Registration of BBM users hits 160 million; 85 million active monthly users and rising

By Bla1ze on 19 Jun 2014 08:46 am EDT

On the BBM front in today's earnings call, BlackBerry CEO John Chen noted there's now 160 million registered users across the board with 85 million active monthly users (50 million are BlackBerry users) and that number is expected to rise once once BBM hits Windows Phone in July and becomes a Nokia preload.

The expectation at that point is that BBM will reach around 100 million active users. When it comes to profits from BBM, John Chen was transparent in saying BBM revenue "won't turn the dial" but that's not going to stop them from working on it and rolling out new features and additions to the service, such as BBM Money, stickers and advertising options for larger corporations through BBM Channels.

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Registration of BBM users hits 160 million; 85 million active monthly users and rising


I hope in future it is possible to find people by their phone number. Unfortunately it is very difficult to find my friends with pin code.

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That's a good point. Not something that this community would embrace.

It would be cool to import social media contacts to find out who is on BBM.

it already does, well for fb (my only integrated social media contacts)

left tab menu in bbm/ Invites / Suggested = anyone who has or had bbm that you have in your contacts...

the rationale of having a pin instead of giving your phone number is for security and privacy reasons, if you don't want to chat with someone you just block the pin, you don't need to change your phone number.

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+1 Uh, also, remembering by phone number is by another app called Whatsapp. I don't think the security turned out well for that did it?

But if we consider security a lot, it may cause bbm will not be popular and viber and what is app will be the most popular.

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My daughter BBM me all the time from her wifi only iPad. WhatsApp can't do because of reliance on phone number exactly.

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...why don't you just ask them?...there is no reason or need to go about adding people in the way of a phone number...that's how I have added all to my growing list...just ask...or scan in person, doesn't get any simpler than that...and I have the piece of mind knowing that the people that are on my list are people that I actually want to talk to...and not some spammers...etc...

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Your number is wrong, Blaize.....its not 160 million...closer to 115 million...

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Glad to hear about BBM money, hopefully the implementation and execution is flawless now considering that multiple platforms are supported

On another note, Hurray for Windows phone finally getting bbm!! No need to alienate any of my windows pioneer friends now

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Get BBM video and screen share working ASAP. There really is no superlative cross platform video chat. Skype sucks. Tango sucks. This is BBM 's big opportunity. Good job JC by the way. Results are impressive and bring hope for the future..

I am interested in this secure Voice option. Hopefully a lot of these BES only features come to consumers in some way or other.

No, Nokia stay Nokia. Just former/sold mobile devices division of Nokia become Microsoft Mobile. Microsoft mobile can call smartphones "Nokia devices" for some time period more.

BBM cross platform has proven to be the force I always knew it would be. Even though I wish they'd done BBM cross platform sooner, I'm glad they finally did it. I was called crazy for saying I wanted it, I was called a troll, I was told it would never happen. Well, it did. With great success.

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I hear ya! I remember when Kevin did a post about 2 years ago saying the same thing! As I slowly was losing bbm contacts, I would say what good is bbm if you only have a handful of contacts. Anyways, they finally made the right decision! They just have to keep updating and adding to it. Many of things I can think of, but bbm video to go cross platform is at the top of my list.

Next BBM update....BBM Peek

It's unfortunate that that those with foresight in this community are labelled as "trolls". Some members resort to insults when their intelligence is intimidated.

I still don't get why they don't turn it into an app platform (apps within BBM) and allow it to be integrated into apps.... Multitasking has its limits on devices with small screens.

I can't be without my BBM.. in a perfect world, I could drop my texting plan and just BBM everyone... let's hope that becomes a reality at some point. :-)

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Bbm money with Bitcoin capabilities..step up and be a leader in the arena!

Bbm on laptop ASAP!

Also..from what I can tell bbm is not integrated into share menu in ios. Make it happen and you will increase active users.

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Hope the launch of ios 8. The ripped feature of voice note in addition to be able to hear and send it as if answering the phone is awesome. Bbm should integrate that in the next update. It's all happening as the phone in locked state.

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The latest update of Bbm seemed strange. It took so long to come but had so little in it to justify the time lag. What happened to video on ios and android? It's been one year since a launch was promised. BlackBerry can not take so long to compete.

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Correct me if I'm wrong, but BB announced 85 M monthly active users on xBBM way back about two months after the (second) launch. That was more than 6 months ago, which means usage hasn't grown significantly since then. I was expecting slow but steady growth (up to 90 M active users) by now.

Registrations are meaningless - who cares if someone once created an account? It's ACTIVE users that matter for all messaging services, and BBM's growth seems to have stalled. That is NOT good.

How many stickers were sold? I see BBM channels gaining popularity but nothing on stickers front..

However it will be good to have my windows phone friends on BBM.

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85 mil active users, with 50 mil of those on bb? Only 35 mil on ios and android doesn't sound all that impressive compared to what the competitors have going. I was hoping ios and android users would be waaaaaaay higher by now.

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That is a telling statistic: about half of the people who have downloaded BBM don't use it.

BBM is absolutely wonderful, when it is working. I just wish it worked properly, and I'm NOT just saying that because mine is screwed up at the moment and a number of my iOS contacts have dumped it after getting fed up.

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Post your PIN in the PIN sharing sections of the forums and you will have plenty in an instant...

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

It would get more IOS exposure and usage of it would just provided a red star or other notification of a new message when that arrives. You have to open up the app(remember to) in order to even see whether there is a new message. Not good for increasing usage.

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Your iOS friends are just using it wrong - all they have to do is go into notification settings and turn the badge/show on lockscreen/banner notifications on.

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I've been using whatsapp my friends like it more I hope bbm improves notifications

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Me too. Don't use FB at all...

(not the original intention of your post, yeah, I don't count...)

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "