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Contest: RealCal - the updating calendar icon app. Win 1 of 50 copies!

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RealCal gives your calendar icon that OS 6 feel

By Ryan Blundell on 3 Nov 2010 05:43 pm EDT

When I upgraded to the Torch, one of the first things I noticed was that the native Calendar icon displayed a date that was automatically updated. True, you can also see the date without the icon, but it’s just one of those add-ons that you have to assume somebody asked for. To whoever had that brainchild, I salute you. There are a few OS 6 type themes out there that try to capture the look and feel of OS 6, but there was one thing that they missed - that auto-updating Calendar icon. BlingBerry themes noticed that too and they decided to do something about it. For those who want to add a bit of functionality to your calendar, they present RealCal.

They’ve really nailed the appearance of the actual OS 6 calendar icon; they say they’ve actually sourced the graphics directly from OS6 BlackBerrys. Not leaving OS 5 fans behind, they also added the same functionality to an icon that fits it with the default Precision Zen theme. The icons blend in perfectly. So while you wait until OS 6 arrives, you can get a jump on the OS 6 calendar icon offering.


  • Easy to set up. Just install and it automatically turns your original calendar icon into an updating one. No additional setup is required.
  • Reliable and light weight. We keep the file size low and the memory usage to a minimum. We're talking true native application performance. RIM couldn't have done it better themselves if they tried.
  • Real OS5 and OS6 graphics. Everything is sourced directly from your device and looks completely authentic.
  • The last missing piece for your favorite OS6 theme. Get that blank or static calendar icon updating to bring your device to life!

RealCal is currently supports OS 5.0 and is compatible with the Curve 8900, 8500, 9300, the Tour, Storm, Storm 2, Bold 9700, 9650. RealCal is currently on sale for $1.49 in the CrackBerry App Store.


Berry 9000 rocker

What about Bold 9000 OS 5 support?


The entire Bold series is covered, including the Bold 9000.


Are you f*ing kidding me? THIS is called an APP?! tweaking a display icon? GTFO. And you just gotta love the fact that whoever created it had the nerve to ask money for it.


BlackBerry development is surprisingly difficult, I really wish it wasn't, and we put a surprising amount of work into this little app. I don't have any problem charging money for the work that myself and the others who work with me do.

After all, would you do your day job for free?

I actively encourage and support developers who create free applications, and I help out developers on a regular basis on the forums (check my post history) and over personal email.

Anyway, just thought I would clarify my stance on the issue, and I'll make sure to get a CrackBerry contest going in the near future so I can give some stuff away for free.


BlingBerry Themes


I was going to say the same thing. Shouldn't things like this be native to BlackBerry? Quite sad, really.


I know right I sooo agree


I've been using SmartBCalendar on my Storm for what seems like forever. It's free, and it also offers the OS6-style icon as well, although I can't see the difference myself.


SmartBcalendar just never looked right to me. I won a copy of it and never use it. The font on the number just match or line up within the frame of the icon. Cent tell if this is much better but that's my .02 on smartbcalendar


It's because SmartBCalendar uses actual text in the icon, which is flexible but can be a bit unpredictable. (but it does have it's benefits!)

RealCal uses the actual OS6 graphics instead of text, so the graphics are always perfect day to day, and it's pixel perfect identical to the real OS6 calendar icon. This does add about 100KB of additional file size, but I think it was worth it.

You can see every image for each day here:

It's the real deal.


BlingBerry Themes


Smartcalendar has been updated. Everything is centered now and looks much better.


Don't know if you just got a link to DL it from a friend or something, but smartbcalendar isn't free. That isht B costin' 99 pennies.

But seriously, if someone thinks 1.49 or .99 is ridiculous for an app, just don't purchase it. Look at your "31" and be happy :).


People complain because of the lack of apps to download for
Blackberry. Then they complain when someone goes to the effort to make an app for Blackberry. Gotta love it.

I use and support the guys that make SmartBCalendar but appreciate the effort that you put into this app. Choices are good. Nice job on this.


same here, I use the same one on my 9000


i prefer that over this i have bin using it on my blackberry 9000 and it still works sweeter now on OS 5 no problems at all, i even saw it change the days, i have saw others but I got to say smart calendar rocks, thou I got OS 6 on my tourch my 9000 rocks the smart calendar, and smart even works on OS 4 way before OS 6 came out so this is nothing new to me sorry im not sold on this one.


what is the best blackberry smartphones in terms of overall? i'm thinking of getting one.geist homes


I cant ever think about using any other phone since i have gotten a bb a year ago, despite the looks and trills of android and apple, security is my main focus, and i do have a apple phone as well but its only for listening to internet radio on the sound system.
If you can afford it get the flagship phone, or the next best one close to it with 512MB


huh...would you look at that. I never noticed that the calendar icon showed the current date in OS6 until you mentioned it. cool.


think that these are the ugliest icons ever? Dont get me wrong, i like what OS6 can do, but the icons look like they should be on a Tracfone. I have to use an iBerry theme just to get some color and style.


Is there an app like this that does the same for other calendar apps like SBSH Calendar Pro?


Our CalendarIcon app works for the BB builtin Calendar, Agendus and CalendarPro and is very configurable.


* - Support Themes with hidden items on OS 4.7 and higher
* - Supports RIM Calendar, Agendus and CalendarPro
* - Select from 15 different calendar icon templates
* - Change color for the icon
* - cool display of icons
* - icons are updated automatically and on each system reset
* - supports localization eg: english, french, spanish etc...
* - support calendar short cut


CalendarIcon app not look like 0S6 style because white background.


Hey Andrew,

Would you be willing to develop and sell a version of RealCal that is in the same style as the "31" icon in OS5 where the background is transparent instead of dim? A transparent version would go better with my Storm2 which continually changes wallpapers.



Hey there,

We've already created it!

Purchase "RealCal OS5 Edition - Storm series" and it's exactly what you're looking for. Literally a perfect adaption of the OS5 icon on the Storm.


Hey Andrew,

Would you be willing to develop and sell a version of RealCal that is in the same style as the "31" icon in OS5 where the background is transparent instead of dim? A transparent version would go better with my Storm2 which continually changes wallpapers.