ReFocus Tech drops teaser for Convertly, their next BlackBerry 10 app

By Bla1ze on 25 Aug 2014 01:33 am EDT

The developers behind ARKick, ReFocus Tech, have been busy working on some new apps for BlackBerry 10 now that the big update to ARKick is out there. Their next app is coming soon and as such, they've gone ahead and dropped a bit of a teaser for it. The app is called Convertly and is a unit conversion app designed specifically for enhancing the Blackberry 10 experience.

  • Convert between 24 different categories of units
  • Daily updated currency conversions
  • 167 currencies to convert
  • 6 different themes to skin your app
  • Automatic conversions
  • Automatic rearrangement of units, based on most used categories
  • Extremely fluid workflow
  • Simple and easy to use one-stop app for all your converting needs
  • Optimized for the Blackberry Z3, Z10, Z30, Q10, Q5 and Porsche Design P'9982.

ReFocus hasn't announced when they'll be pushing the app to BlackBerry World but with 24 conversions available such as currency, energy, length, mass, power, speed, temperature, time, volume, acceleration, data, density, force and more it's pretty well packed and from the teaser, looks pretty awesome. We'll keep our eyes out for it but you can also hit up the ReReFocus Tech BBM channel (C004D92DA) as well where I'm sure they'll announce it.

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ReFocus Tech drops teaser for Convertly, their next BlackBerry 10 app


Sounds good, wondering who's the source of the exchange rates... other converter apps just suck with silly uncorrect rates...

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Depends on the point of view, first, all converters I tested fail with the most obvious info: what currency rate is taken, Interbank, client rates, cash rates... etc. nobody seems to care...

And nowadays there's one currency pair that provides a good sense if the rates are correct or not... the CHF/EUR rate... the swiss national bank fixed the exchange rate to not go below 1.20 CHF for 1 EUR... so it fluctuates between 1.20 and 1.25 since several years... one converter I tested showed recently that 1 EUR costs 1.32 CHF... every bank offering this rate in Switzerland would experience a shitstorm par excellence!!!

Ferrari ZetaTrenta STA100-2 Versione

I use Currency from BlackBerry World and it seems to be pretty accurate. Using your EU to CHF it's now at 1 EU = 1.2075 CHF.

Is there a website that gives up-to-date currency rates that are correct to compare these apps to?

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In finance, each fixing rate has at least two places where they are published. For example "Telerate page 246". Reuters is one of the filing providers, but I think most of the time all that costs money for subscription meaning the average Joe (you and me) or the average Bob (a developer) can simply go to any central bank.

For example the European Central Bank provides the same information but not up-to-date to the second, un several formats including tables for human beings, and XML or PHP scripts for devs.

Here is the RSS feed (twice a day) from the Bank of Canada:

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This guy is hyping this unit converter HARD! Its like a summer blockbuster app! He should take a stab at BlackBerry marketing maybe lol

Sent from my Z10. Or was it my Q10? Either way, it was sent from an awesome phone.

Tilt has so much potential. I hope it's updated and worked on enough.

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Forgive, I don't get why it's so useful? Could you (or someone else) give me a bit of a rundown?

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As much as I think this would be a really useful app, I don't really see conversions being as exciting as that video was trying to make it out to be, lol. :-D

I thought the video was well made, it made conversions a lot more interesting than they really are.

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My thoughts exactly. The app seems pretty useful, but I don't think a unit converter needs a "teaser video".

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Very true. They need quick teaser like this to build hype before the launch with cool music.....I swear man Marketing is BlackBerry biggest biggest problem.

Awesome! Can't wait to check this app. This dev is really one to watch. Why the negativity about promoting their work? A one stop converter is an excellent idea and well overdue.

Why the negativity? Simple. ARKick took a year to be updated and the new version is not much better than the old, and on top of it they are asking for more money for it even if you previously purchased the app. Tilt is a useless piece of junk that also did not receive an update in like half a year. It's still just as useless as it was on day 1. Why would the new app be any better? This company is terrible, albeit they have good marketing and know how to build hype around non functional software.

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Respectfully, I disagree. They are terrible. They don't support their apps properly, they release unfinished products, and they overcharge under false pretenses.

