The real reason My Cousin Vinny downgraded from the BlackBerry Z10 to a Bold 9900 and is waiting on the Classic...

By Kevin Michaluk on 25 May 2014 11:22 pm EDT

"Because I can use it way better while driving"

Ok, Ok. Now before you go ripping Vinny apart in the comments, let me tell the full story here.

My cousin Vinny isn't Joe Pesci. He's actually the guy below.

And Vinny isn't technically my cousin. In reality, he's my fiancée's godmother's sister's daughter's boyfriend (and that's the truth). He's also a hardcore BlackBerry user. Not hardcore in the sense that he lives in CrackBerry's forums and knows everything there is to know about the device. He mainly uses his BlackBerry as a communication tool and he uses it a LOT.

I've written about Vinny a couple times in the past. Rewind back to 2011 when I posted about his public rudeness in using his wired headset out in public while being oblivious to the rest of the world:

And fast forward to 2012 when I posted a photo of Vinny's worn out BlackBerry Bold 9700 keyboard:

He eventually replaced that Bold 9700 with a Bold 9900. That catches us up to yesterday —May 24th, 2014. I went out for dinner with Vinny and family. As soon as I saw Vinny I spotted the Bold 9900 in his hand, and was a little surprised because I actually gave him a BlackBerry Z10 as a gift not too long ago and I know he had been using it.

While Vinny use the Z10 for a while, he just couldn't use it the way he used his BlackBerry phones before that. So he "downgraded" from the Z10 back to his Bold 9900. Now, you'll remember just the other week I did the same thing on a whim and didn't last 24 hours going back to BlackBerry 7, but for Vinny, that Bold 9900 one-handed ease of use trumps every feature benefit you can name in BlackBerry 10. Even the Q10, which brings back the physical keyboard, just doesn't compare to the Bold 9900 for him when it comes to using the phone in the car while driving.

And Vinny — who is a straight up guy and calls things as he sees them with no sugar coating —was dead honest to me in saying he uses his phone a lot in the car while driving. Legal or not, safe or not, dangerous or not, he does it. And if he's going to use his phone while driving, he's going to use the one the he can operate best with. And right now, that's still the Bold 9900 for him. Between the physical keyboard, trackpad, menu and back keys, to him it's the best phone in the world.

And for the same reasons, that's why he got really excited for the BlackBerry Classic when I told him about it. There was a lot he did like about his BlackBerry 10 experience on the Z10, so to get that back into a BlackBerry with a trackpad is something he can definitely buy in to.

Now, while I absolutely do not condone using your phone while driving — JUST DON'T DO IT, FOR THE SAFETY OF YOU AND OTHERS — I know that some of you, like Vinny, are going to do it anyways. And knowing that the sale of BlackBerry 7 phones still outpace the sale of BlackBerry 10 phones, it has me wondering if that many people out there are similar to Vinny that they'd stick with BB7 just because of that one-handed, use anywhere (even while driving) functionality. If you're like Vinny, I'd like to hear from you in the comments. I'm trying to figure out if he's a rare exception, or if this in-car usage is still the norm for a lot of people.

Also, as for those comments - I did get Vinny's permission to write up this little story, and did warn him that he'll likely get ripped apart at the mention of using the phone in the car (which he does deserve). He said he didn't care... and to tell everybody to "come say what they're writing to his face"... and to let everybody know that he's Italian... and works in construction (also the truth). ;)

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The real reason My Cousin Vinny downgraded from the BlackBerry Z10 to a Bold 9900 and is waiting on the Classic...



Plenty of dangers, like the dangers of omitting a comma. Like in the section "DON'T DO IT FOR THE SAFETY OF YOU AND OTHERS". Kevin, you should put a comma after "IT", otherwise that sentence doesn't mean what you want it to mean. Kinda like the difference between "I helped my uncle, Jack, off a horse." and "I helped my uncle jack off a horse.". Punctuation is important, people. ;)

Blargh, Blargh! CB10 blargh.

I don't think you "need" the comma in any of your cases...though you "can" use them if you want to use them. The capitalization of the words changes the meanings of your sentences.

In your first sentence, why is Uncle & Jack separated by a comma? "Uncle Jack" is Uncle comma needed.

In your second sentence, the lower case of the word jack changes it from a proper noun to a "verb(cough)" and thus is the main reason the sentence changes its (cough) meaning.

Murray Squire Marr

The reason for the usage of the commas before and after Jack is simple. In this instance, the writer chooses to voluntarily provide the name of the uncle. The sentence would have made sense just the same without it. Is it needed? Not really. But it isn't incorrect to include them.

Posted via CB10

Try pronouncing it and let us know if you still think that's all that the horse sentence needs...

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This Vinny sounds like a moron - don't text and drive. Ever....

Let's Go Hawks....

Founding Member of "Club Z30 "..... the most exclusive club in mobile

I can't condone texting and driving for any reason. If he can't stop doing that maybe he shouldn't have a phone period no matter what brand it is.

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Careful!!...... now you have to say it to his face, AND he's Italian...AND he works in construction :))))

Tell it to the judge big man.

Posted via CB10

I use a work provided 9900 and a personal Q10, the Bold 9900 gets very little use in the evenings and hardly any use during the weekend. BB10 leap and bounds better than BBOS

Posted via BlackBerry Z30

Funny... exactly my situation :)

Yes, indeed in the car I can see how it is easier to use a 9900 vs Q10.

Powered by BB

Honestly, I'm VERY well behaved these days. I used to be bad. Now I just talk on the phone while driving (via bluetooth using the built in controls on my MDX). If I do get messages on BBM or WhatsApp, I'll maybe check them at a red light really quickly. But once I'm driving I'm driving.

I use Songza a lot for my music in the car now, but even that I get playing before I start driving on a station... and can skip tracks I don't like on the steering wheel.

Is that by choice or due to the fact that the WPS has taken it upon themselves to launch an intense texting and driving campaign...

So now here in peg, we have officers sitting around for hours on end waiting to catch someone texting and driving.. and I do mean hours. Good use of their time :p

Meanwhile, not too long ago in Winnipeg there was frequent shootings and brawls every weekend, immediately after local bars / dance clubs closed for the night. The cops were asked just to be present for 30 mins in the area, upon closing time, so their presence could deter these after bar fights/shootings- the response from the cops; "we're not security guards, we can't just sit around waiting for something to happen." ya.. u can't sit around.. Unless there's an economic incentives for the city I guess. Bunch of banyaks.

Posted via CB10

Police are assigned to different Units and different areas of enforcement with different specialities, kinda like doctors. If you need a hand in the emergency room don't expect a brain surgeon to do it.... or like any profession really. You do the job you are assigned and designated to do, don't make ignorant comments like above.

PS - to keep on topic, the City of Winnipeg and Winnipeg Police are now on BES10 and issuing BB10 devices!

PPS - Kevin, you and Vinnie hit up Orbit Room often?? ;)


I've seen them dress like homeless people with signs.

And even seen the bike cops weaving through stopped cars at red lights looking for people on their phones.

I find it funny that they will break one law ( riding your bike between vehicles. And yes it is a law as a bike has the same responsibilities as a motor vehicle) to catch people using their devices at a stop light.

All in all my favorite are the idiots that hold their phones in front of them on speakerphone while they drive.

Don't they realize
A- it's still illegal
B- they are blatantly obvious!
C- it's probably more of a distraction than holding it to your head.

Posted on a Post-It!

Exactly, I have a tough time believing that no one "ever" looks at the phone while driving. Hell, you have cops looking for people using/talking on phone while driving, but you always see them on phone. Guess it's that special training they get. smdh

Yeah, apparently us "commoners" can't be trusted to hold a piece of plastic to our head, have a conversation and drive at the same time, while I see police driving with their eyes glued to the laptop they have beside them, and I'm talking for 5 or 10 seconds in a row. A situation like that caused a cop in my home town to t-bone a civilian car.

But yeah, let's keep them exempt. Because they are superhuman and have 2 sets of eyes. SMDH. Situation is almost as logical as the SIU, police investigating police.

Buy a bb, get a droid for free

Yea, add that to the States too!! Oh, you can also include school bus drivers!!!! WTF, I've seen that several times.!!!

My BB9900 stays in my pocket when I am driving and calls are handled through Bluetooth.

A car is a lethal weapon and you are not in complete control of the car if you are holding a phone, cigarette, drink, sandwich, etc.

Unfortunately, people only realise this after they have had an "accident".

