Remember all those important events with ThinkOfMe - 15 copies to be won!

By Kerri Neill on 5 Mar 2011 09:29 am EST

CrackBerry is celebrating their 4th Birthday all week so why not give away a birthday reminder app! Back in January, we introduced you to an app called ThinkOfMe. This app keeps track of all your contacts' birthdays & anniversaries. The developers over at 4People Software Ltd, a BlackBerry Alliance Select member since October of 2010, just recently put out an update and offered up 15 licenses to be given away during CrackBerry's Birthday Extravaganza.

To enter simply leave a single comment on this post. Contest ends this Sunday at midnight PST. Please remember that multiple entries will not be counted. Good luck!

More information and download of ThinkOfMe

Reader comments

Remember all those important events with ThinkOfMe - 15 copies to be won!



i want it i want it!!

i'm using Thins on my Macbook, so I need some kind of similar program on my blackberry bold!!!

This will make me look so good if I could have it to remember important dates for family and friends.

Wow, the presents just don't stop.... CrackBerry's Birthday Extravaganza continues. Thank you 4People Software. Thank you Crackberry for the Birthday contest to win this application.

Happy Birthday

Dont really need this, but since it is free, why not???...hope i win the bebuzz from the other giveaway, really need that...badly...

Hopefully I'll win, the first thing I would do is putting the birthday of CB in it hahahah!!

This is a great app. Let me start by saying "Think of Me!"

Would be great to be able to track all those friends on yours especially with those important dates!

Think of Me, I am Thinking of You :-)

In case I will be chosen, I will tel about your app to my BB friends, and I will send info about my win and your application to all of my BBM coleagues :-)

this is an absolute ingenious app... wow... i cant believe it doesnt come standard. Rim should pay these guys $$$$$$$$$$ for being helpful as hell


amazing idea.... i have all of my contacts birthdays entered but this will remind me of it... love it

I need me this app! Especially since BlackBerry's Calendar doesn't sync multiple calendars from google... which sucks

Sharp!I want to be sharp with regards to remembering dates of birthdays & anniversaries. This is the app to help me be

ThinkOfMe, it's seem to be famous right now. I need this app and hope this will be usefull for my job.

May I have this app?

ThinkofMe I wonder how it will remind you of a leap year baby? Once every four years or on the 28th or 1st? Great program, I'd love a copy!