Recording Now: CrackBerry Live Podcast... talking today's BBRY earnings report and more!

By Kevin Michaluk on 28 Jun 2013 12:39 pm EDT

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Recording Now: CrackBerry Live Podcast... talking today's BBRY earnings report and more!


(I posted this comment on another article but I thought I'll post it here too to see what people think)

IMHO, the market overreacted today and the shares should not be down by over 25%. Yes it was a terrible, terrible quarter, but blackberry is far from being dead. They still have over 70M subscribers. BES10 roll out is happening and 18,000 companies have already installed/downloaded/purchased it... Q10 has been launched and should fare a much better than Z10... Q5 is starting to be launched... BBM is going across platform and can potentially be a good source for service revenue... there is still a potential for licensing bb10... A10 is on the pipeline...

I am very disappointed with today's earnings results and I'm even ready to admit that Z10 might be dead on arrival. But I don't think this necessarily means blackberry has no chance from here. I still see upside and I will probably be accumulating more shares at this low level just like how I accumulated shares when RIM was trading between $6 and $7. Blackberry is still far from being dead.

It's not a sprint but a longer race. Blackberry has had worse quarters in the past (not so long ago) and I don't think today's results is something that should cause a "jump off the bridge" reaction. Shipping 2.7M bb10 devices is not the end of the world. Revenue was up. Total overall device shipment is up. EPS loss is 13cents...bad but again not the end of the world. I will stay LONG for now.

Painful. Wondering how bad it really is though.

I'm surprised that Z10 appears to be failing....really surprised.

Posted Via CB10 with my Z10

All this negative news about sales, in my opinion this is one awesome phone and depending on how you look at it the only way is up for BlackBerry. I've seen the iPhone and it doesn't do the things the z10 does. The iPhone is for kids and Blackberry is for adults. Apple rips you off Blackberry doesn't.
Just the way I see it

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In my opinion every phone maker will try to squeeze as much money out of their customers. Why don't you explain why Apple rips off people and Blackberry doesn't, especially after they indirectly announced that the playbook is obsolete.

Mr Heins has screwed up big time. The 84 million dollar loss while launching a new platform is understandable, not liked, but understandable. However, to announce on the same day he is not bringing BB10 to the PlayBook has just added fuel to the fire. I don't care about BB10 on my playbook. But I lost my full bridge when I got my z10. That is what pissed me off today. Also the fact that he has given so much fuel to the nay sayers in one day. Well I am a hard core BlackBerry Fan and user. I try to sell it at every opportunity because BB10 is solid. But now, thanks to Heins, I feel like an idiot. Kevin, time to accept the inevitable. BlackBerry is done. I choose the corporate phones here and I will give BlackBerry 2 months to come up with something positive. Else selling out to Samsung!

Where's my FULL BRIDGE Mr. Heins? Please return it!

I agree that the news for bb has shocked everyone that really believed in the brand. It's so very unfortunate, but I think that one of the things that is killing bb is the lack of proper advertising in the electronic media. Every few minutes I see Samsung and the other phone with a commercial, but there's nothing from bb. All they got is a few busses rolling the streets, and sponsoring formula 1. What the hell is that? The fact is, if people want apps, then by all frigging means give it to them. I held the opinions that if a platform has one million apps, then what's the point in arguing over apps because the user only users such apps. But the fact is, is that some individuals have apps that they will need, and quite possibly that one app is that app that is holding them to their device and not coming over to bb. This is what the blackberry company is over looking. People want instagram and the like, then by all friggin means, make the company build that app through some form of incentive. They believe that it's not worth the build, so you do something about it. Make the software to user friendly to allow developers to port apps over from other devices.

I'm pissed at the news, and hear this blackberry. This is your last friggin chance when it comes to me. You have until the fall to get your shit together and release the A10 on time and have the very best and latest specs on it. Bring the apps to the device. You are in a business, so act like friggin business man, and not like little boys in a school yard. Stop making yourself and your users the laughing stock of the industry.

You have until fall blackberry. After that I walk away, and I will not look back. I've never spoken that negative about the device in my entire life, but there are times when you have to call a spade a spade and more on.


