Reality Check: RIM is not giving up on the consumer market

By Bla1ze on 30 Mar 2012 07:24 am EDT

If you were to go ahead and look up some of the results from RIM's Q4 2012 financial earnings, you'd instantly be blasted with the news they're exiting the consumer market. Yup, they're done. It's all over now. These dramatic reports are highly inaccurate. The worst part of it all is the fact that the dramatic headlines were spewed across some major news outlets stating it as a fact, some even before the Q4 2012 financial calls were done. Exaggerations of the mind, and irresponsible reporting -- point blank.

The reaction from RIM on the matter was on point, as noted by Patrick Spence, RIM's Managing Director of Global and Regional Marketing via his Twitter account:

"We remain committed to all of our Customers (consumer & enterprise) and are enhancing our support/solutions for enterprise."

RIM can't afford to exit the consumer market at this point, and while Thorsten Heins did state RIM would be revitalizing their enterprise efforts, that in no way signals an exit from the consumer market. RIM will NOT be changing their game plan in terms of the consumer market though, they will be focusing on what they do great in that area while improving their efforts in enterprise as well. Instead, think of it as a more targeted consumer effort.

BlackBerry 10 is a platform as a whole, it can be supported by enterprise as well as the consumer market. Apparently, everyone forgot the fact that BYOD fits into both those catergories as well, which was a key point of the RIM earnings call.

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Reality Check: RIM is not giving up on the consumer market


That's good to hear. I still think... they should just focus on corporate market :3

I mean... my company just order a box load of 9900's. That's more than the people around me that uses a BlackBerry...

Still MUCH respect for MR T's honest talk - Whatever happens, I am sure they know what they are doing and know well about the consequences of this call and all the changes being done.

I love my BOLD + PlayBook - I've tried full screen devices (Android and Iphone) but they don't satisfy my needs, they are COOL phones for games and fun, but i always go back to my red LED blinking, Crackberry for my day to day life.

All media/bloggers so called critics can go F^*&Ck themselves, Can't wait to see what BB10 brings!!


Totally agree! Love my Torch 9810 with OS v7.1 and Playbook OS 2.0! This combination cost me peanuts ($0 Torch on contract and $199 Playbook and $5 HDMI cable) compared to the competition, does everything I need, both personal and corporate. What is the difference? CORPORATE needs and PERSONAL needs OVERLAP!!! Case in point:

- powerpoint presentations thanks to built-in HDMI
- family slide shows on big TV thanks to HDMI
- web/email galore with flash support, calendar
- corporate email account and business appointments
- video chat, dual cameras, HD video recording
- reading books, news, magazine, podcasts and videos
- hotspot feature on my phone, free tethering
- Blackberry Bridge remote lets me use

I would consider myself a "power Blackberry user" and technophile, and so I can appreciate the work and talent from RIM required to bring all this functionality. To me, the things that make my Blackberry/Playbook combination suitable for PERSONAL/CONSUMER functions is also an asset when it comes to CORPORATE uses. I would hate to have to buy 2 different types of devices "consumer vs. corporate" when Blackberry does what I need!

ON ANOTHER NOTE... Re: "RIM dropping consumer market"

A conspiracy theorist may suggest that the media and United States government (and most governments in the world) are against RIM being in the consumer market because RIM's offering of PREMIUM SECURITY features would complicate wire-tapping and investigations. Our freedoms are becoming ever-more limited, as anyone who has followed the and Julian Assange story has seen.

Look at what happened in Saudi Arabia and the government there wanting a "back-door" otherwise they wouldn't let RIM sell phones in that country. You think it is not happening in many other places? Why did they not complain about iPhone and Android? Think again.

Both Apple and Google being firmly American companies, placing iOS and Android (both of which have inferior security) in the majority of worldwide consumer phones gives governments and also corporations easier access to communications, both for intelligence-gathering, cyber-profiling and simply tracking consumer uses for marketing purposes. Take for example the "carrierIQ" fiasco on Apple phones.

