RealVNC and QNX collaborate to support terminal mode - aka, your native BlackBerry experience on the dashboard!

By Kevin Michaluk on 28 Oct 2010 11:52 am EDT

Regular CrackBerry readers are all too familiar with the name QNX these days, as it's the company that RIM acquired that developed the operating system that'll be hitting the BlackBerry PlayBook in the form of the BlackBerry Tablet OS.

Of course, QNX has been around for a long time and has done a lot of stuff in a lot of industries, including automotive where it's known as the leader in infotainment systems. With the QNX name now common in daily BlackBerry talk, we found it pretty interesting to see this video pop up on youtube this week from RealVNC, which shows off their collaboration with QNX on demoing their support for Nokia's Terminal Mode (I know it sounds complicated... check out their press release here). Check out the video - it's cool stuff. Having your native BlackBerry experience on the big screen like that is cool. Would love to have that!  Thanks to Dave for sending this in!

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RealVNC and QNX collaborate to support terminal mode - aka, your native BlackBerry experience on the dashboard!


This is the stuff we've been waiting for!! RIM has really showed up this time and with guns a blazing!!! I know it is not available now, but when this hits and with the QNX name which RIM is tied to, this will change the droid and apple fanboys tunes quickly... REAL quickly...

I posted about this in the PlayBook forum a day or so ago. Thanks Dave... lol

BTW, the real credit should go to the person who posted about it in the QNX/Playbook Adobe video blog posts. That's where I found it and thought it was worth mentioning in the forums.

was it me or did anyone else notice that there were no iPhone devices shown when devices were scrolling by?

WOW, this looks and sounds like a good idea. I can see that you can stream the music from your device to the speakers in your car. How about video? I know they are connected via bluetooth but how much bandwith does it need to stream video? Another question does this work with people that have a stereo system and sub-woofers? Does this actually replace the radio?

Does this support turning speakerphone into speaker"car" or is it just showing the visual stuff of a phone on the built in display? (Of course this is assuming a car with center console display doesn't have bluetooth or something.)

I've been thinking to myself that Jeep needs to collaborate with RIM to make a sync system w/ GPS. Even if that never happens, I could atleast use this to operate my bb :)

I can't wait until this is released to the public. Hopefully with this I'd no longer have to worry about using outdated maps on my car's GPS as $250 is way too much for an updated copy of the maps.

But if this was ported to the PlayBook then every Smartphone could have the display / control / tether link that is being advertised for BB's. Imagine the take up of the PB if every consumer's phone could link data etc to it.