BB10 will go on, but BlackBerry should not be dropping the ball on tablets. I am so angry that I not only wasted money on getting my family playbooks but that I also purchased movies, games and apps for it. What a complete failure of a product that should not have been a failure. Heins has to change his tune or step down! People want a tablet especially for business. I'm not working on documents on only a phone! Stupid stupid stupid!

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You are so right. Did he ever screw the business community today. Working on a phone is stupid. All I want is my Bridge back. The playbook and my old Bold 9000 was a killer combination for on the go business. Reading pdf, drawings, spreadsheets on the phone is just impossible. Carrying around a laptop is retarded. The PlayBook was perfect. Can't believe what just happened today. Heins should be fired immediately. What a piss off. I look like a complete idiot for changing our corporate phones from OS7 devices to BB10 devices. WOW!

Where's my FULL BRIDGE Mr. Heins? Please return it!

When did he ever say he was fully dropping support for the PlayBook, you are over-reacting.
Thorsten said they will continue to update the PlayBook.

Today is a hard day to believe Thor on anything.....just pissed. They need to sell more BB10 devices and they give major headlines to the failing Playbook. Why would you even do this today. Samsung galaxy are free at Bell for $30.00 bucks per month. Iphone 4S are bargain basement......only hardcore BB users are buying BB10. Thor has gone into hiding the last month or so.....he needed to be out in the open. This is going to be hard to recover from. He needs to have something huge up his sleeve.

BlackBerry has a huge image problem. Their TV ads suck and need to be improved. Carriers aren't supporting it. App developers aren't supporting it. Fewer and fewer businesses are supporting it. Soon no one will be supporting it unless they address their image problem.

It would be nice if they actually listened to their customers. Aren't they the ones who make a company a success?
And as for the apps, they should do whatever it takes to get the apps people want available for BB and not clones, but the actuals even if they have to pay to have it developed until they create a more robust ecosystem. Take Alicia Keyes salary and pay a developer to do Shazaam or Netflix for BB.

I agree with you but considering the small sell-through, is it any surprise that developers, both large and small, are not developing applications for Blackberry? The parallels with the Sony Vita are rather apt on this point; the PS Vita has 4.3 million units globally sold and Sony, even with all of its resources available, can not convince first-party developers to support the device. Instead, again in parallel with Blackberry, the Vita get's a slew of indie and retro games. And what do you hear from the public? The same comments that Blackberry users say - why is there no brand-name support? Why are we getting crappy ports? Why are getting applications (or games for the Vita) that look horrible? Are glitchy? Are buggy?

RIM knows full well that applications are needed; but that's not going to fix the problem. Until more devices are sold, developers will continue to ignore BB. Sadly, therein is the crux of the problem - no apps, no one buys phones, no one buys phones, no developer creates/releases apps - and the circle continues.

At this point the Browser really doesn't matter that much... in the old BBOS5 days you could measure the difference in minutes, now it's all in nano seconds. If BB beats iOS by .03 nano seconds.. who cares.

But people like apps, they like having a custom experience designed for the devices they are using. Even most websites that have mobile sites are much harder to use than apps. And forget about a full sized site and having to scroll around to find the right controls or info. The only ones that don't think apps are number one are the ones that don't have them.

Cash was up because of a government refund of taxes. Don't expect this going forward. This is a huge risk next quarter.

Great time to buy in again!!!!! Best platform ,just get some big names like instagrm. I assume Thor will surprise the world with a new bb10 tablet?

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Thor does not believe that the tablet is the future, so he will not continue with the playbook. So forget about it. He believe that the smart phone is the way to go, and he was hoping to make a blackberry that would one day may a computer a secondary device. However, if they don't do some serious marketing, and letting people know that the phone is here and alive, then the brand will fail. The basic fact is, is that people don't know what blackberry has to offer.

I actually spoke with a few friends who had no clue that the Z10 and Q10 existed, and the are current blackberry owners. Come one. I just vented on another persons post, and I'm still fuming over the. Rap that they are doing in terms of marketing. Get off your ass Thorston, and get to friggin work.