What you didn't here about this? No wonder... the media controls the information, and today it is all about 2 second SOUND-BITES which grossly misrepresent everything!

I have stopped trusting the NEWS and MEDIA for years, after seeing consistently false and misleading headlines, and sensationalized headlines.


I for one will continue to support RIM, both personally and for business use, because it does what I need. Maybe it doesn't have as many apps, but I was never an APP WHORE and you ask any of your friends on the other platforms (iOS and Android) and you will see only a small core of must-have apps anyone really cares about. Bring the same to RIM and conversation is over. Nobody cares about 100,000 apps. Do a survey of the general population and you'll see everyone gets by with the same group of similar-themed apps for everyday life.

- end of rant :-)

I agree with the dual use for personal and business use. The BlackBerry (in my case the Bold 9930) and the Playbook is really an incredible value only a person that has succumbed to relentless marketing would fail to seriously consider.

We own a small business and we have nothing but BlackBerry's and Playbooks. Further, I've been helping my church get their staff and board hooked up with Playbooks. The church is always looking for ways to do more with less and they are getting a great value with the PB at 199!

I hope I understood the new CEO,Mr. T., when he said he absolutely would provide a rich eco-system but would determine where it made sense to provide it themselves or to build partnerships with others.
I absolutely love BBM Music on my Bold and BB Movies on the Playbook and hope he continues to improve on both of these services (because I cancelled Netflix ;-)) but seriously, Zinio was the right choice. They are ready to roll with the largest e-magazine book in the world.

If I could talk to Mr. T., I would ask him to please continue to improve on:

BBM Music
BB Movies
Book readers from multiple sources
BB Traffic & BB Maps
BB Protect and BB Wallet

Also, if the added BB Protect to the Playbook it would be nice. If someone swipes it, when they log in to wifi we could come knocking for it. I understand that the security of content is currently safe if I use files from my Bold 9930 but it would be nice for a future upgrade.

I love my Bold 9930 but if there was one thing I would upgrade is to an AF camera. I understand EODF is great for certain pictures but the close up would be nice. Maybe the 2012 Bold upgrade will have it. I don't really care if it goes to 8,10,12 mega pixels, 5 is enough for me.

I love my BlackBerry stuff and I think it provides a great value proposition that although some may not take, everyone should seriously consider.

With the whole 'Bring your own phone to work' thing, to a steadily increasing degree the consumer market is also the enterprise market. There is much grey and declining black and white to distinguish the two.

I think that the "bring your own phone" move will blow up in some faces sometime. I don't know how a piece of software bolted on to a converted iPod could be that secure.
Also, if I owned my iPhone that is also used for work then I should reserve the right to be able to use it in any way I wish to. I would not want my employers dictating IT Policies to me, but it is necessary for good company data security.
If someone jailbreaks a company phone then they can be disciplined. They can't be disciplined for making amendments that compromise company security on the phone they paid for themselves.
This is all about cost cutting and taking risks with data security.

The trouble with the "just focus on the corporate market" thing is that ideally, you've got at least a modest consumer market to provide an economy of scale.

These headlines saying RIM is "abandoning" the consumer market really don't make sense; they can't afford to "abandon" it.

Give the consumers what they want and they will buy, Apple, Samsung and others have been pretty successful with that formula...


Friends in the Dominican Rep tell me the news state RIM gives up on consumer market will only focus on Corp customers.. wtf2?

Bold 9900 & PlayBook 64GB Wifi

MSN (Microsoft News) is reporting RIM's "plan to leave the consumer market".
That's BS and a lot of people won't realize the bias reporting is coming from a competitor's news site.
Thanks Bla1ze for setting the record straight.

Attention to detail is missing in most reporting any more these days. So is critical thinking. One of the major reasons I dont get my britches in a bunch over a reporters story any more...

Thank you Bla1ze for posting this

A few of these Articles need to be posted, Reporting was soooo bad, and so quick to be negative on RIM from that call, no one even listened

"RIM will NOT be changing their game plan in terms of the consumer market though"

Well that's good news because that game plan has worked remarkably well for them so far! No need to change that!...

