Red Rogers BlackBerry Bold 9780 spotted on Craigslist?!

Red BlackBerry Bold 9780
By Bla1ze on 10 Oct 2010 03:31 pm EDT

A red BlackBerry Bold 9780? At first glance it looks like it but, something just doesn't look right. It is for certain a BlackBerry Bold 9780 as the OS screen is showing in the ad but, that red just looks like it's after market parts. Of course, I could be totally wrong and we could end up seeing a BlackBerry Bold 9780 come in a variation of colors. We already know that the red BlackBerry Torch is out there so a red 9780 certainly is plausible. The ad indicates that it is a Rogers device but it has no branding on it. The asking price? $975 and it's all yours. In a related rumor, we're also hearing that 11/03/10 will be the release date for the T-Mobile BlackBerry Bold 9780 but, nothing confirmed one that one. Thanks Jason!

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Red Rogers BlackBerry Bold 9780 spotted on Craigslist?!


Looks sweet, but I will have to wait for the mysterious new Touch Screen Storm 3 or 4 or whatever it will be called!

looks good whether real or just posing with parts. i'd love to see RIM start releasing devices in a few colors at launch.. Black, White, Red, Blue... definitely makes it pop.

I agree Kevin. A variation of colors would be great, but I'm thinking RIM is afraid of giving the impression that the device is for fun and hip consumers as opposed to serious and business-driven consumers. With that said, I'd love to rock a royal blue device someday.

If the new 9780 comes in colors I think it will definitely boost sales. It sure does look purdy though. Even if it does have a cover on it. I wish and hope that the T-Mobile version is hspa+. I'm starting to get wandering eyes looking at the hot new android and windows phones coming soon.

Shooted him an email, and his reply was...

Yes it is a 9780 I got from my friend at Rogers I forwarded your email to him and he said he got it from work and had the red body installed at head office. If you are interested I can meet you anytime this week.

I may make a time to go meet up with him and verify that it is infact a 9780. Will keep all updated.

OK #1 the location is Surrey, BC which is like the Brampton or Scarborough of Ontario. #2 there's no way Rogers would be able to get a hold of it this early in the game unless they were RIM employees which is located in Waterloo...

Have been floating around for a very long time now. It's not that much of a stretch for anyone to have one no matter where they may live. To think otherwise is silly.

I'm looking at this on my bb. It looks like they ditched the leather back and now have a carbon fiber

yea, its definitely the bold 9700, with faceplate parts bought from truesupplier. no branding, plus the battery cover has the carbon fiber. definitely asking to much for that.

Okay i live in Surrey, and im pretty sure this is a fake, just someone trying to make a extra buck:P its common down here

Riight? I bought a back bezel for my sprint tour wayyy back when and they had a lot of add on's. You would get close at least.

This phone looks awesome, after market parts or not. i would love to have a phone that looked that nice. now im interested in finding after market parts for my 8530 to PIMP IT OUT!

If T-Mobile 9780 release in this color or other colors besides white and black, I will switch my 9700 for that upgrade asap.