Registration now open for BlackBerry Jam Americas - September 25-27 in San Jose

BlackBerry Jam Registration
By Adam Zeis on 6 Aug 2012 12:55 pm EDT

Registration is now open for BlackBerry Jam Americas. This year the conference takes place in San Jose from September 25th through the 27th. If you register by August 31st you can take advantage of the early bird rate of just $449 or, if you are an alumni or attended a BlackBerry 10 Jam World Tour event, you can register for just $299.

At BlackBerry Jam Americas, you'll have the opportunity to learn from and collaborate with RIM experts and developer leaders alike. Through deep dive sessions and hands-on labs, we'll help you realize the creative and business potential of your ideas. We'll teach you how to engage users with beautiful UI and compelling user experience. We'll show you how enterprise apps on BlackBerry 10 can change the conversation and take advantage of the BlackBerry architecture. And we'll connect you with fellow developers and BlackBerry partners to network, collaborate and innovate. 

The entire Crack Team will once again be there representing all things BlackBerry, so be sure to register so we can see you there. Hit the link below for more info. 

Register now for BlackBerry Jam Americas

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Registration now open for BlackBerry Jam Americas - September 25-27 in San Jose


The on-tour events were. This is similar to Orlando, Florida in April. It's a big event and these ones cost money. (It's well worth the money, I promise.)

I think they renamed the event to Jam. wonder if RIM will be giving away anything free this year. Maybe free BB10 phone!! I hope.

Yea gonna go this year, really hope they give away the bb10 phone as the onsite registration gift or as part of the main keynote :D

This is a completely trivial point. But, was this the best picture to entice people to come to this event? To me, it makes the event look like a dud. Can't we have, you know, attendees in the pic?


I could potentially go as a student; What incentives / reasons do i have for going? It is at all like google IO? Can anybody give me details of previous experiences? IO attendees are well fed and usually given new toys :) Is this the same for BB Jam Americas?

I went to the BB JAM 10 tour and received a Dev Alpha that i am using to develop a few applications. Is there any incentive other than the talks/courses to going?

Only go if you are actually interested in learning more about developing for BlackBerry devices. I went to the previous DevCon in San Fran as press and it was kinda dull to be honest. I am a developer also, so I was interested in a lot of the stuff they covered. But to go as just a consumer/BlackBerry fan would be really boring.

It is completely different than the BlackBerry World conferences. At DevCon there is maybe a dozen sponsors talking about products you've never heard of. At BBWC there is several times more vendors and it's actually companies you know. BBWC has a party at Universal studios, Devcon had the party in a conference room at the hotel. The highlight of Devcon was they handed out free PlayBooks and a jacket last year, but I wouldn't count on getting a free device at this one (unless it is more Dev Alphas that need to be returned). Look at BBWC 2012, it cost a lot more than this conference does and no devices were handed out to anyone, all you got was a shirt.

I also went to BlackBerry 10 Jam while I was in Orlando. It was pretty much the same as DevCon. A lot of great information for developers and a party at the hotel.

So its only a good idea if you're in the area, have the spare cash and for some reasons the plethora of online documentation and archived videos from the May Orlando event is not enough to get you started?

Also, don't expect free food or goodies?

Just curious, where? Catering makes this whole venture more affordable for me.

the other reason i ask is because I was looking for a more detailed schedule. EG: 8-9 AM Breakfast. 9.15-12: KEYNOTE. 12.30-5PM sessions

similar to how google does it for IO

I'm going to venture to guess that they will be giving away Dev Alphas to any developer that doesn't already have one. However I am holding out to register until I find out for sure.

That being said I'm also going to venture to guess that you are not a developer that has been using the simulator for the past two months like myself. It is TERRIBLE to test apps. It is impossible properly simulate a touch interface with gestures. And to top it off the simulator doesn't even fit on a standard sized monitor (Windows version). So somebody in my position who has been waiting for them to do another event in the US I am seriously considering flying from Florida (I know I should have went to BBJam Orlando) just to get a Dev Alpha.

Any chance CB is going to run any contest/promotion/give away for discounted/free trip??? If so sign me up, I'll even show off some of my finished/nearly finished Cascades apps (contest idea?) :)

Before i had my alpha i was using the simulator, so i know how you feel. I was able to turn my monitor 90 degrees. It was awkward and the graphics drives took a while to configure properly, but it worked...

My apps do not need multitouch, so i can't comment there.


I am sure they will have some new stuff to talk about, and they will give out pens and notebooks and other swag. But I doubt there will be any free goodies that are worth the cost of airfare and a couple of days in a hotel. If I lived locally and had nothing else going on I would go to it, but I don't, so I am saving the money for next years CES :)

I'll be about a 2 hour's drive away... but it will be at a somewhat inconvenient time for me.

It's looking like there is no significant reason for me to attend (yet). This may change if more details are announced. I may also be in a better place that makes it more convenient for me to visit.

I doubt this is going to be as awesome as BlackBerry World, but I'm hoping to make it out to this one as well. I only live 2 hours out and my birthday is the 24th so..... I should make it happen.

Is there any hotel near the venue that has rooms available? I checked three and all of them are fully booked!

Does anyone how long before the actual event did Blackberry announce the swag they were going to give out during the last conferences ?

Does anyone how long before the actual event did Blackberry announce the swag they were going to give out during the last conferences ?