One thing I'll say about BlackBerry supporters they certainly look on the bright side.

Their "game plan" has failed and now they're pulling back to focus on the enterprise, strangely enough another "game plan" that is failing.

RIM need to change everything, not continue in the same unfocused manner.

A realist that's taken the time to investigate options is how I'd put it. Nothing I said was trolling, merely fact. Unless of course there is evidence that their consumer push has been successful enough that no change is necessary? And that they aren't losing enterprise markets daily?

deRusett and Play-Book should really drop all these troll labeling talks...

xandermac isn't making up facts, you can't look at RIM right now and say they are doing a very good job and they are sucessful...

and I really want to ask Play-Book, what do you know about BB10? many of us certainly hardly know anything; there's almost absolutely no leaks and no information of future functions...

Actually, yes it was a troll. You stated that the way they were dealing with the consumer market failed so why would it succeed again. You obviously with didn't, read or hear what was said and instead listened to what was stated with your own preconceptions. Nowhere did was it stated that they would be doing things the same, quite the opposite. What *was* stated that they would focus on their strengths in both the consumer and enterprise markets and step away from what isn't working for them. They did not actually specify how they would be addressing those markets moving forward just that that would be refocusing efforts on their strength while maintaining a strong presence in those markets. I think is was made very clear that there was a lot they were doing wrong.

It's amazing what people see when trying to read between the lines instead of seeing the blank space that is actually there.

Yes, because the business model of starting with the consumer And working your way up to enterprise has obviously not worked well for Apple.

Much better to follow the trail blazing route HP took .....

I would love to have just commented LOL. But i can't laugh at that, because it is sad and true.
Cellcom Employee

I honestly think that RIM should keep working with the consumer market. There is promise there if they can properly get the BB10 devices fielded. We've all seen the articles that relate to what RIM needs to do. I'm sure RIM has a lot of input from and other sources on where to go next, but they just need to pull the best advice from all of these points and combine them into a successful new model to follow.

Bad companies are destroyed by crisis, Good companies survive them, Great companies are improved by them" Andy Grove, Intel

Let's hope...

RIM do need new blood its team do not seem to realise the HUGE difference to the consumer world around them and are not capable of differentiating between enterprise and consumer needs. These two markets need two completely different approaches to marketing and sale.

Also RIM need to get out there once and a while and chew someone out for mis reporting the facts. This latest cock eyed journalism will, AGAIN, effect global views of the brand. Which in turn will effect profits. They cannot continue to sit by idle and let it keep happening. Pick a fight and bloody someones nose if you get a retraction from one of the big boys the rest of the bullies will have to stop to........ Thats what they pay the big legal teams to do for them isnt it?

If they dont this will be the end of RIM. Consumers wont buy new products from today in the belief that they will no longer be supported.

Apple can walk on water at present. Not many companies can get away with releasing a product a year late. This time last year, the talk was all about the possible features of the all new iPhone 5, we are still waiting for that phone to be released.

Whilst I appreciate that RIM has produced some great products and its service has been regarded highly, my personal experience with the company has been pretty unsatisfactory. In January, I bought a Playbook and then in February updated the OS to 2.0. Ten days ago the device died and refused to be resurrected. After three days of hopeless conversations with RIM customer support in which I was asked to repeat the hard boot routine numerous times, they agree last Friday to exchange it for a new one. An RMA was generated on their system and a tracking number was supposed to be issued within a day. Despite many phone calls with the customer support team (in Canada), they are unable to get a tracking number from their repair team and seem impotent to do anything and I remain with the dead machine.

As a consumer, I am disappointed and frustrated with this unacceptable service from a once renowned technology leader. I'm glad that I'm not using the tablet in an enterprise capacity or I'd have to seriously reconsider my supplier.

I bought my dad a playbook for Christmas. The micro-usb port stopped working. Won't charge nor will it connect to a PC. I called the support line last Thursday. Received the RMA box on Monday. Shipped it back on Wednesday. It arrived there today based on the tracking number. Now I just have to wait and see what they say. Sorry, that it's been so much more difficult for you.

