Registration now open for BlackBerry Live in Orlando

BlackBerry Live Registration
By Adam Zeis on 1 Mar 2013 08:40 am EST

Registration for BlackBerry Live (formerly BlackBerry World) in Orlando is now open. The conference runs May 14-16th and if you register before March 22nd you can take advantage of the $449 Early-Bird rate - after that a full pass will run you $599. The conference pass gets you access to BlackBerry Live as well as BlackBerry Jam Americas where you can take in both keynotes, hands-on labs, the BlackBerry Appreciation Event, all the food you could want and much more. Best of all, you'll get to try and track down the Crack Team as we'll be on site covering the event the only way we know how. Hit up the link below for more details and to register now.

Register now for BlackBerry Live

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Reader comments

Registration now open for BlackBerry Live in Orlando


Are those free passes for college students available again like they were for Blackberry Jam in San Jose?

Bloody temping for me. I keep saying one year I have to go to one of these events.

Maybe the missus will let me leave the house for a while :)

I live in Orlando...have been a bb addict since the 7100...never been to Blackberry World (or now Blackberry Live).
With that being said...who wants to sponsor me and buy my ticket?? ;)