Reddit In Motion updated to v1.2.1.1 - Fixes and improvements aplenty!

By Bla1ze on 12 Aug 2013 07:07 pm EDT

If you enjoy perusing through the frontpage of the internet otherwise know as Reddit and haven't yet checked out Reddit In Motion on BlackBerry 10 then now is perhaps a great time to give it a look. The app has just been updated with a ton of fixes and improvements that make the app even better than it already was. Sitting at v1.2.11, the change log for this version is pretty massive.

  • Submit new text/link posts
  • Landscape orientation mode added. Good for watching videos
  • Links in comments can be clicked
  • New 'Go To" context action for the frontpage - Navigate directly to the subreddit of the selected post
  • Search Reddit from your homescreen - Reddit In Motion is now listed as an Extended Search option in Global device search
  • Highlighted text and url's from anywhere on the device can be shared to Reddit In Motion as a new post
  • Selftext posts now display correctly on the Z10. Fixes issue scrolling up to see the text

Needless to say, the fixes implemented in this release vastly improve the app and there is plenty more on the way set for future updates. If you're looking for a great Reddit reader, give this one a go today. Reddit In Motion is available as a free download and works on all BlackBerry 10 devices plus, it's a Built for BlackBerry certified app.

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Reader comments

Reddit In Motion updated to v1.2.1.1 - Fixes and improvements aplenty!


I've been using Alien Flow (paid) because Reddit in Motion was lacking some features that AF had (landscape video comes to mind).

But this update is really good, I'm not going to ditch AF because of the dark theme tho. :)

Posted via CB10

The dark theme aka night mode I'd coming in the next update. This app will be on par or better than alien flow soon :D

Posted via CB10

The ability to use the extended search function doesn't work properly. When you use it to search Reddit it shows up and opens the app if clicked, but then you're unable to click anything within the app. You can't open any links or move back pages.

I used the search "app" on my Z10. I searched for "wheredidthesodago". I clicked the Reddit in Motion icon in the extended search section. It opens the app but I'm unable to click on any of the articles that come up.

I recommend re downloading the app. I just typed in, "wheredidthesodago" and I got results back and clicked on the links too

This is the best Reddit Client in my book. I tried alien flow, but RIM (lol) feels much better to navigate. Also the Dark theme is coming in the next upcoming update for the Z10

I want to be able to save photos without needing to open them in a browser. When I click the "save" option it always lists the filename as "H" but never saves. :(

Posted via CB10

lol im still waiting for housing to be available. i already scratched mine and feel like changing mine to white because white looks good :) during then you can change yours to red :x

Posted via CB10

I bugged etradesupply about it on Facebook and they said they'd look into it, but were pretty sure they couldn't get their hands on the red housing.

Otherwise I'd be all over that in a heartbeat.

Well it looks like the features are coming along. But Alien Flow is by far the King here. And the dev is very quick to respond in his sub reddit too. I like him and I hope more people buy his app. He deserves it.

Posted via CB10

I find this app shows the initial Reddit posts right away, but then takes a few minutes to load the thumbnails and more than the first 15 or 20 comments. After that it's nice and quick. Anyone else have a similar experience?