I'm glad that you received a reasonable service but for me the saga continues. RIM fails miserably with its communication with me as a customer and with resolving a simple exchange Playbook. Another day passes without a tracking number to confirm that RIM has sent a new machine. The agents are polite and apologetic and assure me that they will 'escalate my case' but ultimately take no action to progress this matter.

I telephoned the RMA team once again this morning to chase progress and spoke to a nice guy in Canada. Like the others with whom I've discussed this debacle, he promised to escalate the case - this time to senior management. However, I suspect that following the recent changes, there are no senior managers remaining.

From my perspective as a long-standing user and supporter of RIM products and services, the company appears to have deteriorated from being a high flying technology leader to becoming an insular, arrogant and visionless organisation mired in its own bureaucracy.

With respect Blaze, Heins did say, and I quote: "We plan to refocus on the enterprise business and capitalize on our leading position in this segment,"..."We believe that BlackBerry cannot succeed if we tried to be everybody's darling and all things to all people. Therefore, we plan to build on our strength."

You and all the BB fans wants to take a rose colored interpretation of that statement, but he said it.

It's difficult to trust a stupid financial section of yet another news outlet.

Thorsten said a lot, but I don't get how us RIM supporters are misinterpreting what he said. If anything, based on the 2 Thorsten quotes in your response, you're reading way too far into it.

I'm sorry, but what he said next was the most important. What he said was that they want to folks on SPECIFIC consumer markets, such as BYOD. He also acknowledged that there are some thing, like media content, where it makes sense to partner.

Please, please, please just listen to the call instead of just reading yahoo and reading only the quotes that a new agencies posts.

The point was that there are a number of projects that are not really value add. WTF is RIM doing having a video store when they could be using Amazon Prime or something else? RIM, as Thorstein says, should focus on its strengths and also on creating high-end lusted-after devices.

Although RIM says they are not giving up on the consumer market, I think you can make an argument that the consumer market has given up on RIM. BB10 can definitely save the company but it ABSOLUTELY MUST HAVE apps and dev support. I believe that we are most likely looking at the last gasp of an independent RIM.

That's a pretty bold statement, considering there was still an increase in subscribers. Small as it was, it was still noticeable.

Just because the UNITED STATES OF THE WORLD consumers fall victim to bullshit marketing, lies, and an exacerbated version of the telephone game doesn't mean that just because their minds are polluted with Apples and Android-men, that the rest of the World of consumers have also been mindlessly brought to their knees.

People need to wipe their mouth and stand up as an individual. BB10 will only reinforce this.

Awesome argument. If you have purchased an iPhone or an android you are stupid and easily tricked. Well said.

Oh yes, and on top of being easily-tricked you completely misread what someone says. So now that's 2 things you sarcastic mouth-breather.

Android and iPhone users go out of their way to shit-talk RIM and BlackBerry devices. It's absolutely pathetic and it spreads untrue rumours to other idiots who can't think for themselves.

For a country who started a retarded goddamn movement like "Occupy", how does it go unnoticed that they are literally on their knees for 2 major companies... MAAAAHHHHHHNNNNNNN?!

this must be an old post ...because they announce on twitter they are going to concentrate on business not consumers

Saving the consumer segment would only mean seeing a few more native apps that every other platform has, is that so difficult? Plus I would suggest RIM kicking out a lot of bad Apples, excuse the pun lol, and hire people here from CrackBerry, seems that people know more here than RIM ever did. That said, since the change of management things have got better and we can't expect RIM to change overnight..

Good write up Blaze. I think the core thing to focus on is that RIM is sharing that they are going to re focus on enterprise market as the consumer market took over for the last few years and lost their way a bit. They are moving back to cutting the pie in half across consumers and enterprises. Smart move and glad they shared that on the call.

