into the right folder and set due date. Hopefully there will be an option to go straight to the Remember app when flagging an email or alternatively Share an email to the Remember app.

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This is another awesome feature/addition I really need! I always use the Remember app to take notes during meetings/conference and this split between Tasks and Notes will really help. Can't wait for 10.3!!!

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Congrats from overseas to the developer. I nearly daily use this great application on my awesome Z30 for private purposeses. I've been a user (enterprise) of BB units for about ten years (from OS 4 thru 7.1). From my point of view: OS 10 is the best for business and private usage round the globe.
(ggvomsee, a native German)

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AMAZING APP, Notes and Remember are my favourite things about BlackBerry. If was using droid and had 8000 words typed out and the app force closed i would put the droid on a traintrack and hysterically laugh once it got ran over.

Yes, this is what's truly missing in the Remember section. It's annoying to have to copy the text from a note to an email/sms/bbm. Please add this "Share" option!

Love my Q10 but now it's Z30 time!!!

+1000 to this. I couldn't understand why share option is still missing in Remember.

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Functionality Baby! I use Remember many times a day. I need my Berry to think for me when I am on a call or in a situation where I need to note or find data while an important conversation going on.

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That will make the remember app more practical for me to use. Was really missing my legacy OS tasks and memo apps lol

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I would really like to have the option to save a text message in the text message app by locking it, so you cant accidently delete it. It would be a great feature as you could delete the other parts of the person conversation and save important stuff. The inconvenience of having to save it in the Remember app or a third party app is rediculous.

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They should have released OS 10.3 with the opening of the BlackBerry Experience in Canada this weekend.

Given the version increment, the odds are that it will be out when the next new hardware is due to ship.

Thing I want most fixed with Remember is Evernote integration - Evernote NEVER completely syncs! No matter what version of BB10 so far, for me (and I know some others have reported this in the forums too).Please fix this! Every update I retry, it never fully syncs, so I delete, and stick to the app.

Before the 10.2.1 update on Sprint, Remember app on my Q10 was pretty much useless and found Checked! Task Pro on the Forums (thank you CrackBerry Forums) that was a life safer and I still use it daily although now with the latest update I'm familiarizing myself with Remember and it is Great and will even get better with 10.3 update.
Thanks for letting us know what is coming for us in the future.

I am hoping that they will finally let you back up the data you have in Remember onto the SD card. Should I have an issue with my device, I would love to be able to quickly restore the data from the SD card. This feature should also include auto back up, time frame to be set by the user. This is one of the great features of Noted.



Least used app on my device. Hopefully this will bring me around to using it more. Lots potential

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I love the remember App and use it a lot for both tasks and notes. I use the ubiquitous share feature to add stuff to Remember all the time. I have work tasks linked in via activesync also. C002765DA

I have 24 active folders sync to Evernote.

Improve but do not remove, I am a remember user big time

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Great app but please give me the ability to delete ALL completed tasks without having to select them individually first.

It's a "Huge" pain to delete more than one especially if you're in the middle of Entries; you lose your place and now you have to scroll back down to delete the next one. Whoever designed this has never used it. (I'm calming my self down now).

When are we going to get repeating tasks and the ability to set the reminder time for Outlook synced tasks? As it is now, you can only use the cool features if you don't sync with Outlook or Evernote. These two things have me actually using my iPhone more lately since I use repeating tasks with reminders a lot.

Sweet, but it would be best to if BlackBerry could also figure a way to add categories when transferring notes and task from legacy devices to BlackBerry 10 devices. Why dump all my years of organised notes into one folder 'unfiled' in remember.

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Good because the UI in the Remember app is right now is ugly and badly laid out.

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Made this comment on the other thread about what's coming to remember in 10.3 but I'll make it here as well.....
I want the ability to set time of day reminders from remember.
It's called "Remember" so come on BlackBerry, help me remember at specific times of day.

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@wolf_clan Am I missing something here? I am able to set a Due date AND a Reminder for date & time... I change the option (above the Title) from Note to Task and set a reminder from right at the bottom.

It would be great if you could set a task that has a multiple day duration. For instance working out is a sometimes daily task. I realize that I could create a calendar event but it would be nice if I could create a daily task that would show in the hub until I check it off.

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It need to sync with outlook 2003 and later so that we can use the feature to delete Completed tasks using BlackBerry Link.

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I hope we have the OPTION to se everything with a plethora of themes or at least a dark theme.

On Remember, I really want the option to be able to have the tasks and/or notes you choose appear as an active frame. And to be able to rearrange the order that your tasks/notes appear.

Those two reasons are why I don't use Remember as a to-do list.

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Do a search, just start typing on the home screen if you have a Q, on the Z hit the search icon (magnifying glass) and type remember

Found it?

