CrackBerry Live Podcast - BlackBerry's Q3 2014 earnings report!

By Bla1ze on 20 Dec 2013 07:26 am EST

Alright with BlackBerry's Q3 2014 earnings report now out, it's time to fire up the CrackBerry podcast and discuss the good, the bad and the ugly of it all (and whatever else we can come up with). It has been a while since we had a CrackBerry podcast so there's plenty to talk about as we head on into the holidays. We're anxious to see how John Chen does on the call and we'll definitely talk about BlackBerry's partnership with Foxconn.

You can listen to the earnings call via the BlackBerry webcast here. We'll fire up the podcast immediately after the call. 

Pull up a spot in the chat below and settle in for this one. 



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CrackBerry Live Podcast - BlackBerry's Q3 2014 earnings report!


Just saying! 3rd Q 2014!? Wow Chen must have Crystal Balls! At least we know they will be around for at least a year!

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Also ,enters 5YR agreement with Foxconn to go after Indonesian and other fast growing markets.I called for a big announcement ,let's see how the stock trades today,trading has been halted !!

Can't wait to hear your analysis on the earnings call. My main question for you to address is how much of what we're hearing was in motion before John Chen came on board, and how much of an impact you think he's had in the short time he's been with BlackBerry beyond hiring management staff.

The news is not as bad as I thought. Good stuff. The "For Sale" sign was the major issue in declined BB10 sales and the previous write downs.
Looking at today's results, Chen now has given us all a vision where he wants to take BlackBerry. And I am liking that vision. Good Stuff.

And finally they sign a multi-year company with a manufacturing contractor, in this case Foxconn. FINALLY. The old BBRY would never have done this. Go Chen GO.

Globe and mail, toronto star and Cbc all posting the same headline "BlackBerry posts massive 4.4 billion dollar loss" can someone elaborate on this please? Chris? Is this loss compared to peak revenue in the past?

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Total garbage or what? The negative spin of the press just keeps going. And that's a Canadian paper.

That would be more than what they're worth at the moment, or am I wrong?

My name is Prem, I'm using BBM ... from my QuZe10 ...whatarhyme...

Can you believe it? stocks up quite a bit,sure to come down though at some point this morning,now at $6.48 could we see a short squeeze?

What just happened that caused the SP to reverse from down a couple percent to now being up more than 2 in premarket?

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Foxconn!! and why are they so late?Is chen waiting for confirmation of some other huge deal ,which he would like to announce during the ER.this guy is THE REAL DEAL!!!

The Earnings Call was very good this morning. John Chen has his act together. A lot of emphasis on the positives rather than dwelling on the Loss.

Don't want to say I told you so Bla1ze ,but didn't the stock go up during the ER?Now for a mini short squeeze,looks good 21M shares traded in the first hour Yeah Baby!!!LOL!!!

While I'm not thrilled with Foxconn I guess if you can't beat them then join them.

I hate that statement normally but BlackBerry has very few options it appears and I believe Mr. Chen know far better than I ever will.

Keep The Faith

I've had my suspicions before, but now I'm quite sure. There is a segment of BB fans (tip: the ones in this thread) that are simply delusional. The whole thing was terrible news. Awful. Couldn't be any worse. Light at the end of the tunnel? Are you on crack? That light is a train, my friend. You last few are the ones remaining on the titanic still playing music as the ship goes down. It's over. Turn out the lights.

Unfortunately, we must first 'qualify' when we respond to folks like this one. Here goes. I stayed with BlackBerry as long as I could. From the 8000 series on up to the z10. Now I use the note2 and love it.

There. Now on to your ridiculous statement. People like you really need to just go away. We all know RIM suffered great losses, on both software and hardware. That said, I would hardly say that a company with a couple three Billion in the bank is the Titanic. The leverage of that cash, not to mention liquidated assets will allow that company time to get their act together. Whether they buy out companies or fake them out into thinking something is up their sleeves. RIM still has the power to pull through. If you still don't get it. Try this. If someone told me, here, take this 3 billion dollars and all that comes with it and run with it, myself or any other owner of a corporation out there would be the luckiest person in the world. That company is far from dead.

Apart from outsourcing manufacturing, what changes are we talking about? How about discussion of marketing? It seems that Chen has been able to change the dialogue already in the media just by being an effective CEO/communicator. There also needs to be, however, some discussion of how to sell more of these BB 10 devices.

this discussion of selling to regulated and high security industries sounds very compelling. This includes Wall Street, government and law.blackberry will need people on the ground actively servicing these clients. I guess that is what chan has in mind.

That's really funny,I was thinking the same thing,we need someone like him, to help turn around things here in Quebec,Ha Ha,Oh! I forgot he's not Pure Laine,Things are so bad here and getting worse,they actually might consider him after all,no lol

Chris - please don't make the same mistake as the people in the forums who bash Android through their experience with one phone, one manufacturer and one OS. What you're saying is that the SAMSUNG OS, email client, and multi tasking features are poor. This is not a universal statement for Android. Try the Nexus 5, the HTC One, the Motorola X, and the LG G2, and then give an opinion on 'Android'.

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CB podcasts used to be a lot more fun and lasted a good while longer. And aside from Umi, nobody but Kevin talks much. Kevin could totally do the shows by himself. Whatever happened to the guy with the deep British voice who did the intros anyway?

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