Register now for the Designer and Developer Mashup in Washington, D.C.

By Bla1ze on 5 Sep 2013 04:39 pm EDT

Live in or around Washington, D.C. and looking to network with like minded developers and designers? If so, BlackBerry is hosting a Designer and Developer Mashup at Tonic in Foggy Bottom, Washington D.C. Tuesday September 10th from 7:30-9:30 PM. 

There will be food, drinks, apps, prizes, including BlackBerry 10 smartphones and more! You can register now for the Designer and Developer Mashup hosted by BlackBerry from the link below. Registration is free and you can bring along as many friends as you'd like. Oh and don't forget to use the Blackbrite app to save your tickets.

Register now for the Designer and Developer Mashup

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What did i tell u... BlackBerry is alive and kicking ;)

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Yeah, this doesn't sound like something a dying company would waste energy on. I think BlackBerry still have some tricks up their sleeves. Maybe they are going to sell to an equity firm and keep up business as usual with some more support.

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Or maybe they are purposely keeping rumours up of the dying company, and then bring back something really amazing.

Ever heard of amazing comebacks?


I agree with both of you but this just confusing smh

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Maybe they don't want the overwhelmingly negative headlines in the news if they'd cancelled the event.



These things are scheduled like a year in advance so it is merely an event on the calender. But cancelling it would have been a sign that BlackBerry is getting ready to close up shop


The only doom and gloom comes from press releases, which, are in place to satisfy (and help) the stock price. Helping the stock price provides a great source of short term capital, even collateral if needed. Perhaps something big is secretly in the works, maybe a third party tablet with BB10?! no. can i hope?


Something big is secretly in the works. That's what the special committee is working on right now. The biggest thing to ever happen to BlackBerry. The division of its assets and winding down of its consumer smartphone business.


I would imagine that repeating the HP - Palm business practice would be frowned upon by every exec in the entire industry. That would make Thorstein Heins go from CEO of the year, to the worst CEO in existence.

but... then again... Wall+Bay Street seems most eager to head this direction... ... :'(


Damn, wish I lived closer, that sounds like a blast!



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hey.. that pic was from the NY event... lol.. i'm the guy in the back left..


The guy in plaids or the suit? Lololol curiosity killed the cat xD



I don't get it? I thought they're selling the company and now they're pushing for developers?



"Keep Moving" they really don't have a buyer yet. if they stop.. nobody wants to buy them..


Long live BB!

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This makes no sense, all of the blogs and media proclaim that BlackBerry is over. This event must be an error or something, as the Armchair Tech Analysts are always right.

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Lol, sell of the company does not mean default on business, just change of ownership and freeing from some unused parts ;) yet i understand your sarcasm :)

P.s. If any Macedonians are reading this - hahaha, revenge is ours, we won! :D

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The show will go on until the company shut down or be bought over and disassemble. It's a giant machine, it takes awhile to shut everything down. Until there's a certainty of a buyer or actual closing down of the company, it's business as usual. Even if a deal is sign today, it's still take sometime to change over.


Well, look on the bright side why don't you...!

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I'll be there!

I used my Z10 to create this CrackBerry madness!


How well does attending one of these events serve a computer science student looking for internships in software development? Would it be worth it for me to go? (I live in Philadelphia, so not too far away)

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I'm not a designer or developer but if this was closer to me I'd go anyways.


Ya Foggy Bottom sounds like a party LOL!


You got that right. To be honest hadn't even thought of that part about it haha. I was thinking more along the lines of networking and being in a Blackberry fan zone haha. Not many BlackBerry users here on my end unless there corporate phones.


There is one comings in Asia this month as well

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No there isn't?! It might be happening, you might all be there, you will probably all discuss some great stuff but...

It's all a fantasy I'm afraid. BlackBerry apparently doesn't actually exist!

Despite evidence to the contrary. Like the fact that it does.

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Hmmm... hanging around with drunken Blackberrians for a weekend.

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Haha, I am in this picture. (It's from the CB NYC party)

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Wtf.....who would even bother Blaze. Don't know why you post articles of unknown source that BlackBerry is dead, then turn around and post these articles. I can see why the President of Crackberry never even got the chance to speak/meet Lasardis even though a few feet away from him several times of the year. Perhaps Lasardis couldn't be bothered. PS the trolls take these articles and post them all over the Web as the gospel truth as per Crackberry and it's faithful BlackBerry followers. Great help Crackberry really is in helping with the burial of BlackBerry!

BlackBerry will survive in the Corporate and Government Sectors! My Z10 is so much better than an iphone!