BlackBerry 9630 and 8520 Release Date Speculation

By Kevin Michaluk on 7 May 2009 05:46 pm EDT

 BlackBerry 9630 and 8520 Release Date Speculation

Rumors have been flying for weeks about release dates for the upcoming BlackBerry Tour 9630 and Curve 8520 and today some new info surfaced on both. Neither of these dates are official from carriers, however BGR has said the Curve 8520 should hit T-Mobile USA sometime in Q4, and notable Verizon tipster Kevin Byrne has posted that the 9630 Tour will land on Verizon the week of July 13th. Of course it's always possible that these timelines can change, but what we know for sure is either way these devices can't hit the market soon enough!

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BlackBerry 9630 and 8520 Release Date Speculation


What's wrong with the trackball? Can't wait to test this on Telus. I need a bigger keyboard than the Curve.

I agree. Now I feel like trackball BBs will soon be outdated. It's gonna be like... having a SCROLL WHEEL. hehe.

your 8350i on Nextel isn't new? I hate to tell you, but it was almost 4 years from the initial release of the 7100i to the release of the 8350i so, i have a feeling it will be a little while longer until an new one comes out...

The crackberry community wants to hear from you on one topic . . . . . Which Berry Reigns Supreme? The Bold, The Tour, The Storm, The 8900 Curve? Which one do you daily abuse and use? It would be nice to get a feature/benefit crackberry style blackberry round robin going.

instead of a square shaped optical trackball, why not make a circle shaped one? it would retain the aesthetic appeal of the trackball, minus the bulge...i don't understand why they didn't go for that intially...maybe its an ergonomic issue

which BB reigns supreme? ... dude, the Bold. You kidding me>

The Bold is by far the cadillac of all blackberries with its power and screen display with the perfect keyboard and the 3G definetly takes the 8900 off the debate.

I am giving my bold away to my GF when the 8900 comes out for ATT. IMO the keyboard on it stinks. 3g is not a concern for me in the small amount of web browsing I do. So you opinion is great FOR YOU but it is not for everyone.

you must be high homie or prolly just an apple fan boy ......personally the BOLD is the best BB ever made(from crisp clear screen to 3G to sold form factor!!

ps: i dropped mine in the toilet last two weeks by accident, took me like 30 sec to get out....and it kept working like new...this should make any bb atheist a BOLD believer *true story*

Well this info is good to hear. My two up is the thrid week of August. I have a 8830 and have been missing my picture capability and my video streaming. I had been looking at the Bold but the Tour will work for me. Thanks Kevin for the info. Hope you had fun at WES 2009. Welcome back.

I could care less about a storm update...just looking forward to the Tour. Glad I still have an upgrade.....I miss buttons!

I strongly suspect that the 8900 is going to AT&T and the 8520 is going to replace the 8900 for TMO?

I am surprised there is no mention about release date for bell, rogers and telus at all but I do know for one thing both devices will get into one of 3 carriers.

Im really getting annoyed with the device selection, or should i say the lack of, from T-mobile. They just got the 8900 which is just an upgraded Curve, which now att is getting it. But now with all of the new devices coming out and that has come out, they want to put the economy berry in the line up. And there still playing catch up with the 3G. AT&T or Verizon here i come. I wont touch Sprint though.

Friend, i just signed up for Verizon last night, my wife and i both got curves. I've been a BB owner on T-Mobile for years, this is my 5th one....

T-Mobile does in fact suck. I was a supervisor for them in a customer service call center for nearly two years. While they have good people working for them (usually) their service is 2nd rate compared to the coverage you will get with ATT or Verizon.

I shopped till i dropped on phone plans and prices. Verizon's new Friends and Family is THE way to go in comparison to T-Mobile's supposedly cheap prices. (ATT prices out higher than Verizon when considering no friends and famiily.) Not only is Verizon competitive on the money - their service is first rate and their coverage cannot be compared to.

We're always after Verizon when it comes to new phones :(
By the way, I'm right next to you in Lakewood.

Is the battery the same on the 9630 as the Storm? I am curious about those who bought extended batteries for the Storm? If so then u could just get a extended cover for the 9630 when available.......

Does anyone know when Sprint will have any new BB? Sprint sucks on new phones but the plans rate are the best

I've said it once and I'll say it again, no thanks. I will stick with my BOLD instead of doing a downgrade. They look like sweet phones for anyone that wants to rock into a new blackberry. I'm also still a little weary of the trackpad instead of my ball. have your bold. We all too would have Bolds, but we are not on AT&T. So enjoy your Bold, as we will enjoy our new BB's.
I'm Out

what about new blackberries for sprint? yea i know they are a bit slow on updating with new phones but i would at least like to know i have other options than deciding i want to switch to another company just because of their blackberry line.....i like sprint

Never had any coverage probs with Sprint. Just this past weekend in BFE, Utah I had voice/data coverage where my friend on Verizon didn't. I wish people would stop hatin' on Sprint when they don't know what they're talking about.

I've had Sprint almost 3 years. I cannot get ANY service in some areas when I travel. Even a few blocks from home my device drops calls. They claim it is the ISDN phone from the Nextel side. I am reluctant to believe that. The research stats show Sprint being a lower rated company (#3) for service, and they lost 1.3M customers this quarter - to Boost, for one, which whom they have a deal. JPMorgan, Nielson, and other agencies are very negative on the company. My experience with 2 phones over this time is sometimes service and dropped calls in every shallow valley in the road. I have no coverage at all in WY and some of OH when there, and drops in CO. I have been waiting for a Tour because VZ, even though more $$$, has 95% coverage, 4G, Fios, and is really starting to show their lead. I'd love to stay with a cheaper data plan on Sprint, but I have not had a terrific experience with their service. With no new BB coming for 6+months, I am not likely to wait to try it & turn it in within 30 days. I've been waiting 8 months already for the Tour. Anyone with a no-call-dropped nationwide experience with a Sprint 8330 or close to "computer in the hand" phone experience? No flaming, please. I am serious about my needs, & after a year of research I'm not any closer than the Tour. Thanks.

I can't wait for the Tour to come out. I now have a Motorola that I wanted to get a new phone early for and the Verizon salesman told me to wait for the Tour. It couldn't be released soon enough for me. My son has a Storm and its horrible to Text is so hard with no actual buttons.

TeachMeToBB dont know about Nextel but I have been with Sprint 7 years and they have very good coverage in fact I was a Verizon employee 1 year with a free line and didnt use it that much. When I did I still dropped calls in my area just like all the other providers I have used. I travel alot. Last year I went on a month road trip from California to Georgia...and I had service or the ability to roam everytime I tried so I am not sure what you are experiencing however Sprint has the best coverage and pricing in my opinion. They do suck on phone selections especially blackberries!!!!

Come on... I have worked for verizon for going on 5 yrs now and am yet to get a phone free of service fees... Anyone that knows anyone who works for vzw knows that they get 50% off plan price and hardly ever even gets a free phone as a damn upgrade... stop frontin like your someone your not just to look cool in a forum full of people that you dont even know...