Reckless Racing for the BlackBerry PlayBook

By Adam Zeis on 27 Oct 2011 04:03 pm EDT

I was super happy when I saw that Reckless Racing had finally arrived on the BlackBerry PlayBook. I've had the game on other devices in the past, and it has long been one of my favorite time killers. This overhead racer pits you against oppenents on various courses, speeding your way through mud, dirt and pavement on your way to victory. There is also a Delivery mode where you can test your skills against the clock as you race to deliver packages. Reckless Racing is loads of fun and is that perfect "few minutes of time killing" game when you're on the go. With loads of replay value, you'll find yourself addicted in no time. Check out the video above for my full review.

More information/download of Reckless Racing

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Reckless Racing for the BlackBerry PlayBook


Couldn't agree more - this is my favorite game on the PlayBook. Kudos if you can score gold medals on the hot laps, its seriously challenging!

Looks Fun, I think i am going to download it later, My friend borrowed my playbook for the day =(

Off the subject but can their be a vote on how people feel about the beta 2.0 form factor? I have yet to mess with appworld yet but taking away all, media and all that makes it so much friendlier to use. I'd go out of my way and say that I'm ok with bridge not working right yet just for this update

I will also say that I would love for those options to be removed off the os7 devices. That way we can set it up to our likings. What do you guys think?

Five bucks on the playbook....and as usual 0.99 cents price on Ipad ofcourse again on sale*.
( *sale price are usually available for father's day sale, mother's day sale, halloween sale, thanksgiving sale, summer sale...blah blah or in other words ALWAYS is its on IPAD)
but you pay five times more for the same game on playbook. Nice.

It means that they aren't selling well, so they reduced price to juice up the sales number to get back on the charts.

While that MAY be true Samab that's not for sure the reason. Basic economics gives other, obvious reasons for strategic price inc/decreases. Can't boldly say that's the reason without knowing.

yeah it sucks... but there's demand for games on the playbook. Like it or not, people will pay more on App World versus the App Store. As more apps/games show up on App World you can expect the prices to go down accordingly... until then we're going to have to pay more :(

They are selling games at the same price.

Only that they have started selling these games for less than a month on the Playbook, so of course you haven't seen specials yet.

Nice review... I know i'm just being picky but i think every game review needs arbitrary scoring over vague categories (such as graphics, sound, gameplay, etc.) - if for no other reason except for fun :)

I don't suppose you could cover the multiplayer aspect too?

still cant register for online gaming; failed to register user.

think i've tried to register 100 times... only bad thing about the game because its very fun to play!