I don't think the false news will hurt RIM. There are plenty of CONSUMERS out there, who will buy a BlackBerry just because it's supposed to be for Business.

unfortunately he can't he picked up a virus plus he suffered third degree burns to his a$$ as it was too close to the retina display screen.

omg, the news reporters on this is way out of control, I just heard on the radio that a station was saying that rimm is giving up on consumers and can't compete with apple and that all support is dropped and they should offer a trade in option of your blackberry. I'm going nuts here of these idiots reporters

there's no differentiaton between an enterprise smartphone over consumer smartphone they are the same. to pick one segment over the other will result in failure.

I listened to the call last night and Thortein never said they were exiting the "consumer" segment. If media is reporting this then RIM needs to get a press release out ASAP not a tweet from Parick Spence that's not good enough.

to be quite frank I am tired of the crappy, lousy, idiotic, stupid, irresponsible reporting on RIM what bothers me even more is that RIM doesn't fight back.

Anyone else thinks that Thorstein is a really bad communicator? His saying some pretty significant statements, and people are reacting to it in a way he didn't want, and he has to spend time backtracking and correct it. It's as if people are just confused as to what he's saying.

Yeah this is good to hear. Last night on break, listening to a clip from Fox News Radio, they were talking about how Apple and Google sold more devices in so many weeks than RIM did in three quarters or something to that effect, followed by their decided exit from the consumer market and instead supposedly focusing solely on the enterprise sector, and they made it sound like RIM was all but dropping BB10 due to it's overly late arrival and etc.

First thought was a genuine WTF. I was aching to get on here to see if anything was written about it. Figures FOX is just being FOX. They just will never learn; you can't break the RIMpire. You cannot.

Still love my Blackberry, will wait for BB10.

I think RIM releasing BB10 earlier than expected would go a long way in restoring faith!

RIM should be making good designs to their smartphone so consumer market will be quite interested in blackberry

The insane nepotism at RIM may finally be ending. It was like an empire that was falling versus a company. Where merit had little to do with how far you went. My admiration goes out to the new CEO for making the tough choices. Hopefully it is not too late. If it is not then they have all the makings of a great comeback. Good leadership, an innovative product about to be released and good relationships still with customers both enterprise and consumer.

RIM has a good solid customer base plus some that left BlackBerry to go to the darker side will come back if BB10 is compelling. It's up to RIM, like I wrote earlier they have strong financial strenght to get them through this transition.

They need to do more than a @#$@(*&% Tweet! Go out to the news services and do interviews saying your committed to consumers! RIM just doesn't know how to communicate at all!

Yeah they ain't abandoning the consumer market. They are just going to focus on the enterprise market. Which means better battery, better data management, better security, cheaper phones, bbm and email. So essentially the same old crap they have been spewing for years. true story.

Actually @Scroat, I agree with you except about the "cheaper phones" part... that's the point of moving "away" from the consumer market, is that there is less price pressure on devices when security and reliability are most important.

So, as Thor said, BlackBerry handhelds used to be "objects of desire" and they will be again... not necessarily cheap, but then again, neither is the iPhone, with the 64 Gig version $400 on 2 year contact with AT&T, and where you can get a 32 Gig SD card for $40 now, that price isn't justifiable, but there you go. $400 on contract for a top-of-the-line BB10 device (RIM, PLEASE do the Blade... a phone so pretty i'd actually buy a case to protect it!) would be an object of desire (well, for lots of people)

Actually @Scroat, I agree with you except about the "cheaper phones" part... that's the point of moving "away" from the consumer market, is that there is less price pressure on devices when security and reliability are most important.

