Registration opens for BlackBerry World 2011

BlackBerry World
By Adam Zeis on 18 Jan 2011 10:49 am EST

If you're planning on attending BlackBerry World this May, today is the first day of open registration. The conference formerly known as WES will be held in Orlando Florida from May 3rd through the 5th. Attendees can register until February 25th at the early bird rate and save $400 off the full conference pass ($2,199). Also as a new offer this year, attendees that can't make it for all three days can register for a one-day pass ($599 USD) for Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday.

The Crack Team will be there in full force so you should be too. The conference will have plenty of keynotes, over 100 breakout sessions, hands-on labs, BlackBerry training and much more. To register now head to

Register now for BlackBerry World in Orlando Fl. 



The pb will have been released for a couple months already, can't wait to hear what else they'll have coming for us!


Here is to hoping you are correct about the PB being released in March.

Andy Thatcher

I'll be there....well Orlando as I live here but at $2k a ticket think I will treat the family to Disney passes instead !


Looks to be about the right time for the 6.1 rollout...


Wow, $2500? Even if I lived in Orlando I wouldn't be going. That seems a bit steep.

The Consigliere

Early Bird rate is $1800, I can only hope that the "registration gift" is a Playbook & Torch, I know that there's a ton to do there but if I had $1800, I'd rather just buy the Playbook, stash the rest of the money & get all the main points here on Crackberry from Kevin & the gang!


the full conference pass better include 3-day escort service to make it worthwhile


I think thats when we will see the real Dakota and Apollo the first time...


Wow, yeah that would be a real treat!!


What have gifts been in the past?


I would never take the risk of getting or getting no gift with such sick rates. Damn, sickness!


Hmmm.. $2200 for three days or $600 per day for three days. Tough choice.

EDIT: Looks like you're limited to one 1 day pass. Boooo! :)


i would rather update my Curve 8320 to a newer model with that money (if i had)...why the ticket costs soooo high?