The red BlackBerry Q5 goes on sale at the Carphone Warehouse in the UK

red BlackBerry Q5
By James Richardson on 10 Jul 2013 02:35 am EDT

I was wondering when this one would show up. UK retailer Carphone Warehouse currently have an exclusivity on the red BlackBerry Q5 if you fancy picking one up and it looks pretty darn hot if you ask me.

As usual with Carphone Warehouse you get a choice of networks to choose from and currently the options are Orange, T-Mobile, Vodafone, EE and Talk Mobile. Prices on a 24 month contract start from £21 per month with no up front cost for the handset, although there are a bunch of options to suit your requirements. If you want it SIM free that ones going to set you back £319.95.

On a personal note - I still find it frustrating that a new smartphone can be offered with as little as 100MB of data per month. I know our uses all vary but I'd do that in a day or two!

Anyone tempted by the sexy red Q5? I know I wouldn't mind getting my hands on one to stand out from the crowd? Let us know your thoughts in the comments?

Order the red BlackBerry Q5 from Carphone Warehouse

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The red BlackBerry Q5 goes on sale at the Carphone Warehouse in the UK


When I went to CPW on Saturday, the display model was a Blaqck Q5 however the booklet shows white, black and red as available models.

Why didn't they just make a phone that looks good and is a little cheaper, we know they can do it, look at the curve.

Because if they did, then the apps would be choppy, browsing would be slow, and the user experience wouldn't be as good and then people would complain and complain.

My sisters gonna be sad she didn't wait! She got the Samsung mini because it was the cheapest plan available but she absolutely hates the phone!

I wonder if I ship it overseas I will get a VAT refund?

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If I would ever buy a Q5, it surely would be the red one. Usually I am more black phone guy, yet the black version of the Q5 looks very dull IMO.

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Jep, the colored versions don't look that flat because of the contrast between the black frame around the display and the colored body. White, red and pink all look great. Black is best if you don't want to separate from the crowd.

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470-480 USD. "Sexy" price, indeed.

Just a quick snapshot of what can be purchased at roughly the same price:
Sony Xperia V, TX
Samsung Galaxy S3, S3 mini
Huawei Ascend Mate
iPhone 4S
Nokia Lumia 920
LG Nexus 4
etc. ..............

Good time to place bets on total number shipped in this quarter. 100,000.... less?

Well... define the "old" please. :-)
I'm trying to say that there are many products in the same price range with comparable (or better) specs.
I don't understand what kind of customer BB is trying to target. Loyal BB fans can pay just 10-15% more to get Q10. Android/Apple customers have no reasons to convert, unless they desperately need a "real" keyboard. New comers to smartphone segment? Yes, may be. If they are bold enough to experiment with a brand which becomes exotic, if not extinct.

How many of those are 4G? Currently that adds a lot to the cost, but it provides quite a lot of future proofing.

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Amazon UK have the Z10 on for 374.99 . That to me sounds like far better value than the Q5. Unless you must have a keyboard I guess.

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