Hope we see some useful, and usable apps to do exactly that while you safely have the phone on the car stereo, or docked.

Text to speech, and speech to text. Processed on the phone, or by BB, thanks, no Google Now.

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

Lol. Awesome! Now go find him. You can share your locations on BBM ;)

Also, glad to see you read to the very end of the post!

The Italian thing is normally my thing too... @Marky where can I get a construction team too??? =)

Ferrari ZetaTrenta - STA100-2

You think that is bad? My dad was half Italian and Half latino and was an airplane mechanic. Now, that's bad!! Hahaha......

Posted using my awesome Z10

Should never text while driving. I have Bold 9900 and Q10. I love my Bold but the Q10 wins hands-down now!

Posted via CB10

Outside of Vinny being a moron for using his phone while driving, your questionable decision to write a story that features said activity calls into question your discernment - surely you could find another subject to write about.

I try and make a point of doing questionable and slightly not-acceptable things... One persons turn offs are another persons turn ons. Only way to get an entire community engaged is to walk the line and occasionally cross it. Look at you for example - your first comment on crackberry in over a month! It took this story to get you engaged despite all the other awesome stuff we've been writing about. Glad to have you here to help straighten us out!

Actually, Carey is right. There are so many other worthwhile things to write about. Why not call out BlackBerry for lack of marketing? Arrange an interview with their new head of marketing. Ask some tough questions.

How about story on how BlackBerry could licence BB10? Or if you really want to do an edgy story, how BlackBerry could release an Android phone and cater to over 80% of the market.

Doing a blog entry on some schlep breaking the law is a real letdown to your dedicated readers.

Not to shut you down in a mean way, but pretty much everything you've mentioned in your comment has been covered whether it be a frequent forum topic or a blog post. Those questions aren't anything new.

Also I don't think arranging a meeting with the head of marketing is as easy as 1-2-3 even though Kevin does have quite a bit of pull it seems. (;

Posted via CB10

Seems to me this site increasingly publishes trivia and in depth guides on how to turn your phone on, instead of highlighting issues with BlackBerry products which seriously affect users.

A prime example being the Q10 double typing issue. A huge fail for a device on which the keyboard is its sole reason d'etre, with a customer complaint thread running to over 1200 posts since last July, yet the silence from the editorial team of the BB's most recognised fan site, whome one might expect to be taking up the cudgel on behalf of its users, is deafening .

Posted via CB10

Dude, your not a admin so you don't know the prime reason for most people subscribers and guests for visiting Crackberry. I'll bet you anything most people visit to understand and use there devices properly. Not for the news or drama of the site and BlackBerry. The site covers everything as a whole properly. Dude get real.

Posted via Z30

Great idea. I'll do a free for all blog post today on the "Q10 double typing issue".

I still have yet to experience it. But will give you a HOMEPAGE feature to all vent on.

I have no idea what the Q10 double typing issue is, and I visit the forums frequently. That shows the impact of CrackBerry blog posts.

It's all about raising awareness of things that impact your readers. Because when you do, it often gets corrected by BlackBerry either in the short or long term.

@ddlax22, I realize those topics have been covered in the forums. But to correct you, they have not been touched on in dedicated blog posts. There's a difference. Blog posts get a different set of readers comments plus it is seen by those at BlackBerry HQ.

And BlackBerry's director of marketing should be made available instead of John Chen handling the PR load and making miscues.

I absolutely think it was perfectly fine to write about this. There are disclaimers all over the article. Why pretend it doesn't happen when we all know it happens. Also why pretend that it is not a reason why some buy the legacy phone? I think it is very interesting that people choose the legacy phone for reasons where they need to use a phone without looking at it much.
I do like the Keyboard version a lot (and the Q10 is fine as well for that purpose) as many times I don't want to be always focused on my phone or keyboard while doing work. Try typing on a virtual keyboard while trying to transcribe something from a document (no voice transcribing will not do it) ? No chance. Also little things like long pressing a key to dial a number are such great on go features that they are extremely underestimated. Anyway I digressed a little. I just want to say that this was a perfectly acceptable and interesting post.

I don't wanna talk about if it's right or wrong to text while driving.

But wanna read between the lines read out of that, that it's still "easier" on BBOS to get E-mails and texting done without beeing that much concentrated about "how" to use or hold your device.

And I can fully agree to that opinion / decision.

I have got my Z10 as my daily driver and hands down OS10 is superior over BBOS considering browsing the web, multimedia, stability and so on...

But I also still have my 9790 actived and can't get rid of it.
I mainly use it when I'm traveling just so stay in touch with people.
The combination: BBOS physical keyboard, trackpad, touchscreen and "the belt" is still way ahead when it comes to texting, cutting out, copy and editing.

Sure, the Z-devices offer a great virtual keyboard - but legacy devices are still the true typing heros.

I can't wait to get the Blackberry Classic when it combines the power of OS10 and the functionality of BBOS.
Even the Q10 doesn't offer that same experience, because of that missing trackpad and the missing belt.
Because of that I bought the Z10 - having a nice bigger screen and the same editing functionality. So it didn't make that big difference...

Posted via CB10

Hopefully the follow up story is not 'today vinny ran over a kid'

Police probably won't go near him tho, as he's Italian and works in construction....

Posted via CB10

Vinnie--" You're Honor, I didn't see the yutes while I was texting and driving "
Judge--" the yutes??"
Vinnie-- "yea Judge, the yutes. They must have been walking in my blind spot while I was texting"

you know kevin you talk about awesome stories ,well they are not so awesome ..As a matter of fact Kevin our fearless leader crackberry website it has gone to the dogs. nothing is happening that is of much interest in the blackberry world on the consumer side of things. i'm sorry but carckberry it's one boring site right now.....BB10 user so not satisified.

The subject is the ease of typing on legacy devices with the 'toolbelt'. Driving while typing is simply context. Context is important so I'm not too sure why it would be left out in order to communicate a point relevant to BlackBerry products. That would be poor writing.

I think the message is clear about condoning vs. not condoning the behavior. Good article, and it could be well argued that embedded within the blog is a public safety message on NOT texting and driving.

Furthermore, Kevin makes it clear he's walking the walk and not conducting dangerous behavior himself. I consider this idealized influence from a transformational leader.

Powered by BlackBerry Z30

It could just as easy be a story about cousin Vinny using his Legacy while on the toilet! Will that satisfy all the self righteous BlackBerry users!

Posted using my awesome Z10

Cousin Vinnie doesn't seem to be the brightest Bulb eh? Texting and driving is illegal. I will have my friends in law enforcement look out for him.

Posted via CB10

To be honest, I dnt know a single person who doesn't txt n drive.. I know someone who still uses legacy devices for this reason too, and the scary part is that the person uses more than one device at once

Posted via CB10

Writing a story about 1 guy down-grading so he can do something illegal, stupid and downright dangerous is irresponsible.

My Z30 is not like my 9900 was and perhaps the fact I can't be an idiot with it behind the wheel is a good thing.

The need to reply instantly to every request, message, tweet or text is by far over rated. Nothing is so important that it requires an immediate reply. In fact I ensure my phone is now on vibrate in the car so all I get are my calls through bluetooth. No texting while driving.... if people need me they can call me.

Your cousin Vinny is an idiot; A couple fries short of a happy meal. I hope to goodness he doesn't drive in my parts.

I'm sure Vinny is a nice guy but I've seen way too many idiots cause bad accidents because they couldn't wait a bit to text or email someone. Sorry Vinny, but you my friend need to drop the habit.

Posted via my love powered Q10

So you're saying that you should have unprotected sex with tons of strangers because the odds are that for the majority of the time, you WON'T get an STD?

Blargh, Blargh! CB10 blargh.

Actually, I don't see any of your "blah blah blah" anywhere in my comment. I pointed out you've seen more people driving while....

Funny, just last night I decided to see if the built-in voice commands could help me. I heard a BBM and an Email that had came in to my holstered Q10. I have never been that big on voice commands and don't know what all I can do, have never looked at the list of options.

On a whim, I activated voice command on my Plantronics Bluetooth earpiece and said: Read Email. It worked great, read the sender and subject and offered to read the whole thing, which it actually did pretty good. Then I tried "read bbm" and it read the last BBM Group post I had gotten a minute before. I tried "read text", but there weren't any unread ones.

