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Reddit in Motion - a pretty sweet native Reddit client

By DJ Reyes on 20 Oct 2013 06:16 pm EDT

There are a handful of third party Reddit apps to be found in BlackBerry World. We've taken a look at one before and I've recently come across another one that comes highly recommend by Reddit users. Aptly named, Reddit in Motion is a smooth Reddit client built in Cascades. It is also packed with some nice features that you should expect to find with a Reddit client.

Reddit In Motion features lnclude:

  • Browse all reddits, and subreddits
  • A Built for BlackBerry UI
  • Search for posts and subreddits
  • Full web view for viewing links and videos
  • Login Support
  • Upvote, Downvote and Save posts
  • Share links via Social/Email/SMS
  • Compose and receive messages
  • View your account info, including comments, submitted, saved and liked
  • Purple links

The great part is that, while being a fully featured app, Reddit in Motion is completely free. It is available for all BlackBerry 10 devices and also the BlackBerry PlayBook. Check out the video above for a quick demo of the app in motion.

Learn more / download Reddit in Motion from BlackBerry World



Not funny anymore.

Posted via CB10


I'm still laughing... hahahahahahahahahahaha

Posted via CB10


Another Reddit reader.

Posted via CB10


was an amazing client than they updated it and now many many links dont work properly still use it however due to its native goodness


It is a shame they have introduced that issue as the fairly comprehensive overhaul of the ui in that update was mostly very good.


Been using Alien Flow but will give it a try.

Posted via CB10


Was using AF as well. But Brennan has been slow to update so things were lacking. Love RiM a lot more. Sharing is the best. The url problem exists in AF as well though.

Auto corrected by BB10


Not first...

Posted via CB10


I use this app everyday all day

Posted via CB10


I've been using Reddit in Motion since it first showed up on BBW, and it's only getting better. While on my Z10 I wouldn't go near Reddit without it :)


+100 for alien flow. I use it all the time and it's definitely the best reddit application on BlackBerry world at this moment.

Canadian cities BBM Channel C001234A4


Nah reddit in motion is better

Posted via CB10


I tried Alien Flow, actually have it installed but RIM is better

You are now in my Bingo Book


sorry dude, rim is actually better


I have both and RiM is better.


Yup great app, but yeah some links are hard to get working in the comments. You end up closing any child comments from double tapping them, really annoying. Hopefully the developer will make it possible to open links externally in the browser.

Also any YouTube video plays for me in app, I get sound but no video. Is this something with the app or phone wise? Alien Flow did the same thing.

Posted via CB10


But you can open links externally in the browser...

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The same thing happens to me with YouTube videos about a 1/3 of the time, so it's not just your phone. SOMETIMES refreshing the page by going back and re-clicking Play works, but usually I end up opening it in the browser instead. Thank goodness we can do that:)


It's a decent app

Posted from my Z10


i agree, it's so simple and you don't have to fidget around like you do with AF. Sideload Bacon reader if you like AF it'll blow you away. Reddit in Motion is the best Reddit client available for sure


I don't really use Reddit but I do like to use this app on occasion. I like the updated version a lot more then before


The last update said it fixed the saving issue. It did not. I still have to open an image on the BlackBerry browser to save it. If I try to save it from the Reddit In Motion app, It appears as "h" (the name of the image) and it doesn't appear on my pictures. If Alien Flow cost more money but I could save with it, I'd purchase it. For some reason I can't save with both of them. It's a good app though but that's been bugging me.

Posted via CB10


It's my reddit app. I like it :)

Posted via CB10


What does "Ul" stand for?

Posted via BlackBerry Z10


User Interface

Posted via CB10


Basically the visual appearance of the app..

Posted via CB10


°•·♥· τнäиκ чöü ·♥·•°

Posted via BlackBerry Z10


°•·♥· τнäиκ чöü ·♥·•°

Posted via BlackBerry Z10


Love this one I've tried so many and they're good but I keep coming to this one


It's well done. Image and video links from t


Sorry, I find that the links don't work as well as they could


I use Alien Flow which is quite good.

Posted via CB10

Pete The Penguin

I've heard it's a good app, though I can't log in using my Reddit credentials. Have emailed the dev, not heard anything back.
Disappointed cos I really wanted a good Reddit app on BB10.

Pete The Penguin

Meant to say, I use Alien Flow. The dev is responsive.


I use this app every day. It's great.

Posted with my BlackBerry Q10 via CB10


Reddit In Motion = RIM

Posted via CB10


Been usingthis for months now.


Can keep you entertained for hours thus making you waste lots of time...

You've been warned

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Love this app. I just wish the OP would tell us what's in that damn safe.

Posted via CB10


Yes it needs to connect to my BBM and my shared files?

I don't think so

Posted via CB10


I'm like it a lot.

Posted via CB10


Good application

Posted via CB10 from my BlackBerry Z10


Didn't use the app much before it's recent UI overhaul. Since the update Reddit In Motion has been an enormous source of battery drain on my phone, almost as much as CB10 did when I first got the phone. I just can't stop checking Reddit now, and it's a real strain on the battery. =P

Kenton Doerksen

Does anyone else find that it takes a good 3 or 4 minutes between launching this app and when it is really available to use (ie. click on a post)? I find that once it's running it's fine, but takes forever to load up.


For me it takes like 15 seconds I think.

The first page links all load instantly, with missing thumbnails. So I scroll through and decide on a few I want to click on (or look for links that aren't purple) and usually by then the thumbnails have loaded and the app has finished loading.


You know what would be awesome a 4change version of this app, maybe call it 4chanINmotion or something along those lines.

Posted via CB10


Needs additional keyboard shortcuts (Frontage, Subreddits, Search, Messages, Saved) and image scaling ala Alien Flow to help reduce web view page load times. Also needs Readability support to that web view pages can be viewed in a dark theme reader mode.


I prefer Alien Flow.


I've been using the app for about two weeks now. It's missing some rather important features but makes up for that by being ridiculously fast. Switching from you messages to the front page happens pretty much instantly.

A great effort, specially for a free app with no ads.

Posted with CB10/Q10


I can't reddit fast enough so I use both Alien Flow and Reddit in Motion.

Daniel Grappone

This is a great Reddit app, fast and intuitive.

black hole

you know, by using & simply switching to "mobile"... its better than all these apps. Then place your bookmark on the screen & VOILA ...a great "app"

It's all I use now.... & I'm a Reddit addict


I prefer both AF and RIM to Text is a bit small, no dark theme (but excellent Reader support) and the sidebar takes up unnecessary space on the mobile site. Not to mention that RIM is available as an extended search option. Very useful indeed.


I reddit and cb10 all day ever

Posted via CB10


The app messed up on me, so I tried to reinstall. Now it won't delete from my phone, and I can't reinstall it or use it. Not happy, used to LOVE this app!

Posted via CB10


Because of this app I am now addicted to reddit

Posted via CB10