So, as Thor said, BlackBerry handhelds used to be "objects of desire" and they will be again... not necessarily cheap, but then again, neither is the iPhone, with the 64 Gig version $400 on 2 year contact with AT&T, and where you can get a 32 Gig SD card for $40 now, that price isn't justifiable, but there you go. $400 on contract for a top-of-the-line BB10 device (RIM, PLEASE do the Blade... a phone so pretty i'd actually buy a case to protect it!) would be an object of desire (well, for lots of people)

I believe that the only reason that RIM is sinking, is due to the success of its competitors.
And by competitors I mean none else than Apple, and considering the success it has got over the years, the only things that sets Apple and Blackberry apart is the fact that Apple's Iphone is "Jailbreakable".
I personally would have never bought my Iphone if I couldn't jailbreak it, and while I know about the issues regarding security and jailbreaking, I'm sure that the millions (if not billion..) of iphone users frankly would give much less than a fuck about the subject.
RIM, just for the sake of your own good, DO NOT resist hackers and jailbreakers.. They're doing nothing but promoting , and helping your market.
Just look at it this way, people live Apple's product due to their flexibility, and by that I mean, the ability of pretty much changing and personalizing much of everything in it (Thanks to jailbreaks).
Don't wait till too late, just let it be.
(I can almost believe that the whole iphone-jailbreak drama is promoted by Apple(if not created by them)).

This is what I got from what Thorsten said, they are no longer able to compete with the iphone and android, the situation is dire, we are in search of the highest bidder.

Yes Jmax25, that's how it came across. Thorsten needs to be more clear in his presentations and provide a few more details. He needs to connect the dots better.

I'm really starting to miss the days when RIM was more focused on the enterprise market vs trying to please and be everything to everyone for the short attention span crowd of the consumer market.

They need to sell or license bb10. Having HTC or Samsung on the hardware will make a huge difference to the general public. The Blackberry brand is associated with a negative stigma. They won't be releasing anything until the end of the the next two quarters are gonna be terrible. If they can't release BB10 until the end of the year, it might be game over. If Apple releases the iPhone in October...can they compete with that hype?? It is gonna be a looooooooooooooong year....

I for one am glad that CBC and the Montreal Gazette actually have a SOLID piece out about RIM this morning. No bullshit, no stabs in the back, just the reality of it all. I guess they actually listened to the earnings call instead of trying to get past level 4746688464 of angry birds at the same time.

Thorsten Heins needs to be a little less efficient in his statements to the press. This is the second 'Major' press release by Mr. Heins that has been misconstrued by the media and misunderstood by the general public. The first example was when he took control, He stated RIM required no changes to its strategy, they would plug along status quo. He needs to pass his statements by his PR people and spend a little more time massaging the message so that his blunders don't exaggerate an already dire circumstance. The message should not be so brief that it is ambiguous.

Is getting the majority of your devices on one OS and adding a few leisure (but not really necessary) apps just that hard?

i personally know of about 3 lost sales of the Playbook because it didn't have Skype. That is just how fickle the most consumers are, but that also means it's not that hard to to attract them in the future.

As they say...keep it simple stupid!

Reading some of the news and blogs here over the months, I had already understood that RIM would be refocusing on the business market. I just knew that the screaming headlines were wrong that I had seen today.

I've just read through every comment here and needed to weigh in. I am a proud supporter of RIM and hate what I've seen happening to the company lately, but here is my opinion...

RIM was the greatest phone ever at one point. It was amazing to have email and BBM on a phone, the technology was the greatest thing since the invention of the camera.

Now-a-days a cellphone has become more than email and a phone. It is a toy and a business tool rolled into one. The "consumer market" and "business market" does not have a line down the middle seperating it the way it used to. People want to have their cake and eat it to.

Phones have evolved from the basic necessities to an all-in-one for both play and work. This is where RIM has fallen behind.

(playing Devils advocit here)I am a rpofessional and don't need the famous BB secured email on my phone, why would I want to stay with RIM when iPhone or Android works just as well as a phone, lets me email my clients right away and on top of that also is one of the best MP3 players in the world, has tons of games and has acess every app that exists, along with the bells and whistle I want (like NHL Centre ice, Netflix, Skype). Ya, these are just toys and not needed, but they are wanted, and they are available everywhere..... Except on RIM products (again, devils advocit, don't go RIM fan crazy on me)

My point is that there is no more line between business users and consumer market, the markets are pretty much one and the same now. Apple and Droid are moving closer to being what business users need while RIM isn't getting to that central point of being able to satisfy the mass market and moving closer to becoming a niche market.