Then I tried to send a BBM to the BBM Group, but it couldn't find the group name or didn't understand me.
I then tried to send a new BBM to the person I was going to see and it worked great. I told it "I'm turning at grocery outlet" and it understood perfectly.

I plan on using the built-in voice stuff more when I'm driving now.

Why don't everyone kind there own if vinny wants to drive and use a phone that's up to him why's everyone getting so offended like there a passenger in his car??

Mr A Hanif BlackBerry10

Because I for one don't want to be the guy that people like Vinny ram into while they are checking their phone.

I do not condone Vinny's use of his mobile phone while driving but I am aware that more people still do it rather than not. In fact most people did it right up until the law changed.....

And yes there is probably another situation were you can use a phone one handed but not one that sparks such vivid imagery nor is a thought provoking. Maybe he should take the time and search out a lot of one-handed people and do a proper study.

That aside the questions do remain. Does the trackpad allow you better on handed functionality of your mobile device? How many OS7 users are not upgrading because the don't want a touch purely touch screen experience?

Now I personally have made the switch to the Q10 but I will be getting the classic the first day I can because I like the ability to track through a document and see it at the the same time. All of it.

Posted via CB10

You need to understand it is not whether or not he uses one hand two hands or three for that matter it has to do with concentration. I see done comments stating it's no big thing, with driving I don't care if you are Mario Andretti, you need to focus on the road. A. Person. child. Biker or animal could run into your path the second you lose concentration and it will end badly! I don't use my device when driving period! I don't care who is calling. Texting or emailing , when I arrive at my destination. I return the call or whatever. I apologize for missing the call and that's it. What did people do before smart phones? Which incidentally wasn't that long ago??

Posted via CB10

It's true. The CrackBerry community is clean and pure and wouldn't dare break the law!


People here make it seem as though driving is such an extremely straining task. It's kind of funny. More power to ya, Vinny!

Posted from my TARDIS!

Think about it. Even the amount of time it takes your eyes to refocus from your phone to the road is enough time to delay your reaction and kill someone or yourself. Your driving a 2000lb weapon. It's a big deal. Want to text and drive? Go do it on a closed course. I don't see how this should be treated any differently than speeding (compared to the general flow of traffic). Sure I have my fun in a car but my hands are on the wheel and my eyes out the window. Phone buzzes, I resist. It's really not that difficult. Answering calls is one thing but texting is just idiotic. Not to mention I've had way too many people texting hold up traffic because they didn't notice a light turned green. How are they going to notice a kid running out onto the road?

Although this idiocy seems like an epidemic. I've also seen a guy reading a book and driving....

Posted via CB10

Yip, I used to sometimes do it at red lights. Though, it is impossible now since my phone is in the car mount all the time. :) Problem solved. :)

Blargh, Blargh! CB10 blargh.

The more I use my Q10 the more I just wish it was as reliable as my good old 9930. I like it. I love it actually. But I understand where this guy is coming from. And damn it if this keyboard isn't all F'ed up with the double keypress issues I don't know what is.

Posted from my CB via the power of "Q"

The one handed operation can be done with the Z10 too! Don't get the game twisted. The older models have a keyboard with buttons small enough to fit on the end of a pencil. Now the Q has some nice size keys but without a track pad it don't cut it for me.

Posted via CB10

I had a 9900 for years and made the switch to a Q10. I can't wait for the Q20(classic) as I am on my 4th Q10 in less than 8 months. Keyboard failures. Are the new models being manufactured by Foxcon? Hopefully something will improve reliability.

No dramas here so far. You must be a massive, massive typist, or just been unlucky. Using this Q10 massively, no failures so far.

I can just remember one episode so far when I actually had two keypresses when I only did one. Few weeks ago, and it settled within 2 minutes or a reboot.

The Q5 doesn't have this issue, does it?

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

1) Italian 2) BlackBerry user... means he knows what he long as he has a BlackBerry in his hand "for get about it" I also Italian...use a Z10..daughter had the Q10...and understand the missing the ease of the physical keyboard...Tried to switch with my daughter... she won't give in your her Mama :(

Posted via CB10

The phone experience is horrible on my z30. I miss the 9900. IF BlackBerry saw fit to use an improved version of the voice dialing software I'd be fine. But, on the 10 devices it's horrible. I'm with Vinnie.

Posted via CB10

Um why not just get a Q10. How much switching apps could he possibly need to do with the trackpad? How much driving could he possibly be doing that he couldn't wait a little bit?

This is just like half of the old school people I know, refusing change. I gave my step dad a BlackBerry Z10 when he had a crappy casio android phone before. For the first hour he wanted his old phone back because he wasn't used to the z10. Then after using the browser and keyboard he was hooked and won't ever switch from BlackBerry.

Dude BlackBerry 10 is incredible. Get a Q10.

Posted by Antoniius via my sexy Gold and White Q10.

Well I don't support use of phone while driving but share same thoughts best phone is the one which can be operated with one hand with speed only BlackBerry 7 models & I phone 3.5 " screen has that power to do which many other companies have ignored.

Via super Z10

Are some BBOS stalwarts clinging to their devices because the current crop of BB 10 phones lack certain must-have features in their eyes? Sure. There's at least enough of them for Chen to think they're worth going after with the Classic devices. But let's not pretend there are legions of BBOS users who are not upgrading because BB 10 devices don't yet have the features that the Classic line will bring. This isn't like Windows XP or WIndows 7 users not upgrading to Windows 8.

BBOS devices are outselling BB 10 devices, but those sales are barely a blip on the smartphones sales radar. And these sales are driven by factors such as price, data plan costs, and corporate compatibility--not one-handed use and the trackpad.

Texting and driving aside, I know quite a few in the GRC and various city forces that do exactly this and use the 9900 or q10 to accomplish it.

Anyway I'm no saint, and have found my Z30 excellent at this, I also have a work 9900, once I got used to the bb10 way the 9900 is just not up to par

From my Zed 30 running

Q20 will bring a lot of features which people using OS7 will like it

But I'm not believing that here in Middle East, because what still missing in BB10 is the BBM

-No broadcast for specific categories
-Cannot inserting emoticons while typing a broadcast

Plz if you're not living in Middle East so you don't know how much people use it

Posted via CB10

I still see way too many people texting and driving all the time...

I might have gone back to my old torch 9850 from the z30 but the torch wasn't working very well anymore. I've lost quite a bit of functionality going to the z30. Hopefully  BlackBerry will give me back the things I've lost with future updates.

Posted via CB10

I tell my best friends that they shouldn't use their phone while driving. I wouldn't hesitate to tell Vinny the same thing :P

A car is a car- it isn't a restaurant, it isn't a library, and it isn't a bathroom. When you're in a car, you should be focused on driving.

Tonight when I was driving my friends home, a raccoon almost ran in front of my car. If I had been texting, I wouldn't have seen it and wouldn't have been able to hit the brakes in time (or at all). If it were a family cat, dog, or child, I would have only felt more regrets if I was using my phone.

As for the rest of the article, I do agree that BB7 is better for one-handed use. The Q10 isn't bad, but for the Z10 or Z30, I can see why he would go back to the 9900.

Posted via the super amazing BlackBerry Q10

Funny this article was posted. I have a personal 9900 and a work iPhone. So yes I was texting in the car,(yes, yes I am a horrible human being) and I was thinking how much better the BlackBerry was at texting in the car. So much easier. But just for messaging and calls.The trackpad helps a lot cutting down in movement and the tactile feedback of the keyboard is great. Maps etc are easier on an iPhone but that's due to bbos software limitations. Now I not saying design a phone for use while driving but I think it speaks to that designs greatness in certain environments. Just like a desktop and mouse still rules my work environment. Not having to move your hand all over a screen and just use your wrist is much more efficient.

BTW Kevin I see why you chose that song but they play it so much in Winnipeg bars as the final song I can't stand it.

I do get his point of the bold 9900
Its à great phone.
for me I just wanted a bigger screen.
But can't wait to see classic.

As for the texting and driving.
Can't blame him.
It happens to me sometimes.
But we just shouldn't. Right

Posted via CB10

Vinny is just the minority and you become successful in business if you satisfy the majority

Posted from my Black Beast Q10

looking at all the lames clam together beating the shyt out of the dead horse. ok we get it! texting and driving isnt a good idea but saying over and over again is ridiculous. i dont understand how someone can read 20+ of the same comment and post the same exact thing

Here's another person to rip over the fact that most people have NO business using a phone while driving. That being said, I'm one of the people who CAN (my wife says I think they should make a lane just for me). Ha Ha Ha, that's frickin' hilarious. You mean like a car pool lane? EXACTLY! Only this lane requires an annual multitask safely test. Most would fail this test.