The sales trend isn't positive either. In fiscal 2011 they sold 52.4 million units, 49 million in fiscal 2012 and 28.1 million in fiscal in 2013. The decrease in subscriber base is going to roll off sharp in another year unless sales pick up - as in double.

I think the street was looking for reasons to drive the price down. There was never any chance that they would give them a fair shake unless they posted incredible numbers. They are not losing money like they were a year ago. They are about breaking even.
They just have to keep even until the other verticals start producing money.

Am very upset that Thorsten lied about the PlayBook getting the new OS.

I'm a little disappointed. I have been promoting the brand for a while now. Now I have egg on my face.

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Who cares about bb10 on PlayBook. The PlayBook is not as powerful as the 10 devices. It would be sad that it would not work at full speed km the PlayBook. At least the PlayBook is on QNX not legacy. Settle down people. Also for early adopters how did they lie to you? When PlayBook was released BB10 qas not even a public dream.

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There were features that were promised at launch that were not delivered. We were told it would be in 2.0, then 2.1, and then finally that all effort was put into getting BB10 out the door and that the PlayBook would get it. So while BB10 wasn't promised to early adopters, the promises that were made were finally lumped into being fulfilled when BB10 came to the PlayBook. My Bridge between my PlayBook and Z10 is a joke even though QNX was lauded for its machine ot machine capabilities. The browser on the PlayBook has still never gotten the ability to edit the placement of bookmarks and is garbage compared to BB10. So yes as an early adopter I was mislead again, and again, and again. And remember this company has the gull to ask us Loyal users who stuck with them to "Sell like Hell" for them?!?! Someone needs to let them know that you have to throw even loyal dogs a bone every now and again, even if it cost them a little money with bringing BB10 to the PlayBook with no financial upside, to keep your customers on your side and happy.

The problem BBRY has to overcome is the perception in the US.

In other countries, BlackBerry is doing very well.

In the US, it is still looked at as an old OS and a dying brand.
They have to have their spokespeople ramp it up. Alicia has to step it up a lot.
They have to have the Kardashians using the new phones. I know, I don't really care about them but if they have them on their show, it will ramp up the awareness. Same with Bieber, but unofficially.

Bad Boy Bieber,for sure !!!And don't forget BB has hired a new PR firm a couple of weeks ago.A week or 2 after Boulben was hired,I emailed him and suggested a package for The Bieb,he replied ,that BB has spoken to him.Come on Justin show some Canadian Love,We really do need you.

Reminds me of the Beta VHS video dilemma in the 80's the Beta had way better quality and was a smaller tape. But the marketing sucked and it lost out to VHS looks to be the same for BlackBerry unless they get their marketing in check. I've always thought BlackBerry matekting from day one has been brutal, doesn't look like anything has changed.

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I totally agree. Just having ppl in it. Before it was just be bold and now keep moving. They seriously need to smarten up with their advertising

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They just need a kick. BB doesn't need celebs like alecia to be promoting their devices. They need to get the dam devices in the media, and advertise them. All now I'm yet to see Alicia even on the television in a commercial. BB need to do smart, short commercials, and flood the networks with these commercials so that people know what they have, and what they are promoting. It makes absolutely no sense to have a device that only. The dir hard blackberry fans are aware of.

If blackberry chooses not to get their act of ether, they will be a dead brand.

Ok but it better be good cause I own 4 personally, 8 corporately and displayed and convinced friends to do the same.

Where's my FULL BRIDGE Mr. Heins? Please return it!

all going down in MBA history: Jeffrey Skilling, John Corzine, and Thorsten Heins...greatest snake oil salesmen ever

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Wall Street analysts are crook. BB10 platform has been around 6 months or less and the Wall Street is expecting BlackBerry to sale like crazy. A lot of people don't even know what BB10 is. The smartphone market now is way different than when Apple first invented its Iphone. Give the company at least two years for the people to recognize their brand.

Kind of a knock out this eve... I'm in Europe, sipping a glass of wine, thinking about the results... they are bad, full stop.

The turnaround story is delayed, precious time has been lost. The devices, a giant leap forward for BlackBerry are sorry to say unexciting.