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

Good app, but it needs some core function fine tuning.

Must say, I'm ready for 10.3

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Definitely looking forward to this as I do use the Remember App quite often.

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I wish Remember would keep stuff instead of just pointing to it. I originally started putting stuff there and deleting what I thought were now redundant copies of the stuff - pics and docs etc. from their "other" location in doc or photo directories ... only to later discover that deleting them elsewhere also gets rid of them in Remember.

Cool - so far Remember seemed as the least loved app. Some great features (store flagged emails and integ with calendar) but it's ugly, awkward to use and wastes far to much space on the Q10 for headers etc.
The split between task and notes is a good first step - but do we still have categories/folders?

I'm also missing the option to move items which haven't been done on the due date to the next day. So, if I miss them on one day, I don't see them the next day in my calendar.

I love having my Notes synced to my MDeamon ActiveSync server, but there is no way to save/sync the unfiled entries so they can be used on another device or imported to a different BlackBerry.
I would use it more if that was possible.

I had to stop using the Evernote integration because it wouldn't sync reliably. It seems that when a Evernote note gets to a certain size, Remember stops syncing.

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One thing that bugs me. Instead of having a circle there to add a task, why not make it a Blackberry squircle? Make it a bit of a blackberry theme. Just my preference. It's looking really good otherwise.

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I stop using Remember app because was not easy to use and less flexibility. Like if I flag my emails it will show in Remember. I would simply like a choice for it not to show up in the remember app and just in my email. Another thing is that all tasks done I have to delete them one by one. Why can't I just have the options
1: delete more
2: auto delete after a week/month/infinite
If I keep using it a lot it's a hassle to delete them one at a time.

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Ok, so now let's hope that tasks will actually behave like proper tasks in the calendar, i.e. show persistently on every "today's date" as long as it hasn't been completed.

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Man! If BlackBerry doesn't allow a reminder to be properly archived, and allow to share un-filed. Notes/Tasks, I think I will go berserk!!!

A thought just popped up in my head. Michael Clewley could be the one who 'leaked' many new OS versions. (with or without permission from BlackBerry) Maybe he thinks it's better to use his BBM Channel for spoilers instead if leading the whole thing, or maybe BlackBerry asked him to do this because of the many leaks that came out. I can't get it out of my head that he must have something to do with the leaks and the fact that Chen hates those so much. There must be a good reason for all the spoilers he's obviously permitted to tell in public.

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My most used app. What would I like to see:
1. Fix rotation issue - some entries change font size when you rotate the phone.
2. Share option lacks functionality.
3. You can not organize folder order.
4. You can add images to a note, but they are not indexed to the text and appear at the bottom of the note.


When would it be possible for BlackBerry to make so new changes in BlackBerry Maps. We need some new Features in blackberry maps. Please try to make some improvements and new features in it.

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I think a share option would also be handy. Or maybe Evernote, or the like, integration.

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I use for Remember app a lot. I welcome this and other improvements to it. A few suggestions I have are:

Keep navigation at the bottom. Every time I write a new entry, I have to go to the top to Save/Cancel which is very inconvenient and inconsistent with the BB10 UI.

When adding tags to an entry, it would be nice to show a list of existing tags instead of requiring typing the first letter.

Sub-Folders. Entries cannot have folders or Sub-entries. I have learnt to get used to it but sometimes long for this feature. No need to separate Folders and Entries because an entry would have Sub-entries.

Basic database/math/spreadsheet. The built in BB10 calculator is the best native calculator on any mobile platform today. Clearly the BB10 developers are skilled enough to go over and above the bare minimum. If these two as could be integrated.... Oh the wonder.

This calculator/database feature would be useful in shopping lists (item, price), music lists (artist, album, sort by)...

I use noted, mainly because I can change the icons of the folders and because I can set the backup location to a cloud drive. I switch devices often (z30,z10,q10) and want to be able to have my notes wherever. And wanted offline capability. Remember is good but it sometimes remembers stuff I don't give a darn about.

Seriously, there has to be a way to pop up a list of my tags. Categorizing task items is critical for staying organized.

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I would like to have folders within folders for BlackBerry Remember, and a nice way to export a selected folder with the associated format to a word or pdf format.. hell even a simple directory structure format or something. Really useful for categorizing study notes/project notes...

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This is great as I would normally just go straight to calendar to do this and remember just being notes
Now I'll probably take advantage of this more and attach images etc which was part of the reason I would sometimes use it for task.

Excellent move BlackBerry!

This app is my favorite. I sell and service equipment so I created a To Do folder and a To be Billed folder. Once the item in my to do list is completed I open it up and switch folders to To be billed, add my notes and when I get back to the office I bill my stuff out according to the list. I love it! I wish they would include a time setting in it.

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