I see some people with there nose planted in their phones while driving. I've seen near rear end accidents and the like. A physical keyboard nearly keeps my eyes on the road every second. And another thing, if there's a lot of traffic have some sense about it. Yes, there are times I pull over. Blackberry for life. Can't wait to try out the rumored Classic with a tool belt.

Although I typically wouldn't text and drive for all the reasons outlined above by the righteous saints occupying the forum, I have done it on occasion when I had a non smartphone. I find it impossible on my Z10 and can see why someone who regularly does it would need a familiar keyboard. On my old Torch 9800, I used an awesome app called And was disappointed to find it wasn't available on BlackBerry 10.
However, the bb10 equivalent (safedrive) while not as good, is fairly good.

Z10STL100-2/ O2 UK

I'm still using my 9930. I just can't bring myself to change. I KNOW it's a powerhouse for communication. (That's what I got for in the first place.) While the 10 is very enticing, I'll be rocking the 7 at least until the Classic comes along.

Just gotta use common sense when using your phone while driving & remember the focus on driving overrides focus on phone. When I'm out on the wide open interstate (which is a LOT) I use mine a lot but if I get into construction or heavy traffic, my focus changes, I may even hang up on someone I'm talking to even though I use bluetooth so I can focus. My friends are used to that & know I'll call them back

Sorry but he's a moron for using a phone while driving. There's just so much wrong with it. Driving us a full time attention jog when you are doing it and there is no justification for not giving it the care and focus it demands. At a stop light is one thing but I hope he gets enough tickets and the message before he ends up hurting himself or someone else. My personal advice. Smash his 9900 for him, hard, make him go back to the Z10 and you may be saving lives.

As for one handed cell use, I almost exclusively use my Z10 with 1 hand, only switching to 2 when I have to type something longer. It's one of the reasons in not looking too hard at getting a z30, it's just a tiny bit too big. The classic tool belt is just a different way of doing it that one has to adjust to. In so many ways am I disappointed in BlackBerry for even thinking of bringing it bakc.

Posted via CB10

Yeah. Me too. I didn't get Z10 because I love how BlackBerry made their keyboards. And though I already have Q10, I sometimes use my 9900/9780 more than my Q10. I just love the tool belt and how helpful it is in my daily Hardcore BlackBerry Usage.

Posted via CB10 | BlackBerry Q10 SQN100-3 OS

While driving about 8 months ago I got rear ended by a guy texting while driving. He was so pissed why I stopped. If he was paying attention he would see that there is a lady with a stroller crossing the street. I was off work for three months because of that accident. Nuf said. Txting while driving don't mix.

Posted via CB10

Ahhh, relatives, extended and otherwise - can't live with 'em and can't get rid of 'em either lol

I'm a contractor and take care of a lot of my business while driving.
I got rid of the Z10 within a week of purchasing it and went back to my broken 9900.
I need one touch speed dialing in order to keep my eyes on the road.
But a lot of my dislikes about that phone had to do with BlackBerry OS10.0 and 10.1.
A slow, buggy OS that is a car accident waiting to happen.
I'm using the Q10 now, only because the BB10.2.1 has that feature of Speed dialing.
If it wasn't for that I would have bought the iPhone 5s and adapted to using Siri.

Okay, let's do the important bit first: Vinny, you're a tit. Yeah, I'm 'safely' thousands of miles away in the UK. But you're still a f*ckwit, and the 'say it to my face' attitude only proves it. Someone nearer slap Vinny for me. Ta.

Kevin: I see your reasons for noting this, but as it only echoes some prior observations on people retaining BB7 devices, I hope you did it with an offhand hope that the level of venom would make Vinny the Tit change his ways. Otherwise it verges on inexcusable.

As for the minor case of Znn or Qnn device versus 9900? I can shed no light on the reasons, except to give my own: I don't like them. They feel wrong and they look nothing special. More generic smartphones in a market awash with the damn things. Blackberry used to have class. It lost it.

I am currently using both the Q10 and the 9900 on different lines. I maintain a BBM Channel on which I write and edit a lot before posting and use the 9900 for such purposes. I honestly find it a BETTER experience typing and composing on a 9900 than a Q and the trackpad comes in VERY handy from minor editing tasks to a complete overhaul of a script/post. Once I find there is little or no editing to be done, I bluetooth the document to the Q, which, in turn, I have a WAY BETTER experience in using Channels.

Oh, and another MAJOR reason why I prefer the Bold for major typing tasks is...yes, you guessed it.. the @#*%#@&$# double-typing issue which I have observed my Q starting to have symptoms of.

So, like cousin Vinny, I'm eagerly waiting on the Classic, albeit for a different reason.. =D


hopefully those double typing issue is addressed on the 10.3. i believe it's NOT hardware issue, it's more to the SOFTWARE side.

I'm glad I haven't really been affected yet.

But doesn't it go away when you physically exchange the keyboard? Please add comment, if you know.

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

If you read the comments on the double typing threads, you will see how pervasive it is. I'm just just starting to get it after 11 months (I even get double words, as you can see). People have. Had 3 keyboard replacements and it recurred. (I just got a double space and got a period, cap).
I don't want to get it fixed till I know they HAVE a fix. Or know what causes it. Being without my phone for a while and then having it recur is not an option. Maybe they should just give me a free Q20??

with double words occurring (wtf?!) it DOES look more like a software problem. i do hope they find a fix soon. although a free Q20 would be nice... nyahaha

i have the Q10 and 9930 also, am currently using the Q10 and like it a lot! but i really loved my 9930, i miss it every day! i actually love the blackberry 7 os way may more than the 10 os,
i think if blackberry were to add a bigger screen and quicker processor to the 9930 on the 7 os,
to me i would use that phone forever!! i'm only using the Q10 to familiarize myself with 10 os, so when the CLASSIC becomes available i'm ready!! long live the 9930!!

I believe that the only reason bbos is outpacing 10 is companies that are still on legacy bes servers and individuals who are concerned with data overages. There may be some vinny's out there, but I will be shocked if classic puts a dent in overall sales.

Posted via CB10

I'm sure he meant [I]"using it one-handed"[/I] ;-)

Posted via my BlackBerry*Q10, Germany - SQN100-3, Running OS

I love this story. You can't please everyone. This story just has a ring of truth to it. Refreshing.

The 9900 is a great phone. I'm a lot like him I'm wanting to downgrade. Been thinking of a Q5 but it doesn't have the trackpad.

Z30 / STA100-5 / / T-Mobile USA

I tried z10 a few times but keep coming back to the q. With 9900 basic communication was unmatched but there are a few fringe needs so I had to carry 2 phones, an android and my BlackBerry... that was a PITA. Q10 is a great phone but compromises some of what I've always loved best about BlackBerry. One handed use isn't my priority but efficiency, accuracy and ease are. I've already started putting money in my jar so that I can be ready for the Classic on the day it hits! Crossing my fingers for a refined product that is my Q10 + all of the OS7 features that I loved. I'm also quietly hoping for a smile keyboard again but I fear that ship has sailed.

There are tons of people everywhere constantly d*cking around with their phones when driving and you know you see it. This guy is choosing to use something that is more efficient and comfortable for use thus not taking his eyes off the road so much.

I say more power to 'em. Also, the 9900 isn't junk, it's a beauty. Apparently, quad-core chips and giant screens aren't relevant to the guy, how doofy he must be huh? Good for you Vinny.

I personally have no problem with this post! Is it wrong to text&drive.. Yes. Do I do it at times. Of course! As for the last part of the article(which I quite enjoyed I might add) I've never been one to back down from saying anything to anyones face.. In this case tho it wouldn't be a beef situation. Cousin Vinny sounds like good people! Nothing better than straight forward and honest, give it to you straight dudes! ..I may not be italian but I'm sure him and I would get along just fine! Haha. Thanks for sharing the stories tho CB Kev! :D

Posted From MY #SwagBerry ALL BLACK BlackBerry Z10! #TeamBlackBerry #BlackBerryGang #BlackBerryFaithful #BlackBerryLoyalty #BB10Swag #Z10

I totally agree that the keyboard and size of the Bold 9900 is MUCH more user friendly AND productive. My Z10 is great for OS, lousy for communicating as quickly and error-free as the legacy hardware. Size does matter, but not all BlackBerry diehards are men with huge hands.