Something's missing in the hardware. Fingertips scanner, eye scanner I don't know but I'm fed up typing again and again my password while in BlackBerry Balance mode, the UI lacks also some basic stuff like escalating to a basic sms while in the call menu, being able to share a video shot with the device is also a pain...

But well, let's say BlackBerry have catched up, not more.

We are in 2013 and I just can't buy music from my BlackBerry here in Europe...well...what can I say...

May the A10 being the wedding savior, and on time globally. But they need more than a device I fear.

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I couldn't be much happier with my Z10. It is an amazing product, and I don't see any reason for me not to continue to be happy with it for the next 3 years (historically the lifespan of any phone I have owned).

Unfortunately, for the first time, today I fear for the future of BlackBerry as a company. I cringed when they first had their announcement of BB10 in January (february?). I cringed when I saw the superbowl commercial. I cringed when they announced that the Q10 would only be released much later. I cringed when they kept delaying the release of both the Q10 and the Z10 in the US.

After today, I no longer care. I think the Z10 will be the last Blackberry product I own. Not because their products aren't great, but because management doesn't seem to have a clue as to what they are doing and a company can't exist in that state forever.

Did someone forget to tell BlackBerry that it's June 28, not April 1st?

If not, they should change their name back to RIM. I have honestly just tipped over to not really feeling like I HAVE to use a BlackBerry.

Next few short weeks will decide if I'll have to look at an alternate OS for my mobile needs. So much hope for BlackBerry, but so much disappointment over and over again. At least with the competition you know where you're at.

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Icarus3000 YOU hit the nail on the head. It's been one disaster after another. No one cares if it's a great phone. So is Samsung and iPhone. BlackBerry marketing is atrocious. And most people outside of our little bubble think BlackBerry phones are buggy and unreliable. And BlackBerry never a dressed that perception.
As BlackBerry loses momentum you'll see less apps come on board and less updates etc.
Bugs me that an unethical giant like apple can sell like hotcakes and a Canadian company that pays and treats workers with some dignity and doesn't dodge taxes goes down the drain.
But that's humanity for ya I guess !!!!!!

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I have a bold 9900 and was seriously thinking of switching over to the q10, which I waited patiently for (why RIM didn't release it before or together with the Z 10 is beyond me...big mistake, though). Anyway, I tried the q10 at the AT&T store for an hour (an hour!!) and came away underwhelmed. I know there's a learning curve on anything new but it was just too much for me.....I especially miss the physical buttons and the trackpad. Call me an old codger, but I think I echo the sentiments of a lot of BB users. I think I will stick to my 9900 for now and OS7, which is an excellent system, BTW. The latest sales figures of the OS 10 devices and the OS 7 belie this opinion. Thanks.
PS...I've been a BB user since 2004....and I'm really feeling sad about this latest news

Finally.....the podcast said it when they pissed off the Blackberry loyalists regarding the Playbook......I understand that BB10 may not work on the Playbook. But give us the Bridge back, and perhaps bring over the z10 super say that the playbook is old, and it shouldn't last forever, fine, but I had the Bridge and you took it away! I figured he would have at least returned that. Kevin, if you have the bridge, we don't need the hub. We need a bigger screen for our can you read drawings, pdf's etc on a phone......What BB should have done better is educate people on the bridge......and how to use is this a set back. My advice to anyone who has a playbook and uses bridge with a BBos7 phone not to upgrade! So if there are currently 40 million legacy users, my advice is if you need a new phone and you still want bridge function get the new OS7 phone. Else buy anything but BB. That's right, I am no longer a supporter of BB as Heins just fucked us today!

I am a BlackBerry supporter and shareholder and today I am ticked. To me it is painfully obvious that the marketing has fallen flat on its face. When is management going to realize this??

Focus on the what BB does best. Try marketing "Security features" over other platforms and let people know about the new BB10 devices. If I see one more "magic carpet ride" BB add Im going to flip !!

Someone recently at this site pointed out in a forum a couple of outstanding BB adds and questioned why these are not televised. These adds talked up security and had a real NASA type technical advance feeling to them. Have I ever seen one of these on TV?? Nope.

Did they make me want to own a Blackberry...YES!!!

