Redefine Possible - Follow Spencer West's climb up Mount Kilimanjaro

By Adam Zeis on 4 May 2012 01:35 pm EDT

During my last day at BlackBerry World 2012, I had the extreme pleasure of sitting in on a session presented by Spencer West. If you haven't heard of or seen him before, Spencer is an extremely motivational individual who lost his legs at age five. He told his amazing life story and how he is now setting off to climb Mount Kilimanjaro with his two friends in hopes of raising $750,000 for the charity Free The Children. The climb will provide schools and clean water for children in East Africa and begins in just over a month. Thanks to RIM, Spencer will have his BlackBerry PlayBook and Bold 9900 along for the ride and will be documenting the journey daily. You can follow along through Twitter and Facebook or check out

Follow along with Spencer's journey



I would say he is the essence of "BeBold". Kudos to him and his quest.


Agreed x1000! This guy is about as bold as it gets.
Boldly sent from my 9930


"I can't" just does not exist in this guys vocabulary. Totally amazing.


WoW!!!!!!!! Simply WoW


Holy crap that is one monumental challenge he is undertaking. Good luck to him, and I look forward to following his progress.


I've actually had the honour of meeting Spencer West when he came to my high school. Extremely friendly person, kind hearted, I strongly recommend anyone to visit his presentations if possible. As the title suggests he definitely redefines possible.


Very inspirational man


I have met Spencer on multiple occasions and he is the most inspiring person I have ever met

Kudos to RIM for giving him this opportunity to share his story.

Truly a Bold hero


That's great for teh PlayBook and 9900 - hope he has WiFi connection for the PlayBook, or service on his 9900 to bridge on the mountain!!

Bigger question: how much did RIM donate to Spencer for the cause, because a PlayBook and 9900 are not great digging devices.


WOW!!! What else can be said?


unknown fact to many but RIM sends kids from U of Waterloo on school building trips with Free the Children