Real World Series - In CrossBar, Today Plus & Custom L !!

By Bla1ze on 16 Dec 2008 05:08 am EST
Real World Series Themes

One of the best selling business themes in the ShopCrackBerry Store got an update recently as John from JC Designs took the time to recreate all the icons for the Bold series device as well as added some nice new touches to make it absolutely awesome. Not only one version came from this venture but three new versions have been released. We have Today Plus, Custom L and the ever popular "Crossbar" style. What ever your flavor desire, you can grab this theme for only $7.

And to make sure allof those out there not rocking a Bold, John has promised the Today Plus and CrossBar version will be coming for Pearl and Curve and 88XX Series devices in the next little while.

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Real World Series - In CrossBar, Today Plus & Custom L !!


As of now...this theme is only available for the Bold and it's safe to say that NO themes are compat. with the Curve 8900 as of yet, as their is NO theme maker to even create themes for that device.

Hey JC:

How about some love for the Storm? With the larger screen, etc; isn't the Storm an ideal canvas to work on (random resets not included)?


No one would know if the Storm is ideal for making themes, a theme maker for the device does not exist yet, but please..feel free to go yell @ Plazmic over at in their community forums. :)

Yup thanks for replying for me Bla1ze!!! Once the builder becomes avail to us developers, you can be sure JC Designs - will be busy cooking up your favorite themes for the STORM and other new devices!!


JC Designs -

what specific theme is the one shown above? I dont seem to be able to find this specific theme in the crackberry store...

Finally a theme that I may like just as much as the Vodafone White.
How will we know when its available for the 83XX?

Hey JC

Great work as usual. I'm a fan of your work as I have purchased a few of your themes.

I just saw this posted today and bought the Real World Series in Cross Bar and loved it. However when I go to read a text message, nothing appears. Upon further examination, I realized that its white lettering on a white background thus making everything invisible. Any way to fix this? Or is it just my phone? I'm running 210. I have your 2 other themes and there's no issue.

Thanks again.