Posted via CB10

I don't understand why people are getting their panties in a bunch over using the phone while driving! I personally don't do it, but I see it all the time!!!! Yes it's dangerous and takes your concentration off of the road, but that doesn't stop people from doing it, so when you complain it's still not going to stop them from doing it!

As for the 9900 phone, I can't say anything about it since the Z10 is my first BlackBerry phone.

 OS 100-4/Verizon Z10

LMAO!!! @Nharzool hahahaaaaaaaaaa!

Anywayz... I used the Torch 9810, loved the Goddamn phone to BITS!
Never thought I'd miss that utility belt until my Q10. For the first few weeks it would frustrate the HELL OUTTA ME, so I'd go back to my torch from time to time and over time I realised how awesome bb10 was...

Bottom line: my utility belt on the 9810 I realised was worth giving up for BB10, still using it & won't give it up until the rumoured WINDERMERE!!! (no utility belt = BIGGER SCREEN & STILL you have your qwerty keyboard, now that to me is AWESOME)

Posted via CB10

I think the people who are still using old BB7 phones are those that, no matter how you try to educate or get them to try a touch device for a long period they will never adapt. Frankly, the small crowd of people that think they need a button based phone to get through the day are a relic. 99% of the world has moved onto touch based devices. I can do everything on my bb10 device 2x as fast as I could with my old BB7 phone. Get with the times. I'm sick of seeing BB7 crAp on crackberry that is 4 years old and more!

Posted via CB10

I guess a lot of business men and women still carry a BB7 phone because of this very reason. No matter where they are, (in a car or not) they have to answer the phone and being able to open their messages without even looking. There are apps for while for driving, to read out messages and reply to them by using voice to text, but not enough people use those apps. And with a keyboard phone like the 9900, you don't necessarily have to.

Posted via CB10 on my Z10

I can't believe the jelly brains that can't see a problem with these habits. Even some going so far as to commend those that do use their phones while driving. Can't the dim witted understand that in a split second someone could lose a life to some twit checking their messages. Just goes to show you there is no minimum intelligence quotient required to comment on this site. I commend and stand with the ones who find these practices irresponsible. Arrest them all and take their license till they pay the $ 5000 fine. That should cut down on the fools on the road.

Posted via CB10 on my Q10

I wouldn't be able too blackberry and ride, I would simply crash, being someone who only uses a bike and no other form of transportation.

Posted via CrackBerry 10 (CB10) application using my BlackBerry Q10.

Wait. Maybe I'm missing something. I know Vinny uses his device while driving. But is that an admission that he texts and drives? Couldn't he be doing what so many people do, which is dial/find a number and talk? I can't find anywhere in the article where it actually said Vinny texts while driving. Just saying...

Posted via CB10

Well well well. If I don't recall noticing, the law for not texting and driving only came out after iphones got big. You can text and drive with a BlackBerry device all day, BECAUSE IT HAS KEYS. Duhhh!! You cannot type on a touch screen and drive because it is stupid, you have to look down. Duhhh!! So before you rip Vinny here, say thank you to every dumb @ss iPhone user that got in a wreck and ruined it for you. At least Vinny is smart enough to realize it's not safe to type on a screen while taking his eyes off the road, and switched to an safer device! Simple as that, tell that to your average kid.
Do your thing Vinny, I will too.

Posted via CB10

Always love a phone that I can use on handed and potentially touch type with. Love one handing my Q10 walking and drinking my coffee at the same time, ah the beauty of multitasking :)

Posted with my Q10

Kev, your post made me register!!!!! First time commenting in a forum!

Everyone's choices for phone type is different and I think this is a cracking example of what vineyards uses to suit his lifestyle! The is what mobile is all about these days.

You need a device that suits and will fit with you and how you live your life.

I use z10 which is awesome! Previously bold which also was awesome!

To all the folks who frown on the use of mobile in the car, come on! I'm sure you've all done something with your phone in the car!

Touching it, turning it on, having a peek to see what the missus wants you to bring home from the shop. Checking the score of a game!

I bet you all done it!

Great write up kev

Welcome to CrackBerry!

Kinda crazy that this slightly controversial article is the one that finally got you to join and comment, but for that reason I'm glad it did! :)

Be sure to participate lots around here. It's fun. A little addicting, too.


For edgy reading this missed the mark for me. How about a post on how drug dealers are using BBM for their nefarious activities or how terrorist splinter cells are communicating using the same?

I would like to know more about the dark side of clandestine communication, and also see more debate on the morality of providing a system which can be used by people that would harm society.

Vinny and his text-o-drive chest thumping is shit.

Posted via CB10

Back in the day, before BBM dealing was done through word of mouth, pen and paper. Both of which couldn't be traced!

BBM is just a digital format of this in the modern world, this isn't making it easy etc for them. If they didn't have have it then they'd still be dealing in the volumes they are now.

But how would you know that anyone has used bbm for criminal activity, BlackBerry doesn't monitor messages, and you need a court order to start intercepting bbm messages.

Innocent until proven guilty.

I'd prefer for my communication to be private than for anyone half decent at using a PC to be able to intercept my messages, like what I can do with what's app messages! And ever since I found out how easy it is to look at someone else's what's app message history I've stopped using it completely, as a matter of fact the EU find that what's app is so unsecured that the EU has recommended not to use it until basic security can be put in place for consumers.

If communication is not secured that is even more of a threat to people who may be a target of criminal activity.

For example if someone's secretary was telling their friend about what time their flight was, a terrorist could use that information to target the secretary's boss.

If all information is secure and only accessible when under investigation by the state I think everyone would be safer!

Posted via CB10

How about a Mobile Forensic Analyst with the WPS who spends all day recovering and sifting through drug dealers' BBMs...?????

Just sayin'....I have a unique perspective

Hi folks. Can you answer a couple if questions:

1- Big Kev said it's easier to use a 9900 vs a Q10?
In your opinion, why or why do you disagree?

2- will the q20/Classic be touch screen enabled? Plus
I heard the Q10 is going to have the 'Home' feature
built into the new 10.3os release? Would that sort
people for the preference to stick with Q10 vs 9900?

Let's rush the mirrorlink and a better voice control (nicer on 10.3, sort of) outta here.
That's all I'm gonna say right now ;)

P.S: one more word.
If you really need to communicate (above voice calls) while driving, urge your friends to use BBM. Glympse, voice notes and stickers made me safer on my long trips (EU style : 800km) as they all fit my needs and are mostly 2 taps or pretty well handled voice commands.

the problem is, sometimes this morons who text and drive ended up killing innocent people. I have a Z30 and a Q10, this days I barely use the Q10, small screen, issues with typing and get used to virtual keyboard. Going back to my old bold is like picking up my old-school Nokia 5110.

via  Z30

Yeah, I understand where you're coming from, but those old Nokia phones had a very smart shortcut system. If you start typing numbers from the home screen they would start navigating to the respective menus, so you could navigate all the way to typing a new text if you knew the shortcut combination, eg. 1-3-2-1.

And with only 9 buttons to have to worry about it was very easy to type blind, but also tedious...

Google is really pushing voice but when you type you can still have a monologue to try out different ways of saying something, and there are times when you just can't talk, like a meeting, and most impressively you can still talk to someone else while you type.

Even with a touchscreen keyboard I find myself so focused on trying to aim at the right buttons it's difficult to do anything simultaneously.

Posted via CB10

Logic but still no use if ur not using BlackBerry os10 ur not using BlackBerry to the fullest it's another ball game totally.

Posted via CB10

Can someone not tweet this over to a local fed, then hopefully he will get caught and banned before he kills himself and or someone else .

I have to disagree with your cousin Vinny, I use my Z30 constantly, even with the big battery life I have to charge it twice a day! Yes I use it that much, we are talking a hundred emails a day along with all the BBM action. Plus of course all the time I spend using data.
And although i realize it is not safe and is illegal in most places, I too spend a ton of time using the phone driving, and I drive about 8 hours a day.
And I can honestly say that the Z30 or Z10 which I had previously are far more easier to use then the old models even when driving, in fact I just typed this while driving!

Posted using the most awesome phone on the planet... BBZ30

There are more stupid things you can do whilst driving. Drinking is just one of them.

I used to text heavily whilst driving as I had the 9800. Now I have the Z30, I deem it too unsafe to text whilst driving. Especially in towns or highly populated areas. Now, I restrict my mobile phone usage to just motorways (if it is clear and I feel it is safe). And I've missed many important messages because of how I restrict myself.

