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Cooking fans must check this beauty out - Recipe Box for BlackBerry 10

Recipe Box
By James Richardson on 5 Mar 2013 02:29 pm EST

This isn't the first time we have covered Recipe Box here at CrackBerry. We had a review of the PlayBook version last year but I recently stumbled across the new BlackBerry 10 version and it's a really nice app. In this day and age may of us rely on the internet for finding recipes instead of using books - so why not just use your BlackBerry 10 smartphone?


The application is super user friendly and you can't really go wrong with it. As you would have seen from the video - the main homepage is made of of a grid of tasty looking foods. You can switch to a list view if you prefer but the grid looks awesome. Whether you are just looking through the recipes on offer or searching for one you just tap the one you want to look at and you are presented with a beautiful image of the dish. At the base of the display are three tabs. These are 'Steps' which walks you through the various stages in the cooking process, 'Details' where you will see all the ingredients you will need as well as nutritional information, and then the final tab is 'Notes' where you can make notes for reference in the future.


Jumping into the options of the app is accessed through the three dots in the bottom right hand corner. One of the features here I REALLY love is 'Add to shopping list'. With just a couple of screen taps the information you need to prepare for making the dish is then saved and you can then access it at your leisure from the apps main menu. So for example - you are in the supermarket and need to buy the ingredients for the dish. Just open up the shopping list and everything you need is laid out in from of you. You can even tick the items off the list as you pick them up - a lovely touch.

Also from within the main menu you can look back at any recipes you may have added to your favourites, or recipes that you made notes on. There is even a video section which I couldn't get to work when shooting the video, but afterwards it worked just fine - just my luck!


The final feature worth mentioning is categories. Here you can filter down recipes from a whole host of sections - such as low calorie meals, special occasion dishes and courses just to name a few. The app really makes finding the dish you need so easy. And with the added bonus of a beautiful Active Frame Recipe Box gets the thumbs up from me.

And best of all the app is free. What are you waiting for - go grab it. I'm sure you will agree with me that the devs have done a wonderful job.

More information/Download Recipe Box for Blackberry 10



Can't wait to add this when I get mine in the US! I will find this app useful!

anthony lovings

Its a wonderful app but there is one major draw back. It will keep your Z10 from doing a full backup via link. I don't know why but I was having backup issues and someone mentioned removing it and I did and sure enough I was able to do a full backup.


EXACTLY what I came here to comment on.

I have personally tested this after reading it in the forum. A full OR partial backup would stop at 1% or 2% every time. After deleting PC Recipe Box, a partial backup completed after the first try!


There are a few apps that cause this. World Of Goo is another (apparently their devs are working with BlackBerry's BBLink people to resolve it) as is N4BB's app.


At the 1:42 mark of the video, why is there all that black space at the top of the menu? I get the same thing in my Hub.


It's by design. I suspect so that those with smaller hands can reach the top items while using the phone one handed. I will point out that's not the hub in the video though, just a Cascades tab overflow menu. But the Hub does use that menu too.


If I do recall isn't this the app a lot of people said was the source of their apps not being backed up on playbook a while back?


Says "Unavailable for this device" for me :(


For me as well!! i scanned the barcode to try and download... no luck :(



How did you get to that nice graphic interface? All I see is listings of everything


Ok, looks like I bought the wrong one, there's another one on Blackberry World called Recipe Box, the version shown here (as someone else pointed out) is (apparently) not available for my phone


is it still a big app? the PlayBook was of the largest apps I had


this is an app by a Canadian grocery store so might not be available in other countries


Even if the app is available in all countries, the information might not necessarily apply to non-Canadians since the app is developed by Loblaws, a Canadian grocery store.


yes,,, back-ups with BB Link are an issue. I personally experienced this. Unfortunatley i really wanted this app.


looks good will definitely get this app!


Not available on the phone for me too... is it restricted to some countries?

Winston Loh

It says "Unavailable for this device" for me....
What a shame...was looking forward as I like to experiment with cooking..
Will need to wait and see I guess....


Wrong conclusion. It simply gives you a hint that you should get another device instead of Blackberry :)


I tried to download this app and it says unavailable for your device! I have a Z10

Posted via CB10


This app is not available for Oman app store.

Posted via CB10