Red BlackBerry Bold 9780 spotted again, this time on video

By Bla1ze on 1 Nov 2010 12:09 pm EDT

The last time we saw a red BlackBerry Bold 9780 it was up on Craigslist for sale. At the time, questions were raised about wheter or not it was even really a red BlackBerry Bold 9780 but rather just some OEM parts attached to a original BlackBerry Bold 9780. This time around, we got a video of a red BlackBerry Bold 9780 being shown off for it's memory usage. And well, we're kind of up in the air about the device. It appears to be a pre release red version but, then again so did the other. You guys can decide if this one is legit or not. However, don't be surprised if a polished, sexy red BlackBerry Bold 9780 shows up available in stores soon.

Source: ZonaBlackBerry



people who'll buy this have no taste! that's a fact!


Everyone has different taste, now that’s a fact. I love customizing my 9700, and I am sure there are many others who also like doing the same, another fact. If my statements were inaccurate, companies like “ColorWare” would cease to exist.
check out my bold 9700:


looks aftermarket to me


release something that people carea bout


I bet 1 USD (via PayPal) that this is real! Any takers?


"last time we seen"?

Come on now, guys. Grammar much?


Only one mistake? Dang, getting better at this. :)


hehe maybe he was thinking for him self "last time I-(we) saw"


Definitely looks aftermarket. The black border around the screen would be red too if it was real, just like the white model's border is white.


This not entirley true. As the red torch has a black broder around the screen. The way to tell is by looking at the sides of the phone. If the are red the I would guess that it ia real but if they are black then it may very well be fake.


It can't be fake, when its a real blackberry.

The question in lieu is, is it a red 9780, and the answer is unequivocally yes


this is hot!!... reminds me of a red sports car... ahaha