MARKETING !! :Listen up management.....its time to make a change.

When did Heins ever commit to bringing OS10 to the PlayBook?

I recall Heins expressing doubts about the future of tablets. I agree with him. My wife got an ipad for her birthday a year ago. Mostly sits around unused. Too big to be carried around in a pocket or purse. Can't be used for texting or calling.

I'd much rather have blackberry investing its limited resources on a larger screen phone.

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I swear whenever I see or hear one of these financial analysts, hedge fund managers or worse, economists, talk, I feel like I'm getting life advice from Bernie Madoff!

For pete's sake even Las Vegas doesn't take the odds these f**ktards gamble with!!! And I'm supposed to trust anything they have to say?!

However it is our own fault for giving any and all credibility these ass clowns have !!

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For me the results are not a surprise, but it's not a game over. BlackBerry was and is still under time pressure, and one result was a not 100% finished produkt. Yes bb10 is a great step in the right direction, but:
-no copy and paste a number into the phone app, or similar funktion
-reboots (my boss threw it to the wall)
And so on. I know, a lot of problems gone with the recent updates, but next
problem is, the most devices in our company still not updatet because our provider give no message about updates. You must manually look for it, but most users do not proof for updates.

The promise for bb10 on PlayBook was also a big mistake just as the bad bridge Integration.

And last I want to give my statement about Blackberry marketing, I live in Germany and here the provider wants to sell Apple, Samsung then the rest in this order.

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The z10 was a playbook killer on purpose now. Yes agree with you guys that the z10 blows the PB away, but its the bridge that would have kept the PB relative!

Today I know why I took my z10 on a 12 month contract.

Big blackberry fan of old who came back from iPhone but today after the PlayBook news, I feel I may be gone for good once this contract is up. It's not really the news that bb10 won't be coming to the PlayBook more the way they have done it, very very poor customer care in my books and if thats how they consider there loyal customers then count me out.

Would it have been difficult to offer some small news to counter the no bb10 as in possible update features to ease the pain? The fact that they didnt do this shows contempt to their customers in my mind.

Very sad day for me as always felt owning a blackberry was akin to being in a club but as of now I don't want to be a member anymore....

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Oh BlackBerry... Oh Canada! We need holistic marketing with on point earning reports. No need to have brought up PlayBook.

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Now, I can understand better why managing directors of BlackBerry in India and UK quit as they knew the negative numbers internally. I wouldn't be surprised if more aren't looking for jobs elsewhere by now...

Also, who is or was the mysterious 1 million BlackBerry 10 devices buyer??

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After today's earning report debacle, I am left asking what role BlacKBerry marketing plays in the messaging component of an earnings call?  Are they there to make sure that what the CEO says won't compromise the marketing effort? Is the messaging measured and adjusted against the global goals to grow the product offering?  Is the branding image considered, is the value on OS 10 considered? Is scripting provided/suggested to stay on point in a way that the message does not negatively impact the stock value? I alluded to much of this in my other post today:

BlackBerry Stock Down 30%

Being on point at an earnings call and in line with marketing is critical to minimize negative impact on a stock.  The messaging today should have been:

The premium OS is OS 10, but we need to put out OS7 devices for emerging markets to help with our global sales numbers around the world, as we ramp up our efforts in the USA.  

Instead, the PlayBook has become an issue and surrounding this the value that the executives are placing on OS10.  There are enough PlayBooks out there to use in a marketing effort by updating to OS10--some version of it.  I want to know what is really going on here?

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As much as the B10 is superb, BlackBerry needs to understand that having up to date apps is what sells.

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BlackBerry smartphone device is not stable enough and it has heating issues within its. When people have this experience problems they will share with everyone else. Same like me even though I like my z10 device but heating issue bother me a lot.

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BlackBerry needs to target kids. Adults I know with iphones have no interest in anything else. The best bet is to win the business of the younger generation who have never had smartphones. Let them become BlackBerry fans for life.

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As for the PlayBook either don't mention it or leave developing the OS further/porting BB10 to it an option or explain why it is not an option, at this point.  Personally, I don't buy into not having enough RAM for BB10, as I run OS10.0.10.648 full on on my Dev Alpha A with 1GB of RAM and similar specs to the legacy PlayBook.  It is, even if limited as some claim in a very subjective way, a better experinec for me than the PlayBook OS 2.x.]