However, I've been in situations where I almost lost control whilst operating both a mobile device and a car simultaneously; which is why I now feel important messages can wait.

Posted via CB10


We used to read maps whilst driving in cars with no technology and everything was manual. Switches for lights, window wipers but no screen wash. Tape players to press play or rewind and even a manual tuner radio and manual operated windows to roll down.

Honestly, sending a text whilst driving is as safe as the above or having two screaming kids in the car shouting daddy daddy daddy, I want I want I want!.

We've got advertising billboards that change every thirty seconds, buildings with led advertising, the world now is designed to distract your attention away from what your doing, the challenge is how to minimise the impact of this and it sounds like vinny has nailed it!

Do you use blackberry priority hub? You can filter your utmost important messages there. So when it is safe to reply like waiting in traffic light or stuck in traffic jam, you can execute those important messages right away!

I use my BlackBerrys for business and when I first got my Q10 I kept using my torch for about 4 months afterwards and just used the Q10 as a personal device. For me one of the huge benefits of the torch was it's integration with the playbook, which I also use daily for work, and the track pad which I really miss!

I knew that phone so well that I didn't have to look at it to be able to send a bbm or start writing an email, and I have the same issue using the Q10 in the car, I have to wait until a red light to be able to get anything done, because you really need to give it all of your attention.

So I'm curious to see how they integrate a track pad and a menu key on the new BlackBerry classic!

Posted via CB10

In the Philippines, we can activate BBM on BlackBerry 7 devices for one month by just paying a monthly fee of Php99.00. Then, we can BBM all day even without WiFi connection. Compared to BlackBerry 10. In order to use BBM without WiFi on BlackBerry 10, we have to subscribe to the network internet services, which may cost us Php999.00 / month for unlimited internet services. To costly if all we need is to use the BBM.

If this is also true to other countries, maybe this may also be one the reasons why BlackBerry 7 out sells BlackBerry 10.

BlackBerry 10 is a superior OS, in my opinion, compared to iOS and Andriod, but for those on a budget and would like to use BBM only, BlackBerry 7 devices is the best tool.

Posted via CB10

Yeah, I definitely think that this is the major reason why the old devices are out selling the new ones. But from my experience talking to people working for network providers, it seems that networks begrudge having to pay BlackBerry to access their network. So in turn the networks don't encourage the use of the highly efficient BlackBerry but instead try to get people onto data consuming devices like the iPhone, so that the end user pays big bills for the data.

Here in ireland it just cost €5 to have all the BlackBerry data that you could use in a month.

Posted via CB10

When all is said and done, I miss my 9900 for the ease of use and exact positioning (for editing) with the track pad that my Q10 does not allow with fingers and thumbs that are not a piano player's (long and thin). I am eagerly awaiting the return of the track pad.

Posted via CB10

I was terrible for texting and reading emailwhile driving, my z10 and z30 have made me much more civilised behind the wheel.

Posted via CB10

John Chen, please pay attention to this guy, scrap the plan for the Classic and stop the production of Bold 9900 lol

While driving, if I have to choose between answering / reading Important text / email message vs my safety, I would always choose for my safety. For this reason, In my opinion, whatever kind of device you own is immaterial.

We should be thankful, in my opinion, if our cellphones make it hard for us to text / email while driving because it a constant reminder to us that we should never text / email while driving.

Posted via CB10

I said the same thing to my husband yesterday when he asked why I couldn't text and drive anymore....I said, cuz I don't have my old Blackberry. True story.

Posted via the Android CrackBerry App!

You did the right thing, don't drive and text. But do consider the Classic and turn crackberry again

Not texting,.. but when it comes about opening apps such as a map, a player...has become very challenging even on Q10. For me texting it's imposibil on bb10 while driving specially if I have to copy/paste/select..

Posted via CB10

There's a lot of one-armed people in the world. And there's a lot of jack-offs. What do you suggest they do?


Posted via CB10

Well, I guess I'll have to make Vinny an offer he simply can't refuse.

On a side note, I need BlackBerry to come back with the place call feature when the phone is locked. Too many times I had to enter a 8-10 digits password just to make a quick call. It's more annoying when your auto lock time is shorter.

Posted via CB10

This is one of the reasons (apart from quality and battery) I chose to replace my Z with a Q. The Q even works much better in my opinion, because of the superb autocorrect functions and the gesture controls, which will let you unlock the phone and fool around with it without having to look at it or change from the position you'd hold it in when typing.
And yes, I never ever have to look at it while writing. Then again it works much faster when typing with autocorrect...

Posted via Q10 

I'll stick as long as possible with a physical keyboard (a BlackBerry). It enables me to use it properly one-handed. Do i need the physikal buttons and the trackpad. I'll prefer a bigger screensize over that because OS10 established an UI where i do not miss these.

Posted via CB10

If q10 had the quick buttons and trackpad, it would always be a better treat. Actually BlackBerry's trackpad is the best out there. They should work on the glow, shape and material of the trackpad.

Sapphire trackpad with fingerprint sensing, notification led, you name it.

Posted via CB10

Tell your cousin he's either an arrogant asshole, or an idiot. I don't care if people want to do things that endanger themselves, but using the phone while driving endangers not only himself, but also the people around him. I don't think this post here is doing any good for BlackBerry or the Crackberry community, because it still looks like it's painting phone usage while driving as too harmless, even with your disclaimer of not condoning it.

Posted via CB10

I hope you guys don't take this the wrong way, but in my opinion OS 7 needs to be taken out of the market.
Before you guys tear me a new one, hear me out.
I have a friend who's diehard BlackBerry, he had a 9860 (I had one too before I switched to Z10 and now Z30)
While OS 7 did a great job back in the day let's all be grown man here and admit it, for today's world, it plainly sucks, is antiquated etc etc
But worse of all (and this was the killer for me) it hangs and gets stuck, you need to do a battery pull, it takes forever to reboot after that.......
Because of BlackBerry current marketing for bb10 (which is none existent) this is what people associate BlackBerry with OS 7.
To the "less tech savvy", at a glance when you see a Z10 (icon screen) next to a 9860 (also icon screen) they look more or less the same a bit more polished, but the same (actually all phones look the same like that)
These guys don't know about Qnx! ,they don't know it's completely different, most of them have owned more BlackBerry that had the same problems (getting stuck/hanging) so why would they think bb10 is different?, this is how BlackBerry's "loyal" customer base is shrinking
Because of the sour taste OS 7 has left them with in their mouths.
So the first thing they do is ask a friend hey what's the best phone out there, and the first response they get is Samsung , BlackBerry is shit (because none of them has ever tried bb10)
So my good friend now who was a loyal BlackBerry user now owns a shiny new S5...he paid over $1000 US dollars for it,
That's what's happening,
I don't know what BlackBerry strategy is but pumping out old looking phones with aging.....make that -unfit for today's world- not helping.
Actually I think they would have had a better shot at blowing all this up if they changed the name of the new phones to something not relatable to BlackBerry, as in a completely new brand maybe like Toyota and lexus.
This saddens me a lot as I am all in with BlackBerry and I truly really believe this IS the best OS out there, but we all know that that's not enough nowadays...... look at palm

Posted via CB10

Actually my Bold 9930 rarely did the spin of death on me; BlackBerry os7.1 wasn't the version that gave users a sour opinion of BlackBerry; it the lower os' that did that.

 BlackBerry Q10  Keep The Faith 

What about people putting on make-up, eating, reading a book, drinking while driving. Let's face it the World is faster now days and we get caught up doing things when we really should be just driving.

I text & use my BeMaps Pro while driving on a daily basis, do I like it, no but it's required to perform my job. If you don't believe me just ask my boss which is Argentinian and Italian.

 BlackBerry Q10  Keep The Faith 

We'll I must confess my left hand do get their share of bb10 experiences, and when both of them want to work together than I use both hand lol :)

The fact that Blackberry is bringing back the 'tool belt' tells you all you need to know. I'm using a Q10 as my daily but sincerely miss my 9900 terribly. As for Vinny, imo he should start drinking too, that would be drinking, driving and no wait, drinking, driving then texting with his left hand while he scratches his balls with the right hand and uses his knees to steer the car........

Thank you for the article Kevin.

What I'm saying is, I miss the one handed operation of the Bolds.
I also miss that genuine 'stick it in your poxket' portability and form factor. Even the 9900 I found a little on the large side.

