Register for BlackBerry Q10 updates at AT&T

By Adam Zeis on 20 May 2013 11:37 am EDT

Hot on the trail of Verizon and Sprint, AT&T has fired up their own BlackBerry Q10 page as well. While you can't pre-order a device just yet, you can register for email updates to stay in the loop as we get closer to launch. If all goes as planned, AT&T users should be able to pick up a new Q10 in just a few weeks.

We assume that just like BlackBerry Z10, the Q10 will arrive on all of the major US carriers right around the same time. As of now all we know is that it will be in "early June" and, while that's not very definitive, only gives prospective Q10 owners a few more weeks to hold out.

Head to the link below for more information and to register for BlackBerry Q10 updates from AT&T.

Get BlackBerry Q10 updates from AT&T

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Register for BlackBerry Q10 updates at AT&T


I don't see ANY reason to think that AT&T will have the Q10 ready to buy in June, other than wishful thinking. They have not announced this. In my three conversations in the past two weeks with top level management, they have not said anything other than "sooner rather than later" and other less-than-definite stuff.

They won't notify anyone about the release of the new Blackberry phones. You can sign up thousands of times.....

They will, however, call and offer you a test drive on the I phone 6.

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I forgot I signed up for it until I saw a thread on it lol still haven't got that reminder

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I was not sure AT&T was even going to have it in their stores. But thus sounds like maybe. About 2 months before the Z10 arrived, an AT&T rep told me that BlackBerry had gone out of business and they were only selling stock on hand. They would not have any more BlackBerry.

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I've had two corporate AT&T store managers tell me they're expecting to get the Q10 in retail showrooms. They'll replace the BB 9900's still on display.

This phone has been ready and out for weeks, but only given to reviewers. Why the hell isn't it available for consumers yet?

Lol, you will get better and faster info just staying on CrackBerry. com. I received my z10 info from att the day I picked it up.

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Its sad. That long article without mentioning something simple.. like a bloody release date. I read late summer so that probably means January 2014 to them!

Expect the official announcement from AT&T on a release date tomorrow 5-21-13, I have no sources but my 3 year old son saw me crying while staring at the Q10 page on AT&T and he said "Don't worry dad, tomorrow is your day"


It's like pulling teeth... They know when they are releasing them. They just refuse to announce the date. Both AT&T & Blackberry. These two are supposed to be communications giants and yet they CAN'T communicate! It's simple... Post a date that you can deliver on, and deliver on that said date. Nuff said... Simple and straight forward.