Many years ago, Kodak was the king of the camera world. Then everything moved towards digital cameras and Kodak didn't see this as the future of their current market, they saw it as just another market segment, and they got overthrown by companies like Canon and basically all of their competition. Cellphones are no longer just a business tool, no matter who the end user is, the market has evolved into an all-in-one for business (while at work) and pleasure (while at home). Is RIM the Kodak of the cellphone industry?

I am a diehard RIM fan and proud owner of a Torch 9800 and Playbook along with about six different BB's in the past five years.

Also, enough with the "if you buy an iPhone, you're an idiot" type comments. To each their own.

I'm really glad to hear that they're not giving up on the consumer market, that would have been a mistake. I seen this headline on and I was hoping that it wasn't true. I like to consider myself a heavy BlackBerry user, meaning that I use my BlackBerry devices for just about everything. Whether it's checking my work email on my Torch (still running OS 6 btw, haven't upgraded yet), or just surfing the web on my PlayBook, my devices get used pretty heavily.

I'm a Biomedical Equipment Technician by trade, so one of our the major skills that we need to have in order to survive is the ability to utilize our resources to get the job done. One of the hospitals that I work at was damaged by a tornado, meaning that I can't use a laptop to look up parts and check email and I don't have a phone to call the out with (not to mention that my shop was quarantined due to asbestos). So what do I do? I had cell phone service, so I used my Torch to order parts, check emails, call people. It was my office on the go, so to speak. I think that there's a lot of consumers like myself, so giving up on consumers wouldn't help much.

I feel that the way for RIM to get out of this rut is to really go after the heavy-duty users (I like the sound of that). Advertise their product heavily. I don't have a MBA, but I do know that if Noone knows about what you're trying to sell, you're not going to sell much. They don't seem very to put out a lot of ads for their products, especially here in the US. I feel that they need remedy that, especially with the BB10 platform on the way. I think that RIM needs to get with some revs and third-party companies and come up with some high quality apps and software. Updated hardware to compete with Apple and Android is nice, but they really need good software to back it up. By doing these things, they can be profitable and get back on track.

This is very reassuring info. Although I have gotten used to the North American media's constant negative reporting about RIM, I follow the German media daily and was taken aback when the news trailer on N24, a premier cable news channel based in Berlin, screamed that RIM was giving up on the consumer market @ 6 am this morning.

It's funny to see all of the comments from the BlackBerry sheep, following RIM to their doom. I used to LOVE Blackberry phones but RIM has become stagnant. The OS has not changed much in the past few revisions but what has changed, I have found that the OS has become less user friendly over the past couple of years. It seems to take many more steps to get where you want in OS 7 than it did in 4.5 or 5.0. iOS and Android devices are so much more intuitive. The touchscreen implementation on the new Bold is still crap. I find myself going back to the trackpad all of the time. BB10 is going to have to be a lot better than iOS or Android and they are going to have to release a sexy, have to have device for RIM to turn themselves around. I hope they can do it but I don't think they can now.

RIP RIM... Reality Check this

Told ya guys :)

RIM said it had a net loss in the latest quarter because of write-downs for the declining value of its brand and its PlayBook tablet inventory. Net loss was $125 million, or 24 cents a share, in the quarter that ended March 3. This compares with $934 million, or $1.78, a year ago.

Adjusted income was 80 cents a share, a penny short of expectations from analysts polled by FactSet.

Revenue fell 25% to $4.2 billion. Analysts were expecting $4.54 billion.

Of course they're not giving up On consumers because the consumers has given up on them. Funny how Kevin made fun of the iPad but rim sales suck. Never nothing positive from this camp. How many playbooks has been shipped. That sounds better than being sold.

For me I think this means they will focus on the business market more with their own development but its clear with the integration of Android apps and also rumors of investment from Microsoft that they may well just branch out and interact with other companies for consumer needs... which is done well could work out nicely.