Reebee brings local flyers to your BlackBerry 10 smartphone

By Bla1ze on 15 Jul 2013 08:24 pm EDT

I have to admit, I'm a bit of a flyer junkie. I hate it when they end up in my mailbox but if they drop them by my door, there's a 99% chance I'll sit down and read through them. What can I say? Sometimes there are some really good deals out there and I don't want to miss out on them. 

A new app for BlackBerry 10 devices called Reebee has now landed and if you're not really into flyers as much as I am but don't really dig the whole flipping through pages upon pages of paper then it's pretty much the app you must-have. What it does essentially, is collects all the flyers from retailers and displays them from within the app itself. 

Rather than picking up those flyers, you can just open up the app and browse through the ones you do so wish whenever you want. Plus, you don't really have to remember which store had what on sale or head out dragging a bunch of flyers with you because you always have them on your device to refer to.

Pretty convenient in my opinion. There is however a bit of what may be considered bad news with the app in the fact it's not available everywhere. Right now, the only country supported is Canada. Great news for Canadians, not so great news for everyone else.

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Reebee brings local flyers to your BlackBerry 10 smartphone


I agree. It is frustrating as Canadians when apps or services are listed as "not available in Canada" or "not yet available in your country". Good to see that this app made it's debut by launching first in Canada.

That is almost exactly what he said in the post. He explained how it is only available in Canada.

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Love this app! Now I can quickly check and compare prices When I'm buying the groceries.

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Not available for your device!
That's the msg on the BlackBerry App World I got!

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Really good app - the resolution of the flyers is superb!

This will rock when I'm in the grocery store.

I would absolutely love this app, I'm always down for a sale, and one of the few good things about a down economy is there are plenty of them all the time. Shame it's only for Canada.

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We work in the same building! Might go say hi one of these days and thank them for coming to BlackBerry natively..

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I read through some of the comments, just to verify how many posts would be related to the app not being available in countries other than Canada. Exactly what the article stated, as a warning. So, how many people need to verify it is not available in their country?

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I don't have to check out a huge file of flyers at my doorstep every week. Great!

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I'm a big flyer shopper, this is perfect. I hate all the wasted paper every week.

Too bad the interface is like iOS, but it doesn't affect performance and that kind of thing can be easily changed.

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Hopefully it goes to more countries. Not sure why, but I want this app. And I never read fliers.

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This app is amazing! I've had it for 15 mins and already love it!! It will definitely be one of my regular time wasters....

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This looks awesome. I wish it was available south of the border (US).

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Personally I think its a horrible app. It's exactly like the iOS version and when you compare them side to side this one is horrible. It doesnt make use of the BlackBerry UI, the newspaper is hard to read when you zoom in, the feedback section doesnt make use of the BlackBerry Keyboard functionality. I'm sorry, but this app seems like a lazy job. Considering this app originated from Waterloo/University of Waterloo (if I'm not mistaken), you would think they would put more effort into a BlackBerry app.

This app is awesome! I didn't think I'd use it but it loads fast and it shows the trending flyers! No need to go online to Superstore anymore to see what the coupon item is.

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Wait. I'm confused. This app is *not* available in 'merica? That must be a typo.

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No typo, Canada only right now! But hang on, chances are USA will be supported long before your carries release 10.1....(too soon?)

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Wow what a great app! The flyers look great and loads quickly, this is one of my favourite app now! Very cool.

Edit: Not all flyers look great when you zoom in, not sure if this has to do with the flyers themselves or the app.

Yes! No need for paper anymore lol! Its about time an app like this arrived, going to use this all the time, especially when it comes to price matching!

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Great concept! Hopefully the devs will update for other countries to use like the US! I would use it all the time

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I suspect US flyers could be added easily. Write the app creator and ask. Demand = success!

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Downloaded it yesterday and I can now read the flyers without having to make that horribly long trek to the front door. If they get Canadian Tire on board, I may never go to the front door again.

They have Canadian Tire. At least for the Montreal area.

One thing they should add is the name of the store in text under each flyer in the main screen. I find it hard to read what the flyer is for sometimes.

Hopefully in the next update, there will be a way to pick and choose which flyers load up on the bookshelf.

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Montreal is spelled incorrectly.
In the app it says 'Montral'.
Also comment regarding feedback not using the BB keyboard us spot on.

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