RealPlayer SP Beta Converts Video for BlackBerry

RealPlayer SP beta Converts Video for BlackBerry
By Bla1ze on 25 Jun 2009 07:58 am EDT

While attending WES this year one of the vendors in the Solution Showcase was indeed Real Media. When I went to go check them out I was given a great demo on a BlackBerry Storm of an (at the time) unreleased application which allowed you to easily and quickly take high quality videos from the internet (Youtube, Yahoo etc) and automatically convert and transfer them to your BlackBerry all within one or two clicks. I of course was impressed with the quality of these videos as often times "one click" solutions do not do a great job.

Here we are a few months later and the application shown to me is now ready for download in a beta form, but I'm sure it's much more polished than that. RealPlayer  SP and it's premium paid version RealPlayer SP Plus are great options for those who wish to have their favorite internet videos on the go. With support for multiple mobile devices (not just BlackBerry) this could be a multi-purpose tool for you too have. Currently only supported by Windows users however, Real Media has stated Mac Versions are on the way.

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RealPlayer SP Beta Converts Video for BlackBerry


The link is returning a "Sorry page couldn't be found". I'm also wondering...will this work with Hulu?

but after I downloaded it, it asked to log in with the email & password & used during purchase, download or product registration. Oh well

Kinda reading between the lines, and I can't tell if it can convert DVD's to the Storm. YouTube and Twitter just dont interest me. Anybody know for sure?

Looks very interesting! Too bad the link doesn't work (as some of the posters above mentioned)...

Come on this happens way to much. When you put links out here test them out before you post them. Now you will get 100 posts telling you it doesn't work.. just like my useless post!

Ahh, that's my WAS working to it but whatever...Real Link fixed.

My problem is though it is all done through the computer. It isn't done through the phone itslf, at least I am unsure if it can be. It does make it easy to convert, but as a whole, it isn't too exciting.


I used this to grab some vids off of YouTube as a test - while, yes, it does require the use of the PC as the starting point (the idea being that you are cruising out on the web, checking out various videos, and this allows you to pretty easily grab them and send them to your USB-connected device) I'll say that the overall experience is pretty seamless. I was unable to get a couple of Hulu vids (which is what I'd really like to do) but maybe that was user error - the app wanted to grab like the commercial at the start of the episode or whatever, and not the actual episode content itself. Still futzing around with it though...

Not bad overall really.

doubletwist already does this, and it works for mac and pc. I don't think real has long to live.

There is already a program out there, available at Best Buy, etc. called 123 Copy DVD Gold, that converts YouTube Videos to MP4's suitable for cell phones, iPods, etc. :) and it's not expensive and not in beta and it's on a CD - Rom. :)

dvd to go will do all you need to copy dvds and other video
for your bb and other devices. works great full dvd for bold about 500mb.

Does anyone know where and how u can download this? I tried to download from phone and its not downloading on my Storm??? HELP PLS!!

now is this something that should be downloaded from my desktop? because its not working on the phone, so confused...