Registration for BlackBerry Jam Asia 2013 now open

By DJ Reyes on 25 Jul 2013 04:32 pm EDT

This year, BlackBerry Jam Asia is being held in Hong Kong. The conference for BlackBerry developers will occur in September 2013 and registration for the event is now open. If you're looking to go, register now to make use of early bird prices.

Full Conference pass is $149.99 but by booking before August 30, 2013 you can avail of the early bird discount of $99. There is also an Alumni discount available for those who have attending previous BlackBerry conferences.

Full conference pass includes:

  • BlackBerry Jam Asia General Session
  • Breakout Sessions and Hands-on Labs
  • Admission to the BlackBerry Jam Appreciation Event
  • Admission to the BlackBerry Jam Space during open hours, Tuesday - Thursday
  • Breaks and lunch, Thursday and Friday
  • Complimentary access to Wi-Fi® internet in the conference center
  • Access to the online portal for conference content
  • Registration gift upon check-in onsite

Companion passes are also available upon registration. 

The conference will run from September 26th - 27th 2013. However, there will also be a pre-training course run from September 24th-25th 2013, before the conference begins. The course is entitled Developing Apps Using the BlackBerry 10 Native SDK and Cascades UI Framework and will be run in both English and Mandarin. If you're interested in attending BlackBerry Jam Asia 2013, visit the registration site now.

Register for BlackBerry Jam Asia 2013

Reader comments

Registration for BlackBerry Jam Asia 2013 now open


A10 announcement, 10.3 SDK and hopefully 10.2 being released on as many carriers worldwide as possible.

Can't wait to see what comes out of BB Jam Asia.

Posted via CB10

It's a BlackBerry Developers conference so they better have an updated road map and it would make sense to have the 10.3 SDK ready.

I'm not saying they will have an entirely new OS, but they need to keep the ball rolling with updates.

At BlackBerry Jam Americas the 10.2 SDK dropped and 10.1 was launched for some carriers as well. Why not show off the 10.3 SDK and then have carriers release BlackBerry 10.2.

Whatever happens I hope there's lots of exciting news coming out of BB Jam Asia.

Posted via CB10

I wish BlackBerry would open an SDK for input methods or customising the keyboard. This is a much needed area for Asian languages as they just have many input methods even for the same language.

RIM/BlackBerry too much promote world tour... Not focus for updating next OS 10.2 official for BB10 Z10 (All STL1-4) Q10 (All SQL1-5)! ┐(ˇ.ˇ")┌

Posted via CB10

nope with all my existing current heart, i will and have to and hope and believe os10 will continue through 10.0-

Posted via CB10

This is very important to BlackBerry and for gaining back market share. Hopefully they will announce at least two more devices such as the A10 and a possible 10" BB10 Tablet. Everybody I spoke to want a BlackBerry 10 Tablet to accompany them with there Z10 and/or Q10.