I paid $399 for the 32GB back in the day when no one in the USA had a clue, believing/evangelizing on the OS 10 to come. Do they,BBRY, have a deal with SONY or the like to stay out of the tablet space for licensing the OS10? What is really going on? I believe that HP got in trouble with Microsoft when their tablet debacle occurred. It is time for transparency and to hold the BlackBerry executives accountable for the blood letting of the stock today! I lost $3-4 per share today--awful! Thousands of dollars,but I am long on BBRY and the stock market is a gamble where you have to be ready to lose it all! I hope this won't happen and that the BlackBerry/RIM board has a good chat with Thor and the others on what they say in public and the ramifications. I am not impressed on the execution of many of the marketing aspects of a product/image/brand--the approach has to be holistic!  One only need look at what happened to HP while under Leo Apotheker and what appeared to be mixed messaging.

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Lack of applications and port android app is the most recent results why people are not buying blackberry. Price so high compare it early emerging from the death. O s is not stable enough for the latest technology has

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They can get OS 7 cheap to developing markets maybe with BIS and make money while trying to get OS 10 in the hands of people in developed markets.

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This is why sales of bb10 are low
I think the biggest stoppers in purchase decision for customers is price and overall appeal.
1. Price is too stip for most
2. Interface is confusing for most and too unknown. Customer make a decision within first 40 sec of holding the phone, if they get confused about how to perform even smallest task -delete text, perform spellcheck, get the word predictions off or on. , they most likely not going to buy it. Mass customer want phones that make their life easier and are easy to use. BB should not use so many unique ways of performing functions, first they have to make this phone popular and once it is popular then add more unique tricks and twists.
3. Overall appeal and design, I think hardware is good ( not good enough for the price, but ok) , I would suggest larger screen at least for z10, making nubs less noticeable or none, I do have concern about design of icons and frames -the problem is blackberry is not mass market phone, they need to change design and make it more appealing to non business user, it is very important, make it more interesting to look at even from first glance, make it captivating so people who see the phone will have desire to further explore it, the icons fonts and design they use right now is a big turn off, this should be very easy to change, and keep the option of classic layout icons for business user. use more colors, bigger letter and number fonts. I swear the phones with cartoonish and fun looking layouts are a biggest sellers among non business users. Right now design an layout of blackberry very bland compare to other phones, Adding more entertaining layout, and keeping classic layout as an option would deffenatelly get some buyers interested, especially those who coming from other platforms.
Phones needs to be entertaining for mass customer.
And last but not least blackberry management and company is way too slow, they need to bee more aggressive. I listened to Earnings conf, those people even talk so slow that it puts me to sleep, and thats CEO and CFO, Im sure the average workers there even slower, blackberry need to fasten the pace, may be get some new blood, younger more enthusiastic crowd to wake them up, not just sit and daydream about "how they will redesign the mobile world in future and qnx" thats all irrelevant now.

They have good phones right now thats not quite worth the asking price yet, but can be great with few tricks and twists, or that could be garbage if they don't hurry up!

Still holding many thousands of shares. Took one up the poop chute today. Uugffhhhhhh. F?)!)?@$K

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People don't give a crap about BlackBerry in the US. A friend is looking to buy a new phone and I suggest BlackBerry and she laughed sarcastically, "A BlackBerry? Right.", and dismissed it out of hand. Too bad for her and too bad for BlackBerry.

Very disappointed. I did not expect stellar results. But is it too much to ask for break-even cash flow?

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I think that BlackBerry marketing shouldn't about just telling people about a new device, i mean, here in my country, when you see the carriers Facebook page, comments are like "another peace of Sh1t, BB is outdated, etc." i mean, people dont even know about the new OS10 and what it can do, so the advertisement should be about what BB10 can do and will do in a near future, plus they need better specs on their devices, we need more apps of course, but we also need killer camera, and a killer phone.