Posted via CB10

PSA- Don't use cell phone while driving unless it's hands free!

Okay, in the early days of my BlackBerry addiction, before laws were passed, I could type on my BlackBerry device in the car while driving on the physical keyboard without looking! It was great!

Got myself a Storm & realized that I had to concentrate on the screen while typing. Wife didn't like it. & I started weaning myself off of in car use. Laws soon followed.

I'm nearly cured now & only use navigation & music (and an occasional peek at incoming text/bbm, but no reply) while driving. I can see how having a physical keyboard plus the dedicated command buttons is easier to use one handed while driving. IJS...

Keith. Posted by CB10 using Z30.

Texting while driving is reckless and irresponsible because it endangers other people, period.

I have a Z10 but yearn for the keyboard shortcuts a Q10 or Q20 offer. The Classic may lure me its way if it has a powerful removable battery along with its trackpad. Otherwise I'll do a point by point comparison of the features of the Q10 vs Q20 before I buy. I'll never abandon OS10.

I just hope BlackBerry fixes that double typing thing before I get there.

As an emergency Dr and a motorcycle rider not only would I tell your mate vinney what I thought I would also shove that 9900 straight up his arse in person.

What an absolute inconsiderate person.

And thanks for promoting it. Adding the non condoning do not do this is not justification for posting. Such a nice self serving article. Great work.

Posted via CB10

+1. As a long term motorcyclist, I am appalled at the number of people condoning texting and driving.

I was hit from behind while in a large SUV by a young man in his father's Mercedes. I was in the second to right lane of an otherwise empty EIGHT lane wide roadway at a stop light. He was texting his girlfriend at the time.

He did not brake at all, didn't see the SUV, the lights, or the interaction and hit the SUV at about 40 mph (according to the police report). The Merc was written off. I was injured.

His first question? "Hey man, can you help me find my phone?"

Texting while driving is proven to be more of an impairment than having a number of drinks. Having people say that they can get away with it is figuratively the same as them claiming to be a proud drunk driver.

Posted via CB10

...LOL about Joe Pesci...his performance in Casino Goodfellas etc awesome. Well, I. Don't drive, my girlfriend does (so I can get dead drunk and high...joke), she uses a Parrot hands free kit and it works great. just an alternative to keep in mind...

Posted via CB10

The greatest thing about having a trackpad is that there is a "rest" location for your thumb to land while you're holding the device. This is also true for any hardware keyboard device, as you can hold the phone more securely, without pressing down on any buttons. This good grip is especially needed for one-handed use (in this case while driving), and having a trackpad that allows you to move around the screen, without giving up the firm grip, is essential (you can basically just pivot your thumb on the trackpad to move around, without having to lift your thumb). I love my Z30, but one-handed use is definitely not anywhere near as good as a keyboard/trackpad device.

And also to those who disagree with Kevin posting an article about distracted driving, just know that the article's purpose isn't to promote distracted driving. The article's purpose is to show (and question) the fact that there may be more reasons as to why people still use OS7 (trackpad) devices.... and these reasons may lead to more people upgrading to BB10 once the Classic comes out.

Good read... I can't criticize Vinny for using his phone while driving. I do too, but I use 'Voice Command" a lot.

Posted via CB10

I would like to commend Vinny for his honestly....then slap the shit out of him for his stupidity. if I found out the classic was made for driving I would sell my shares and part ways. You should absolutely use the device you like / love the most, but don't put others in danger because you don't have the patience to pull over or wait 20 minutes.

Posted via CB10

I get the BlackBerry 7. I still can't bang off emails nearly as fast on my z10 as I could on my 9900

Constant toss up on going back in time

Too bad BlackBerry was so slow realizing the need for faster smarter phones and if the would have brought the classic out first that'd be my device now

Rkelly on his Zed10

I too await the classic. While I don't use a phone when driving, I do value the one handed superiority of the 9900, amongst other things.

I had downgraded to the 9900 as well, but I sold my well taken care of 9900 and was using my wife's beat up one. The typing experience was not as good, due to double typing letters. :( So I reluctantly went back to this Z10, which I loathe as a communication tool, but love as a mini tablet, until the classic comes out.

- Disco Trooper CB10Z10

Why did you give him a Z10 and not a Q10? He is a key board user and you have asked him to give that up. Makes no sense.

Further if BlackBerry could get a comparable system to Siri (ie something that actually works) then driving and using your phone, would be less perilous.

BlackBerry has done a terrible job of selling their phones and that's another perfect example.

I'm in Australia for work right now and at lunch today, the bankers I was with all had an iphone (personal) and an old BlackBerry (work).

I asked why?

They said they HAD to carry the BlackBerry and wanted to have their Iphones.

I asked why not just use one good, secure, fast, productive phone, a BlackBerry?

Their BlackBerrys just aren't any good and they are going out of business.

I asked if they had ever even seen a Q10?

Their answer was no.

Obviously, Alicia Keys didn't have any influence over these guys.

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Anybody here would volunteer to explain how great the Z30 with 10.2.1 is?
I pass a brand new iPhone 5s gift to my wife after 1 month trial and upgraded from 9780 to Z10 and never looking back!

As someone who got his new car wrecked by a driver who crashed into me while he was driving and texting and not paying attention, such a post sends the wrong message out there.

I wish your cousin Vinny well with his 9900, but at the same time hope that the cops catch him texting and driving one day and prosecute him to the full extent of the law.

Drivers who text while driving are a menace to the roads. If that is his reason for not wanting a Z10, then I think BlackBerry is better off without him as an owner.

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I have never completed texting while physically driving. I have made a glance at a light or when stopped. I never like to talk on the phone when I drive as I just find it awkward driving a standard and I feel as if I'm not 100%.

These days I don't touch my phone when I drive. One of the big reasons is that I get to work first hand with the consequences. I am a physiotherapist that works with complex ICBC patients that are people that were affected by some sort of vehicle accident in a very bad way. Sadly, many of my patients were victims of texting and driving incidents. Some have had their significant others or children killed while they survived with very serious permanent damage.

Now I know most of you will read this and will simply glaze over it, but my patients were real people who's lives were ruined.

Kevin you can tell Vinny to give me a call and he can talk to one of my patients and tell them to their face that he will continue his driving habits. I can guarantee he would back down even if he is Italian and a construction work. When you see the people you hurt, things are much more real :(. For those of you that still do it, please rethink, you could save yourself or someone else's child :(

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From an enthusiast community viewpoint, I think one of the biggest problems with the BB10 launch is that it required us to very quickly reverse and even reject much of the rationale we've all been using to explain to ourselves and others why we stick with BlackBerry. We insisted that physical keyboards with shortcuts and a trackpad were more robust and effective in a greater variety of real world situations, but the Z10 didn't have one. In many ways, BB10 seemed more like Android or iOS than BlackBerry -- it's feature set and implementation approach were often very similar to what was already available on the market from competitors -- without their app/hardware ecosystems. I remember trying to explain to a friend why BB10 was better for him as a prolific communicator and his reaction was:

"Communicators want to be able to use Instagram and a variety of different communication mediums that simply aren't easily supported on the Z10. I like your market definition, but I don't think your product competes well within the definition. It's not better than iOS for that or at least not clearly better. And for email communicators, I suspect the old BBOS is still better. If you want a device that does the types of things the Z10 does with a similar approach, all the major platforms offer similar, if not better solutions. I don't think BlackBerry has distinguished or differentiated the Z10 on user benefit grounds, at all. Sure, there's talk about a stable kernel and such, but my iPhone is stable, too. The Z10 is an "us too" device and a company with lower marketshare won't sell devices with that approach. That's a strategy for a market leader. There are too many advantages to the leading platforms to introduce a new platform that doesn't really offer any real user benefit that the leading platforms don't offer. I am highly doubtful that BB10 will compete with other platforms, but I have my doubts that BlackBerry users will upgrade to BB10 immediately. They've been resisting buying a device like this for years and it's going to be a heckuva learning curve. BB10 is more Apple than BlackBerry."

The guy was being a harsh dick, but I think he may have been right.

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The harsh dick guy was right unfortunately. If blackberry are able to launch bb 10 during the same time as android launch which is around 1 year after iPhone launch, probably blackberry world will be stuff with all the apps that everybody is craving or needed as business app. Android was built from scratch again as Andy Rubin saw the first iPhone and iOS, so no excuse for blackberry not being able to do the same. Thank God someone at blackberry figure out how to run android app on the QNX bb10, while not ideal and not yet perfect, the harsh dick guy will soon have to retreat his words!