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Hi there,

I think calling a company terrible right off the bat is not justified.

I'd like to ask you - Which app hasn't been supported?
1. Albeit it was delayed more than expected- ARKick was updated to v2.0 and another update is in the works with fixes and user requested content
2. Hues has been updated various times for BB10 with bug fixes, price stabilizations, etc- and it's free.
3. Pastry Push had also been updated with a ton of new content during it's time.

The same can not be said about Tilt- but it's not something you've been overcharged for. Many times it's been given out for free, and is still available for free via promo codes.

Do let us know what false pretense you have been overcharged for?

I would rather they fix the major issues that still remain in ArKick before working on a new app.

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Another app I'm gonna buy solely because of it's visuals and not because is that useful for me.

Finally a decent Currency converter app, among everything else it will eventually convert. None of current currency convert apps is both, nicely designed and properly executed, unfortunately.

Would be interesting to know where it pulls its data from...

Yahoo... ?

 BlackBerry? I premdict the future's gonna be chenomenal! 

The new update on ARKick ruins some locations of the restaurants. Wrong place and distance length. Hopefully, we see another update to fix it.

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Good to listne but almost all bank app is available but what about hdfc bank of india and viber app also kindly add this app also so other use this app also specially on Q-5 and Q-10 version. This app is not support and not showing in my world

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Woooo a converter app! Just exactly what I needed! Something the stock calculator app does not have!

Said no one ever....

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I was thinking the same thing, except about currency - offline currency converters (that are updated) help in a pinch.

The app should rock it out, but aren't the other conversion apps much the same or themeable too? :S

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Refocus is the best at making the most mundane application seem like a must see summer blockbuster that I can't miss! Good job team! Lol

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Overhyped video.
Also, the description says optimized for the Q-s. But that would mean (for me at least) no, or max optional onscreen number input buttons. It takes away real estate, which could be used for other useful features. From this point of view the stock calculator app is much much better (it only needs the currency converter), also its look integrates better into the OS.
No go App.

Statisfied user of Q5

Cool to see another app from this developer! But honestly, there are plenty of good conversion apps already, the stock calculator even has some I think... And currency is also handled by the BlackBerry Travel app (maybe many people do not know this?).
I'd prefer to see the energy and time go into an app that bring really new features; Tilt and ARKick shows this developer has the talent for those kinds of apps.

That was the most epic video I've ever seen for a unit converting app. If the app is anywhere as mythic as that video was they can go ahead and take all my monies!!!


Nice teaser for an app! Developers should do this more often to market their work. It's so simple tough it makes you want to buy it
Good job!

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For one thing, currency conversion, with rates updated daily. That alone makes it worth paying for.

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No I didn't mean to suggest that the app wasn't worth paying for, I wouldn't know that until at least looking at the app.

BlackBerry Travel has a currency calculator!

I'm not trashing this upcoming app but it seems redundant for my needs at this time.

No More Music!!!!! No More Videos!!!

After Tilt I don't think I'll bother. Got all the conversions I need in calculator and if I need currency I'll phone the bank. Duplication apps, I don't need them.

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Keep up the great work! Arkick impresses everyone and this app should do also

C00121953 channel for car freaks!!

So gadget box does conversion as well but doesn't do currency rates but I have for that. Not sure if I'd buy this app though.

Tilt I had but deleted it as it really didn't do much other than look pretty.

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I'm confused as to why this is news or that people are concerned about currency conversion apps? A simple web search would give you the latest rate or you could add any currency pair that you want through the free Bloomberg app. The standard BlackBerry calculator converts any unit you want as well. If you are actually a currency trader then you're not going to be using a random developer app that surely does not have actual counterparty data feeding in. They would be based on some Google or Yahoo feed which is usually at least 10 minutes behind the market. So then we're really just left with normal people with relatively small amounts of cash to convert. In that case the above would be more than adequate.

Useful! I had similar apps on my palms for years, and you never know when you need to convert units - nowadays I have to go to the web, which isn't always possible when you are in the back of beyond....

Lol. The vid is hilarious, not bad, the topic is such a downer, unit converter? Why not ot make a calculus, or algebra reference app? Lol... anyway hope it does well I like the other app.