In two to three years time Blackberry will disappears from smartphone market.
I am big fan of blackberry, since 3 years I am using different phones(9860, 9900, playbook and I have two Z10 phones).
Blackberry 10 software and options are very good.
1. Z10 doesn't feel it is like a solid phone, it feels like a toy. Its back cover very sloppy, it is not perfect fit.
2. Too-many apps are ported from android which is very big flop, sometimes app crashes itself, sometimes it crashes whole OS and reboots.
3. My phone reboots at least two or three times daily.
4. Very old problem is lack of native and good apps.
5. Camera is big garbage compare to any other smartphone, it can't produce vibrant colors
6. I never see any advertisement in TV, online and anywhere.
7. If anybody uses this phone in manufacturing process, all metal chips will stick to bottom side at microphone area. It is very difficult to remove.
8. Blackberry is very lazy in response to any kind of problem. updates are very slow, and so-many delays.
9. If I need to buy Q10, I don't like the look of the phone, bold was the best ever phone they made. Q10 looks bulky.
10. still waiting for playbook blackberry 10 update. No date yet.

Being a Canadian I like to support blackberry for its un compromise security, yet, this is my last phone. I will never comeback to blackberry, they are going to disappear sooner or later from smartphone market.

This bad image problem was created by carriers backed by apple to kill blackberry and nokia, apple never concentrated about Samsung. They(apple) never thought about Samsung will take over them. Every smart person will have some week point(over looking small issues). blackberry old CEO over looked apple considering it as toy phone until 2010, it is too late to recover their miss step. Apple over looked Samsung now it has become apple killer.

I am disappointed with all the negative comments. Blackberry has legs but has to get the Q10 to the US and offer the Q5 here in Canada to attract the younger marketplace (teens to 30 something) and to the emerging market. Sure we all have whined about the lack of apps but seriously how many weather apps do you want on the phone. BB should focus on the automotive market BB 10 and a fuller integration of my new Q10 with the car radio. I own three PBs and love the tablet, but BB has to survive in this marketplace keep upgrading the BB10, emphasize the security of BB10 with biz users so get the Q10 and Q5 out there.

I am 26, just bought a z10 yesterday after about 2 weeks of research. I liked the new feel of the z10, love the gesture navigation, but I can already spot why the z10 isn't selling.
When I went to AT&T, no floor model. They had a question10, but the thing wasn't working. I pointed this out because I just wanted to check out how the new OS worked and they didn't care it wasn't working. One of the salesmen had a personal BlackBerry in the back, using it as his second phone and let me see it. Had this not happened I would have walked out and bought another phone. Switched from Iphone after 5 years.

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I think if they would have released a new BB7 device which is faster, with more internal memory capacity like 16+GB, has more battery juice, has HDR camera, without restricting world app to carrier and instead making its use through credit card or PayPal, even a slightly bigger LCD screen than Bold 9900 with the Z10 and with the Q10, the BB7 device would have been a hit!

Lots of people are used to qwerty BB7 phones and are not happy with the Z10 and especially with the Q10 especially businesses as friends of mine work for a company with over 2400 employees and the company gives them the freedom to get either a Samsung or BlackBerry phone as their work phone and most of them prefer BlackBerry and more so it gives them the option to upgrade to BlackBerry Q10 for free. The coworkers in the company told my friend to stay away from the Q10 as it is buggy and emails are screwed on it and it doesn't have a track pad which makes it difficult to use and informed that she should stick to her Bold 9900 which is more functional than Q10 and we are talking about this type of attitude and reputation that BB10 phones are getting because the marketing is just not there to change this.

Also, business people simply prefer BBOS phones because they are used to it and for them they want the same phones but which are faster, have more memory and with more battery power.

Therefore, if BlackBerry would have released a newer BB7 phone with the better specs yet retaining its normal features, I think it would have blown both Z10 and Q10 sales' numbers.

I think the announcement of a new BB7 phone will be very welcomed by millions who are still buying BB7 phones even now as evidenced by the 4.1 million legacy BlackBerry phones being bought in the Q1 that Z10 and Q10 was released in.

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Hey Pirate_King. Good points. I often wondered y BlackBerry never just improved bb7 horsepower ti make it faster and more multimedia friendly.

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