Red & White BlackBerry Torch 9800's coming to AT&T

By Bla1ze on 13 Sep 2010 05:29 pm EDT

Looks like Kevin's dream of having a White BlackBerry Torch 9800 just got one step closer. It really hasn't been in doubt that red and white would both be arriving, since the parts for them have been up on 3rd part retailer sites for a while now. But, more a question of when, exactly they would arrive. Engadget sources claim "mid to late November" for the release and to go with the red and white will also be an olive color. Sounds good, put me down for one sexy red one please. Anyone else? Oh ya, if that Samsung Galaxy Tab is something you're interested in as well, you can check out the full coverage over at Androidcentral for details on that.

Source: Engadget

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Red & White BlackBerry Torch 9800's coming to AT&T


i think the red/black ones going to vzw for sure, the colors match vzw's logo. if its on vzw in may '11 ill have to decide between storm 3 or torch unless the storm 3 has wayyyyy better specs

I like the red one a bit more, but all I want is a black one with blue- backlit keys and a black-looking bezel like on the commercials!!

Red & White Torch would have both colors.

Don't you mean:
Red & White BlackBerry Torch 9800's coming to AT&T

Upon further review it looks like a "Red and Black" Torch and a White Torch

I don't get it. White? No thanks, makes me think of a leisure suit. Red, maybe, but I'll stick to my black phone (9700). My gf is all about the white ones (iphone for play and 9700 for work)

omg. RED and black? i think i might just be in heaven. its a little teeny bopper but i want it. my 2nd choice is the white.

Think the alternate colors will make it function better? Because the way it sits now, it's the biggest piece of garbage RIM has ever put out.

Upgrading in December and I have to get the white one. Hopefully by then, they will be packaging a carrying case with the torch.

The red one looks sweet, but it needs some performance to match the looks!

I don't do white! Icky!

Oh yeah, I want the Galaxy Tab!

Hmm I wonder if they'll come with some fixes for the current hardware issues that some torch users (including me) are having (like wobbly screen)...maybe hardware v1.1?

I do like the color additions but I'm always keeping a case on my phone so it doesn't matter a ton. The white is where I would go so you could see the difference in the keyboard but again it's not that big of a deal to me.

I like the white 9700, but hopefully with the change in colors we get a Torch refresh with a faster processor and higher resolution screen. Come on isn't RIM famous for refreshes.

I'm still waiting to hear something about the phone that was announced way back a whole 5 months ago and is sold everywhere else around the world except by AT&T. The Pearl 3G. I really don't care about these other BBs. Where's the flippin' Pearl?

I love the white. I wish the Bold 9650 came in white. But I wonder how dirty tje white will get over time.....

I do really like the red too.

hopefully with the new colors, the price of the black ones will drop...this seems to be the history of cell colors come out...old colors drop in price...just colorware it..i dont know what the big deal is here..oh yeah, and wheres that new pearl??

I bought the orginal black Torch and just bought an really nice brushed pink aluminum case for it. They also have other colors for all you non-pink people out there. Literally mine looks exactly the same as the red/black torch, there is not even 1mm between the case and other words it fits so well it looks like I had it colored for $300 or however much it costs. It was like 10 bucks. Go on amazon and save some money.