With the Classic, Chen is going to please the ten million of Vinny's or new Vinny's like, lol hahaha

I believe I will be downgrading from a Q10 to. As much as I like my Q10 I miss the trackpad and tools. I have a hell of a time deleting or copying with this circle thingy.

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I think most people have had to glance at there phone while driving. For example you are lost or missed your turn. IME, voice recognition navigation is slow and unreliable with other platforms. Actually haven't tried it with my z10. I

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Would he theoretically use Q10 with one-handed operation, or was his issue unfamiliarity with BlackBerry 10 as a whole?

CB10 on the Q10

i'm a Vinny.

i'm on the road A LOT for work and i need to communicate A LOT for work. it's a work phone and last year the Z10 was available to me when everyone was issued a new phone. instead of going from the 9780 to the Z10, i chose the 9900. i knew i wasn't going to be as efficient with a touch screen phone.

the classic with the tool belt will likely get me to switch to bb10. if i end up at job that doesn't give me a phone, then i'll buy a Z30 or whatever the equivalent is at the time.

I never had a legacy BBRY device because they won't work without BIS. In Switzerland Blackberry internet service is charged extra. That was huge disbenefit for me.
Setting the cursor on my Q10 is a little tricky. Expect that using the Q one handed is fine.

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Fix your voice control, and one handed will turn into hands-free. I would rather say "Blackberry" than "Google."

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Remind me to stay off the road when he's driving. Way to think about others. Oh wait, selfish ppl don't do that.

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My uncle is an architect. He use his bold 9900 purely and heavily for call, text, email and bbm with his clients and coworker as he is very mobile. He did exactly the same thing with your cousin Kevin, worse he live in Jakarta, so you can imagine him executing his blackberry while navigating the traffic in Jakarta! He is not moving to any touchscreen smartphone for the same very reason! And many many people in Indonesia are just like that, they are categories as hardcore blackberry business people here. Just an update, Z3 is a huge success here, i am not able to get one during preorder and still not able to get one up to this very minute, it's still sold out in all online and brick and mortar store! Don't trust all the BS article you read that stated Z3 received lukewarm response and little queue, I even can't get one until this minute! Another update, tho' our nickname as blackberry country is fading, but since bbm going multiplatform we got a new nickname as bbm country! And people are dumping whatsapp, line and the like and coming back to bbm as their main chatting app for business and social. And you know what, the first thing people do here after buying new smartphone is installing bbm!. Now let's hope john Chen figure out how to fix this tarnished beloved brand and bring some of those people to buy blackberry handset again!

Well, there you have it. "Only idiots that want to drive and text want 9900s." That's you're perfect excuse to bury the best phone ever made in favor of your two handed glass non-sense. You are so enamored of your two handed iToy wannabe you will NEVER admit there are countless OTHER things to do with your free hand that collectively add to daily productivity. So... Kevin, how about crash stats. ?? How many legacy users are crashing while stupidly texting?

They are not as idiot as you thought, they are hardcore blackberry business people here in Jakarta and they must adapt with their situation here and they are adapting wisely and very very well, which is drive when they have to drive and become crackberry when they have to stop because of traffic. Anything wrong with that?

I think you misunderstood the sarcasm in my post. I will NEVER condone distracted driving but my point is that there are MANY things the 9900 is good for OTHER than texting and driving. Kevin did a good job of avoiding saying that. IMO.

Probably you misunderstood my point of how hardcore blackberry business people here in Jakarta adapting with all the traffic jam. Their blackberry is not a toy, they used it solely for work purposes, email, bbm, text, call, NOT for some kind of social wannabe

Hmm, well, perhaps we are talking past each other. Many of us value the 9900 precisely because it was developed as a hardcore blackberry business device. It's just that BBRY left SO much of the 9900's business usability behind with 10, it's difficult for some of us to take seriously. It's not that 10 devices, iPhones and droids can't be adequately useful for business, it's that some of us have really tried glass and simply find 9900's are MUCH more productive for what we do.

"some of us have really tried glass and simply find 9900's are MUCH more productive for what we do"

We'll said! Tho' I have move on with Z10 and settle down with 10.2.1 :) I guess I am not categories as that hardcore crackberry and I don't drive and turn crackberry :)

The jist is that some things were still better on BBOS and that is true. I like BB10 way better but I wish some of the old features were there. For instance I wish I could block MMS without blocking SMS. I wish I could place non emergency calls when locked. I wish my calendar items had attachments.

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Okay okay, for crying out loud, has anyone even considered the fact that maybe just maybe, being as this is a virtual keyboard that he is using, he's actually not looking at his screen all that much, maybe about as much as you're digging around in your center console for a pen etc..etc...etc... or changing out a cd or going through radio channels??????? c'mon guys I dare say that at one time or another you've texted and drove, and as a matter of fact some people are quite good at it, though I'm not one of em as I don't try to make a habit of it as it is after all endangering other people.
My point I guess is simply this........ if you guys wanna cry about it, why don't you do something about it........ like join the police force and sitting around making sure that ABSOLUTELY NO ONE TEXT'S AND DRIVES???????? think about it folks can't you at least try and act like adults????
One request here........ if you can't act like adults at least teach your kids to act like adults, please?

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I personally use my phone while driving for emails and text messages mostly.
I do agree with vinny, using my curve or 9900 while driving is a lot better than using the Q5 or Q10, but I wouldn't downgrade just for that reason.
On a side note.. I hate the "double" typing on my Q10.
It's not just my Q10, the gf and her dad experience the same problem with the double typing and it's really annoying specially when trying to type fast..

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I really do not get this. My Q10 integrates with my Toyota. Perfectly. How many people nowadays have cars without phone integration? No stupid headsets, answer calls from the steering wheel, make them legally from the dash. Phone stays in pocket.
Even some satnavs provide add-in phone integration.
There really is no excuse for endangering other road users.

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I use a z10 even when driving, everyone does it whether they say or or not, and let me tell you it is a lot harder on the z10 the it ever was on a bold 9900. Not only driving but walking or for that fact anything while using your phone at the same time. Can't wait for the classic. Will definitely be upgrading.

BlackBerry Z10

Most of everybody on this Crack berry from has text and drive before and is still probably doing it still. So need to rip vinny apart! Lol... But we all know it's not safe to do. But it is a bad habit we all have in us and it is very hard to brake because when you here that phone beep or ring it's in you to reach for it. but still not an excuse! All I can say is don't watch nothing vinny just try to brake your bad habits. Oh yeah! The BlackBerry Voice Command seems to be working pretty well for me on my Z30. Iv checked and send texts and BBM messages with really Np!. Give try.... who knows it might work for you. No hating........ here on another BlackBerry Crack berry fam. We should only say good thing to encourage him to change. Nothing but Crack berry Love.

Useing the best phone on the planet BBZ30

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I transferred from Bold 9900 to Z10. I did not last on Z10 as I found the OS had bugs and was difficult. I did not go back to BB9900 because the track pad would get "glued, inoperational, and I had to have the device cleaned (I live in a tropical, humid country). I shifted to the Q10, with which I'm very happy. Conclusion: I don't understand the rationale for going back to track pads.

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Went from 8830 to 9700 then to galaxy s3 for a year then back got a 9900 because i missed the keyboard and trackpad... I hate virtual keyboards give me something to press and a trackpad for precision.. Cant wait for the classic in november!

Sorry.....??? Who's the bloke that wrote this article?.... Kevin someone. Thought he'd gone MIA.

Bring on the BB10 with toolbelt ASAP Pleeeease!

Nothing against Vinny, but if you can't go for a drive or walk down the street without fiddling with your phone, you probably have an obsessive compulsive disorder.

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One of the great things about a physical keyboard is that you can be in the midst of typing a word, keep your finger on a key, look up then get back to typing. Do that with an all-touch phone and you will either press another letter, or continuously press a letter.

Have to say I'm addicted to using my phone, and that includes using it while driving. And cous' Vinny is right, the BB7 phones are more car-using friendly. I find my Z to be more riskier while driving then the old Curves or Bolds.

But since for me this is the only real advantage of BB7 vs BB10, there's no way going back.

Oh yeah, by the way..
People Die. You wanna risk your life fine but don't risk the lives' of others. The roads are dangerous enough with people that can't drive with both hands on the wheel..

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